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The World of Fantasy 灵域 Episode 16 Recap

The Senluo Temple and the Equipment Sect were at war. Qin Lie was still trying to comprehend the eleventh pillar. The Sect Master of the Equipment Sect encouraged Qin Lie. If Qin Lie can understand all the spiritual patterns this time, he is willing to give up his position. Yu Qinlie. In the chaotic battle, the men and horses of Sun Luo Temple were removed by the Blood Spear Guard.

Everyone watched Qin Lie light up the eleventh spiritual pattern pillar and decided to imprison the disciples of the five major sects to prevent the eyeliner from telling the news. In the past few years, several major sects have been dissatisfied with the existence of the appliance sect.

Langya estimates that he will be next There were scenes of the five major sects attacking, and they worked together with Feng to set up a bloody battle. On the other side, in the Senluo Hall, after hearing that Qin Lie had understood the spirit pattern pillar, the other heads were entangled in their hearts, and the shadow building emperor nineteen volunteered and decided to take the lead. The subordinates reported to Langya that Yiyuan was missing, and Langya ordered his subordinates to continue searching.

In the world of the twelfth pillar, Qin Lie saw the blood ancestor Xue Li and noticed the existence of Qin Lie. Xue Li excitedly said that he could finally escape the seal, but Qin Lie was puzzled and left immediately. After entering the world of Ling Wenzhu, he found Mo Hai standing beside him. Qin Lie knew that the battle had changed and was eager to find Ling Yushi. But Yushi was not in the room. Qin Lie guessed that Yushi was probably looking for Gao Yu, so he turned around and looked for Ling Yushi.

The personnel of the Shadow Tower all came from the secret road, and the battle was imminent. Du Shaoyang anxiously looked for Xie Jingxuan’s figure, but Xie Jingxuan persuaded Du Shaoyang to leave early, and Du Shaoyang insisted on staying and fighting to the death. Du Shaoyang understood that Xie Jingxuan at this moment was deliberately trying to agitate herself, but Du Shaoyang decided to take Xie Jingxuan to advance and retreat together.

The assassin from the shadow building rushed to the hall, the blood evil formation was quickly noticed, and Emperor Nineteen led a large number of people through the hall. On the way back, Song Tingyu found the spirit bird reported by the Five Main Schools, and decided to return to the Appliance Sect to help overcome the difficulties. Emperor Nineteen approached Du Shaoyang, and immediately exposed Xie Jingxuan’s true face in front of Du Shaoyang. Emperor Nineteen threatened Xie Jingxuan with the things that the Baji Palace Master was pursuing.

Seeing that it was useless to dissuade, Xie Jingxuan had to rush over. To kill Emperor Nineteen, just as the two were stuck together, Song Tingyu suddenly appeared and learned about Emperor Nineteen’s life. Song Tingyu persistently wanted to take Xie Jingxuan away, but Du Shaoyang rushed out to protect Xie Jingxuan, even if he faced the blade that Song Tingyu drove over, he was fearless. Seeing the determination of the two in front of him, Song Tingyu no longer insisted, but asked Du Shaoyang to take good care of Xie Jingxuan, and left in a hurry.

Du Shaoyang was originally angrily at Xie Jingxuan’s concealment, but knowing Xie Jingxuan’s sincerity, Du Shaoyang instantly relented and promised not to leave his sweetheart. At this moment, the two people just want to stand together, even in the face of danger, they must kill together happily.

Song Tingyu found Qin Lie and suggested that she should go to the leader of the Xuantian League to intercede and save the equipment sect, so as to resolve the crisis. Although anxious at the moment, Qin Lie promised Song Tingyu to go to the Xuantian League together. But on the way to go, Qin Lie spotted Gao Yu at once, and Qin Lie, who wanted revenge, caught up with Gao Yu. Who knew that Gao Yu used evil spirits to escape again and disappeared without a trace. Gao Yu and Qin Lie were looking for Ling Yushi. Ling Yushi was very sensitive to the breath after practicing.

When he noticed Gao Yu’s whereabouts, Ling Yushi pretended to be injured and fell to the ground. When Gao Yu came, he stabbed Gao Yu with a knife. . Gao Yu discovered that Ling Yushi in his arms hated him deeply. At this moment Qin Lie and Song Tingyu rushed to the room, Song Tingyu cast a spell to knock Gao Yu down. Only then did the two subdue Gao Yu.

Song Tingyu looked at Gao Yu’s evil ring, and the three of them realized why Gao Yu became so abnormal. Song Tingyu wondered why Ling Yushi persistently wanted to kill Gao Yu, which revealed the mystery of that night. It turns out that Ling Yushi was not violated by Gao Yu. Gao Yu only told such a lie to make Qin Lie jealous. At that time, Gao Yu was stopped by Lu Li and only fled.

But Lu Li on the side confessed in pain that he originally attracted Gao Yu into the room, but his conscience discovered that he stopped Gao Yu. Lu Li, who had been haunted by anxiety, was relieved, but because he had been affected by Gao Yu just now. He was severely injured in one palm.

After confessing the truth, Lu Li vomited blood and died in Ling Yushi’s arms. Seeing the death of her senior sister, Ling Yushi’s murderous intent revived, but Song Tingyu stopped Ling Yushi and proposed to find out the truth about the evil god from behind the evil ring. Gao Yu must be used to investigate. For the sake of the overall situation, Ling Yushi agreed Song Tingyu, give one month to investigate.

Song Tingyu and Qin Lie turned their heads to find Yiyuan, and Yiyuan, who had turned into a snake shape, begged Qin Lie to give themselves to Lian Rou…

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