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The World of Fantasy 灵域 Episode 15 Recap

Ling Yushi recognized Gao Yu’s face under the black mask at once, but before Yushi’s revenge, Gao Yu fled with a spell. Seeing Yuan Xiao falling to the ground, everyone was helpless. When Cheng Ping, the elder of the Equipment Sect, asked Qin Lie to account, Qin Lie had to defend himself, but there was no evidence. Song Tingyu rushed to the elder and told the elder Yuan Xiao’s murderous attempt. Ruosen Luodian investigated it, and Yuan Xiao did not die of innocence. Only then did the elder let go of his brows and gave up the blame.

Qin Lie wondered why Song Tingyu tried to kill Ling Yushi in the illusion, Song Tingyu was also very puzzled. However, Yu Shi said that Song Tingyu at the time mistook Qin Lie for Gong Mulie, and this opened up the doubt. Song Tingyu didn’t want to raise the matter again, so she hurriedly left. Qin Lie turned to Ling Yushi and asked about Gao Yu’s anomaly and the mystery in the note. Ling Yushi repeatedly avoided questions, making Qin Lie unfamiliar. Facing Qin Lie’s repeated questions, Ling Yushi had to confess himself.

The prophecies I had dreamed of several times, Qin Lie in the prophecy was swallowed by the fire dragon, and Yu Shi was afraid that he would bring misfortune to Qin Lie, so he went to Shuiling Valley. Ling Yushi mentioned the mother of the earth and the son of the god of war, but Qin Lie didn’t believe the words in it. The saying that the sky was destined made Qin Lie’s thoughts firmer and saw Qin Lie steadily catching on Ling Yushi. Ling Yushi’s shoulders encouraged Ling Yushi, and only then did she stabilize Ling Yushi’s anxiety.

In the spirit pattern pillar square, Xie Jingxuan was about to teach the disciples how to refine tools, and mentioned the importance of portraying the spirit array. After everyone went to open the furnace, Xie Jingxuan secretly handed the ribbon in his hand to Du Shaoyang. Yi Yuan thought of the scene of holding hands with Lian Rou in the illusion that day, and Lian Rou, who was sitting in front of the refining furnace, also thought of the same scene.

Who knows that the uneasy Lian Rou was scared by the fire, so she had to put it down. The distracting thoughts in the heart continue to refine. Qin Lie found Yi Yuan. At this time, the two of them were both in love. Qin Lie confided to Yi Yuan annoyed that the distance between him and Yushi in the past few days. Vaguely, Qin Lie found that he could communicate with the spirit pillar…

Sen Luodian is now discussing how to deal with the death of Young Pavilion Master Yuan Xiao, Ziwuhai and Qisha Valley, etc. have agreed to attack the Equipment Sect. At this time, the plan to counterattack the Equipment Sect was established.

Du Shaoyang looked at the hideous expressions of everyone in the blood pool, and couldn’t help feeling heart palpitations, but entering the blood pool was the only way to become the blood spear guard. I saw Langya, the leader of the blood spear guard of the instrument sect, pointed to the blood pond, Du Shaoyang I had to endure the physical pain and walked into the pool of blood alone.

At this time Xie Jingxuan also secretly hid in the corner next to the blood pool, enduring the pain caused by the blood pool, Du Shaoyang struggled to talk to Xie Jingxuan, Du Shaoyang guessed that Xie Jingxuan was probably avoiding Song Tingyu, between the two There is probably an abnormal relationship.

Xie Jingxuan noticed that Du Shaoyang was trying to guess about herself, and couldn’t help becoming annoyed. She ordered Du Shaoyang to stop guessing about herself. Du Shaoyang had to give up, and only a couple remained between the two. The endless missed words between.

Qin Lie walked on the road but found Gao Yu’s figure. He followed all the way to the refinery. Qin Lie asked Gao Yu why he blamed himself. Gao Yu only attributed everything to jealousy. Immediately Qin Lie asked what Gao Yu had done to Ling Yushi. After hearing Gao Yu’s rather selfish and evil speech, Qin Lie realized that Gao Yu had violated Ling Yushi. In a rage, Qin Lie used Lei Xiu’s power to knock down Gao Yu, but at this time Gao Yu had the help of the evil ring, and immediately fought back Qin Lie, and triumphantly said that Qin Lie was wanted at the moment, but Live in the darkness like myself, then disappear like the wind.

Ling Yushi saw Qin Lie’s rather bleak figure in the dark woods. At this time, Qin Lie took off his mask, his face full of helplessness and regret. Qin Lie hugged Ling Yushi and eagerly promised the future to Ling Yushi. Ling Yushi guessed that Qin Lie had already met Gao Yu and knew the truth. Qin Lie suddenly confessed to Ling Yushi. To say it is like pity, is my disdain.

Qin Lie blamed himself for his weakness and failed to protect Yushi. So he insisted on walking to the door, but he was stopped by Du Shaoyang. At this time, Qin Lie wanted to go to the Senluo Temple to avenge Gao Yu, but Du Shaoyang was ordered by the elder to stop Qin Lie.

At this time, Ling Yushi hurriedly rushed to Qin Lie back. Qin Lie really didn’t know how to soothe the scars in Ling Yushi’s heart, but Ling Yushi said that only when Qin Lie became stronger can he better protect himself. Ling Yushi didn’t let Qin Lie blame himself so much, so he promised Qin Lie to stay and accompany Qin Lie in and out.

The pavilion owner of Ziwuhai asked Yiyuan to respond within the tool sect. Just when Yiyuan didn’t know what to do, Lian Rou walked into the room and handed it to Yiyuan to find spiritual materials. This made Yiyuan temporarily forget. The father’s order. On the other hand, Song Tingyu received the request from the leader of the Xuantian League: to return to the Xuantian League immediately, and Song Tingyu, who was still waiting for the spiritual tool to be refined, was puzzled and began to inquire about the recent changes in the Xuantian League…

When Qin Lie was cultivating in the spirit pattern pillar square, he unexpectedly found that the spirit pattern in his dream once again appeared in his mind. Qin Lie, who had an epiphany, quickly strengthened his cultivation, and instantly understood the spirit pattern pillars on the spirit pattern pillar square. One, the audience was amazed, Yiyuan couldn’t underestimate this scene, and quickly turned around to inform the elder.

But at this moment, the second hall master of Senluo Hall was in the hall of the equipment sect, asking the elders to hand over Qin Lie. When the two parties were angry, Yi Yuan ran into the main hall and reported to the elders about the Dao Lingwen Pillar Square. When everyone arrived at the Lingwen Pillar Square, Qin Lie had already understood the ten spirits among the twelve roots.

Wenzhu, since ancient times, there have only been scenes of understanding the four spiritual pattern pillars in the Equipment Sect. At this moment, Qin Lie is not only a potential refining wizard, but also very likely to help the Equipment Sect rush to the silver class. The people of the elders were about to arrest Qin Lie. The elder of the Equipment Sect gave an order to send a bleeding spear guard to guard Qin Lie. At this moment, another battle began.

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