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Across the Yalu River 跨过鸭绿江 Episode 21 Recap

President Peng proposed to use roundabout tactics to take down the Han River. Han Xianchu still sits on the front line. He measured President Peng’s strategic arrangements to deploy to the various legions. Seoul is the bait and the US army is the big fish. They must do their best to eliminate as many enemies as possible.

Li Qiwei also decided to use Seoul as a bait to lure the volunteers to come. Seoul’s military strategy is no longer important, but its political strategy as the capital of South Korea is still very important. This is an arduous war for both sides. Li Qiwei did not admire MacArthur’s insistence on Seoul. He proposed to evacuate Seoul and set up a line of defense around the Han River. He promised that the orderly evacuation would never leave any supplies to the Chinese army. He felt that he had discovered a secret in China, but now he needs further verification.

Hong Xuezhi, Xie Fang and others are sure to win the Han River. The bait of the 100,000 troops of the US military will become another Huaihai battle, but President Peng frowned and paced back and forth, still seemingly worried. So far, the US military has not had a decent resistance, which shows that Li Qiwei is very smart and did not give the volunteers a chance to fight sports. President Peng ordered all the troops to stay steady and not to disturb the American troops in Seoul. At this time, the secretary came to report that the American troops had already withdrawn from Seoul.

Li Qiwei issued an order not to allow any civilian vehicles to pass the U.S. retreat bridge, and demanded that all materials and airports that could not be taken away be blown up. Even if China does not currently have air force, he cunningly does not want to leave anything that can be used by the Chinese military. Resources. U.S. Ambassador to South Korea Mucho called to speak with Li Qiwei, and the South Korean side expressed confusion about his decision to withdraw troops when he first arrived in South Korea, but Li Qiwei was firm in his decision. Volunteers have already interspersed and surrounded the British army’s evacuation road. Li Qiwei believes that the British advanced tank equipment is sufficient to resist any obstruction by the volunteers.

The speed of the U.S. military retreat was extremely rapid, and the Han River Bridge was also blown up, leaving an empty city for the volunteers. Chief Peng quickly deployed and asked the 39th Army to arrive in Seoul immediately and prepare for street fighting. Seoul was continuously bombed by retreating US military bombs and petrol bombs. Schools, hospitals and even museums were turned into rubble. Li Qiwei even ordered the direct use of coercive measures against refugees who refused to obey orders and vowed that he would rebuild Seoul on the day he returned. .

Volunteer soldiers lay in ambush on the path of the British army’s retreat. Li Guanglu, the deputy squad leader, took the explosive tube in his hand and manually threw the explosive into the tank, so that his comrades would no longer be attacked by gasoline bombs and climbed onto the tank with the grenade to die with the enemy. . Sharpshooter Lu Chengfeng still exerts his advantage, observes the shooting direction of the tank in time, and escorts his comrades. President Peng admired Li Guanglu’s glorious deeds of blowing up three tanks by himself, but he also proposed to spread the methods of dealing with tanks in the whole army. Every soldier’s life is precious.

Volunteers crossed the 38th parallel and retreated the United Nations to the 37th parallel, smashing the imperialist conspiracy to buy time to consolidate the army and fight again. Chinese and North Korean fighters excitedly shouted and danced on the land, for the sake of the motherland and for their bravery. Comrades in arms. Lao Ma looked at the bombed and shattered buildings in Seoul and led the soldiers to search for useful things. A young soldier found an English letter and the squad leader asked him to show it to the translator.

President Peng had no joy in occupying Seoul, and he ordered the troops to continue to pursue the US troops south. Zhou Enlai took the victory report of occupying Seoul sent by President Peng. Mao Zedong had eliminated a tank battalion without heavy weapons. This was another miracle created by the volunteers. Mao Zedong proposed to maintain peace and protect his hometown, he must take advantage of this momentum to once again set off the momentum of supporting the army.

Zhou Enlai also agreed and would strengthen the education of national patriotism. When he came out, Zhou Enlai and Zi Zilong emphasized that it is a human suffering for the white-haired person to send the black-haired person, and the chairman’s family has paid too much for the new China. He advised Ye Zilong not to worry, the liberation of Seoul was a timely rain, and the chairman could sleep well tonight.

Almost all the people in the Northeast were dispatched. The people set up a wok at their door and fry the flour. Zheng Rui’s mother, Aunt Yao, was working hard to fill the fried flour, but saw her daughter Zheng Shuangxue sitting in a car full of female soldiers. Zheng Shuangxue took advantage of her mother’s busy schedule to join the army on her own. Aunt Yao loves her daughter, but she also knows the righteousness of her family. When her daughter entered the art troupe, she was about to cross the river.

When asked by reporters, she bluntly said that if she was twenty years younger, she would go to the front line herself in the face of American bullying. The car was about to start. Aunt Yao put on a scarf for her daughter to endure tears, and waved to her goodbye, but she was the only one who knew the sorrow in her heart.

Xie Fang got the English letter, which was written by Li Qiwei to pay tribute to President Peng, but President Peng understood that this was a naked provocation, and it was a war letter he gave himself. Hong Xuezhi worries that the supply line has been extended by more than a hundred kilometers. It is all in grain-free areas. The roads and highways have been blown up by US military planes. The soldiers can only rely on the soldiers to carry them on their shoulders.

Du Ping came to the military headquarters with domestic condolences. President Peng asked him to pack everything up and take them to the soldiers on the front line. He also expressed his gratitude to President Peng for celebrating the liberation of Seoul by the volunteers. Du Ping also brought the knee pads knitted by Mrs. Peng for him and a simple letter from the family. Mr. Peng endured his tears and put it away, and said thank you to his family.

Zheng Rui’s troops received the condolences from the country, and they watched the condolences performance with their comrades. At a glance, they saw his sister standing in the center of the stage leading the singing. But he didn’t have the slightest excitement and joy. He originally hoped that his sister could stay at home to take care of his mother, but Zheng Shuangxue told his mother that not only was he not angry, but also sent her to the army to join the army.

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