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My Best Friend’s Story 流金岁月 Episode 30 Recap

Yuan Yuan lied about breaking up with her rich foreign boyfriend, and took the opportunity to confess to Wang Yongzheng to show her intentions. However, Wang Yongzheng said that he already had Jiang Nansun, so Yuan Yuan deliberately borrowed the coat from Wang Yongzheng before leaving, and then returned the coat to him in front of Jiang Nansun the next day.

To avoid unnecessary trouble, Wang Yongzheng bluntly refused. At this time Jiang Nansun received a call from Yuan Yuan and wanted to take away her lover. Wang Yongzheng saw Jiang Nansun’s loss at a glance and hurried forward to ask for a hug of love.

Ye Jinyan visited Wang Yongzheng’s project team with coffee and flowers, and repeatedly urged them to find Fan Jingang if needed. After Ye Jinyan left, Fan Jingang mentioned that Ye Jinyan had lost too much for the project team, so he hoped that Wang Yongzheng and Li Ang would work hard.

Xie Zuhong and Zhu Suosuo discussed the details of the wedding at home, planning to let Xiaohe be the best man, but because he was mainly responsible for the funeral business, they worried that Zhu Suosuo would not be happy. Unexpectedly, Zhu Suosuo did not object, but invited Xiaohe’s parents to participate. Seeing Zhu Suosuo’s sweet appearance, the old grandmother also looked forward to Jiang Nansun’s marriage as soon as possible.

Afterwards, Zhu Suosuo met with Fan Jingang and asked him to forward the wedding invitation to Ye Jinyan, as well as a book of “One Hundred Years of Solitude” that Ye Jinyan told her to read. After Ye Jinyan received the invitation, he asked Fan Jingang to remind Zhu Suosuo to invite Xie Jiayin to the scene. After all, she and Xie Hongzu are in a mother-child relationship, and the two have a continuous bloodline.

During this time, Zhu Suosuo often stayed with Xie Hongzu, eating and dating with him as usual. Xie Hongzu thought that Zhu Suosuo seemed to be worse than his love for her. As a result, Zhu Suosuo immediately proved with actions, kissing him again and again.

It was the wedding day in a blink of an eye, and Xie Jiayin did not attend as expected. Yang Ke learned that Jiang Nansun could not contact Zhu’s father, so he volunteered to be a witness. At this time, Fan Jingang came, and he insisted that he replaced Zhu Suosuo’s father and took Zhu Suosuo into the arena. By the way, he ridiculed Yang Ke, and the two of them faced Maimang with a needle.

Fan Jingang pulled Zhu Suosuo aside, saying that Ye Jinyan could not attend the wedding because of important things and was waiting for her in the garage right now. Zhu Suosuo came to the underground parking lot and found that Ye Jinyan was wearing the suit he had originally customized for him, and then handed him flowers and wedding gifts.

Holding the gift, Zhu Suosuo burst into tears, walked into the elevator alone, crying too hard. Ye Jinyan seemed indifferent throughout the whole process, but when Zhu Suosuo left, he really fell into grief and couldn’t control his feelings.

In the hall, Fan Jingang walked to Xie Hongzu holding the Zhu Suosuo money, reminding Xie Hongzu that he must treat Zhu Suosuo wholeheartedly, because behind her was the entire Jingyan Group, and then walked off the stage in tears.

Just as these young people were walking hand in hand towards the wedding, there was an unexpected guest outside the wedding. Jiang Nansun asked Wang Yongzheng to help solve the problem, but Wang Yongzheng did not expect that Wang Yongzheng would use a stalker trick to pester Zhao Malin, drive her away, and swiftly drive to the suburbs without giving her a chance to make trouble.

The uncle’s family came to the wedding, and the cousin didn’t say a word, just drinking. Zhu Suosuo thanked his uncle and aunt for their nurturing, and hoped that his cousin could find a good girl who belonged to him.

After the wedding, Xiaohe handed Xie Hongzu’s mobile phone to him. Xie Hongzu saw that the mobile phone was all Zhao Malin’s missed calls. Zhu Suosuo wondered why Zhao Malin hadn’t come to the wedding. Jiang Nansun looked at her, and the two immediately understood.

Jiang Nansun and Xie Hongzu borrowed Zhu Suosuo for an hour, and then took her to sit on the wedding stage to talk about matters. The two have never quarreled since childhood. If they have children in the future, they also hope to be girls, continuing their girlfriends, caring for each other, Take care of each other. Jiang Nansun hoped that Zhu Suosuo would be happier than herself. Zhu Suosuo hugged Jiang Nansun distressedly and hoped that she would also be happy.

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