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The World of Fantasy 灵域 Episode 14 Recap

Both Xie Jingxuan and Qin Lie were holding each other’s handles. Qin Lie asked about Xie Jingxuan’s false identity. Xie Jingxuan explained that Tang Siqi was another identity he played around. Later, Xie Jingxuan asked Qin Lie if he wanted to get rid of Du Shaoyang together. Qin Lie believed that Du Shaoyang was an accomplice in the trap set by Du Haitian, but Xie Jingxuan excitedly denied it, and told that Du Haitian tried to abolish Du Shaoyang. For things. The unexpected reversal caused Qin Lie to fall into contemplation again.

Lian Rou hurriedly left after allocating a room to Du Shaoyang. Pang Feng and Ouyang Qing, who passed the assessment together, offered Du Shaoyang an invitation to meet with the same family. They knew that the people in front of them had no good intentions, but because they had put forward their reasons for being in the same cabinet, Du Shaoyang couldn’t shirk, so they had to.

At the appointment, Yiyuan hid at the door and heard everything. Waiting for Du Shaoyang to follow Pang Feng and Ouyang Qing to meet Zhang Ying and congratulations who were in Xingyun Pavilion together. It turned out that the two had a feast with Du Haitian, and now they can only find Du Shaoyang to vent their anger. Seeing Du Shaoyang being captured, Yi Yuan suddenly broke into the refinery to stop everything.

But outnumbered, Du Shaoyang had to block the attack for Yiyuan. Seeing that the situation was not good, Yiyuan quickly fled outside the refining field, called Qin Lie who happened to be passing by to help, and then went to notify Lian Gentle and Xie Jingxuan. Qin Lie rushed to the refining field when he heard Yi Yuan’s help.

Just as Qin Lie was about to help, Lian and Xie Jingxuan rushed together, stopped the quarrel, and sentenced Pang Feng and others to severe punishment. When the farce was over, Master Mo Hai suddenly appeared and offered to have a private chat with Du Shaoyang and Qin Lie. Master Mo Hai naturally knew that there was a deep estrangement between the two now. Words could not persuade them. He could only tell them to go on their own. Solve the grievances of the family, and then study in the appliance school.

Qin Lie and Du Shaoyang came to the secluded woods. The two began to test each other’s true intentions. Although their private hatred was deep in their hearts, they always regarded each other as rare opponents. In order to continue practicing, the two decided to wait until they left. Resolve the complicated relationship on the day of the instrument.

Du Shaoyang received the news from Xie Jingxuan and came to the refining field. The status of the two now changed. The pavilion master became a mourning dog and the restaurant girl became a master sister. Du Shaoyang couldn’t help feeling a little gap in his heart, but Xie Jingxuan insisted that the essence of the two had not changed. Du Shaoyang, who had strong self-esteem, was shocked by Xie Jingxuan’s righteous tone, and could not speak for a while, and could only look at Xie Jingxuan The back of leaving.

Qin Lie gave Yiyuan medicine. Looking at Yiyuan’s face, Qin Lie naturally remembered his brother Hua Yuxin. The memory filled his mind. Qin Lie couldn’t help but tell Yiyuan about Hua Yuxin. Qin Lie asked about Yi Yuan’s method of transformation, and Yi Yuan smiled involuntarily when he talked about the acquaintance between him and Lian Rou. Looking at Yiyuan’s innocent face, the memories in Qin Lie’s heart reappeared, and his heart warmed, Qin Lie hugged Yiyuan moved.

The next day, Master Mo Hai mentioned to everyone a good opportunity to go to the secret realm and collect treasures. After listening to them, everyone was eager to try and prepared to go to the warehouse to receive their space ring. Mo Hai privately called Du Shaoyang away and learned that Du Shaoyang wanted to practice the Blood Spear. Mo Hai took Du Shaoyang to see his wife Yang Rong: the second master of the Blood Spear Guard. Yang Rong looked at the energetic Du Shaoyang in front of him, and suggested to Du Shaoyang: If Du Shaoyang can get the blood of the Healing Beast, he can receive the qualification for exceptional admission.

The three were discussing, but the subordinate reported that Song Tingyu asked to see him. This time Song Tingyu came to deliver medicinal materials. When the two started talking, Qin Lie appeared in the room. Song Tingyu looked at Qin Lie’s mask and felt familiar. Mo Hai was pretending to be mysterious. Introduced Qin Lie’s pseudonym: Qin Bing. Song Tingyu knew the secrets as soon as he heard it, but he didn’t say it was broken, just quietly looking at Qin Lie who was wearing a mask.

All clansmen gathered at the door of the secret realm, but no one from the Shadow Tower was seen. Song Tingyu led people here, and the team of the Seven Evil Valley appeared at the same time. Seeing Ling Yushi, Qin Lie’s face flashed with joy, but when Ling Yushi saw Yiyuan next to him, he was about to scream. , But was stopped by Qin Lie’s eyes. At this moment, the door of the secret realm opened, and everyone walked in involuntarily. Yiyuan introduced the most precious Illusory Healing Beast in the secret realm to everyone, and volunteered to take everyone to find it. At this time, Yuan Xiao, the young master of Senluo Temple, just appeared, and the guard who led Yuan Xiao’s sedan chair was the person sent by Emperor XIX: Gao Yu.

Yiyuan led Qin Lie and others in the woods to find the Illusory Healing Beast. They were only walking normally, but everyone inadvertently walked into the illusion. The woods in front of them no longer exist, but instead they returned to the hearts of everyone. Among the demons, Qin Lie returned to the day of the Battle of Ziwuhai, and Du Shaoyang also saw his father who was watching on the tower again. Yiyuan met Lian Rou again at the dock.

When the illusion returned to the battle of the purple mist sea, Ling Yushi found Qin Lie, but the jealous Song Tingyu wanted to kill Ling Yushi, and was knocked down by Qin Lie. At this time, there was an earthquake in the illusion. The people trapped in their respective illusions reunited. Only then did Qin Lie understand the nature of the illusion, and everyone at this moment was swallowed by the illusion beast. What just appeared in front of everyone was the lingering regret in everyone’s hearts. It was Qin Lie who used thunder power to make Huanyu Beast feel painful, and then escaped from it. Since they were trapped in their abdomen, everyone decided to take out the blood of the Huanyu Beast, and the painful Huanyu Beast fled and released everyone.

Qin Lie and the others returned home full of loads, but met Yuan Xiao and others on the way. Yuan Xiao, who was prepared to get something for nothing, quickly attacked everyone. A fierce battle kicked off again, and everyone fell into chaos. Yuan Xiao and Qin Lie fought each other, but Gao Yu suddenly rushed out, hitting Yuan Xiao’s neck with evil ring, killing Yuan Xiao. Qin Lie looked at Gao Yu in shock, and froze in astonishment.

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