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Beauty From Heart 这个世界不看脸 Episode 2 Recap

Yan Peixi wanted to participate in Qiu Zhijie’s farewell party, but was stopped by Streak. She said sadly that she and Qiu Zhijie had a true relationship, and Streak believed that even if it was true, it was stolen. Ou’s directors are here. Mr. Zhao comforted Yu Jiajie and Yingshu hypocritically. He supported Yingshu’s photography. He didn’t expect Yingshu to say that he wanted to manage the company for his dad first. Mr. Zhao could not help but praise Yingshu as sensible. , I also said that I can’t help Yingshu myself. At this time, Streak walked in, and he took over the conversation and said that the assistant should be left to the young man.

Everyone was surprised to see the winning streak coming back. Mr. Zhao believed that he was not qualified to pay homage to the chairman of Ou Nu. He accused him of letting the chairman take the blame and was investigated by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, but he disappeared for 5 years. Lian Sheng feels that he is a shareholder of Oulu and Yingshu calls him his uncle. He is here to worship the chairman and his elder brother. Yu Jiajie, who had always been silent, thought that all the people who came in were guests, and asked everyone to send Qiu Zhijie one last time.

Tao Xiaodi wanted to have a plastic surgery. One day a guest hurriedly left and dropped his bag, Xiaodi secretly left it and wanted to borrow it first. Xiaoting accidentally discovered that Xiaodi was going to have a plastic surgery and firmly disagreed, but Xiaodi had made up his mind. This day Xiaodi said that she had something to do and asked Xiaoting to go to work for her. In the evening, she took her to the night market. Xiaoting happily agreed without thinking.

Yingshu wanted a senior to take him. Yu Jiajie knew that he was talking about the general’s winning streak and disagreed. Let him remember why the general left. The general and Mr. Zhao are still rivals. The board of directors will not approve him to come back. However, Yingshu felt that his choice would not be wrong.

After Xiaoting left, Xiaodi received a call from the hospital. It turned out that she was going for cosmetic surgery this day. Streak wants to get back the USB flash drive. The only clue now is the girl he bumped into at the hotel that day. The operation needs to bring her ID card, Xiaodi ran to the company locker room to get her ID card, just about to leave a few security guards and walked in, saying that there was something that needed her to cooperate with the investigation.

Xiaodi looked at the monitor and admitted that the bag was indeed with her, and they went to get it with her, Xiaodi took the opportunity to escape. When the security guard saw Xiao Ting who looked exactly the same while chasing in the mall, he stopped her. Xiaoting knew that they had mistaken her for Xiaodi, but it was useless to explain that she was taken to the security room. Xiaoting looked at the surveillance and found out what happened, so he called Xiaodi and asked her to send the money.

At this time Xiaodi had arrived at the plastic surgery hospital, and she told Xiaoting that she had already spent the money and she would pay it back later. Xiaoting was shocked when she heard the nurse on the phone reminding Xiaodi that it was time for surgery. She rushed to stop her and ran out, with several security guards chasing after her. Streak driving past here saw Xiaoting running past the car and hurriedly got out of the car and followed.

Lian Sheng took out a wad of money to buy a motorcycle from the driver of the motorcycle waiting for work on the side of the road, and then caught up with Tao Xiaoting, he told her to get in the car and take her away in a dialect. Tao Xiaoting asked him to send her to the Smelly Plastic Surgery Hospital. On the way, he thought to himself that he must find the USB flash drive from Tao Xiaoting.

When he arrived at the plastic surgery hospital, Tao Xiaoting cried at the door of the operating room and begged Tao Xiaodi to come out. She felt that her sister was only confused for a while and she would regret it in the future. A nurse told her that the operation had already begun. She was so loud that the doctor would be distracted, and they were not responsible for any mistakes. Xiaoting didn’t dare to call her sister loudly after hearing this.

She stood helplessly at the door of the operating room. At this time, the nurse came over and handed her Xiaodi’s mobile phone, which was a call from the security department, and asked Xiaodi to go back quickly or they would call the police. Xiao Ting walked out of the plastic surgery hospital and asked him to take her back when he saw Streak hadn’t left. When she got to the place, the money in her bag was not enough to pay the fare, so she added him to WeChat and told him to transfer the money, but the phone crashed again. Let her give him cash here at this time tomorrow.

As soon as Xiaoting walked into the company, he was surrounded by security guards. Yingshu, who happened to be passing by, saw her. When they saw each other, they felt that the road was narrow. The security told him that they had caught a thief. Yingshu helped her put the money on the pad, and then asked her to clean all the toilets of the Oulu Group. Xiao Ting heard that Ou Nu had a hotel and a shopping mall, and even Yingshu didn’t know how many toilets there were. She was helpless and had to clean them one by one. Finally, she collapsed on the ground with exhaustion. Tired, she suddenly remembered that her sister was still in the hospital, so she quickly called the plastic surgery hospital. She was told that Xiaodi’s operation was completed, but she was still in a coma before the anesthetic.

Yingshu went to look for a winning streak. The two men riding a bicycle, Yingshu lost. Yingshu wondered that he had never won a winning streak since he was a child. He said that riding a bicycle also pays attention to strategy. Yingshu explained his intentions. He wanted to ask Lian Sheng to return to Ou’s help. The position of CEO has been reserved for Lian Sheng.

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