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My Best Friend’s Story 流金岁月 Episode 29 Recap

At the celebration party, Yang Ke publicly announced that there would be new partners joining the company, and with a large number of projects, which means that the company and Jingyan Group are just around the corner, and everyone is also curious about the identity of the new partner.

The next day, Fan Jingyan relayed Ye Jinyan’s meaning to Zhu Suosuo and re-purchased a return ticket for her. Zhu Suosuo refused to give up easily, so for the next few days, he would stay on Ye Jinyan’s only way every day, but he ignored him every time.

Xie Hongzu looked at Zhu Suosuo silently following Ye Jinyan, feeling even more sad. Zhu Suosuo made up his mind to find Ye Jinyan to confront him, and wanted him to admit that he liked him and at the same time dispel the other’s worries. As a result, Ye Jinyan did not directly respond to whether he was tempted, but instead talked about the deceased daughter. The reason why Zhu Suo was locked up was more because she found that she was born on the same date as her daughter.

Hearing what Ye Jinyan said, Zhu Suosuo couldn’t help reprimanding Ye Jinyan for hypocrisy, and then sat alone on the stairs and wept. Xie Hongzu was about to return to Shanghai. Before leaving, he came to see Zhu Suosuo for the last time, and took out the gift box used to propose before, containing bread. Originally Zhu Suosuo was puzzled until Xie Hongzu admitted that the bread came from the bakery opposite to his aunt’s house, because he felt that bread would give Zhu Suosuo a homely feeling, which was what Zhu Suosuo needed most.

On the night when Xie Hongzu drove away with Zhu Suosuo, Fan Jingang found that Ye Jinyan was drinking groggy in the room, and the wine bottles everywhere had already proved that he was deceiving himself. On the other side, Xie Zuhong parked his car in a small town after several hours of rushing. He paid for a group of people to act, pretending to jump into the river in exchange for Zhu Suosuo’s sincerity.

Li Yifan asked Jiang Nansun to meet at the coffee shop and introduced her ex-wife Tang Xin, who is also a new partner who will join Yang Ke. Tang Xin has several important orders in his hand, and the bonus for each order is enough for Jiang Nansun to solve the debt crisis, but Tang Xin will not reuse Jiang Nansun because Jiang Nansun is entrusted by Li Yifan or because of Dai Qian’s relationship. On the contrary, she pays more attention to ability.

Jiang Nansun informed Dai Qian about Tang Xin’s job change, so she was curious whether Dai Qian would come forward to help Ye Jinyan, but Dai Qian said that she did not want to go back to the muddy water. Dai Qian carefully analyzed the personalities of Jiang Nansun, Wang Yongzheng, and Li Ang, thinking that she was like Tang Xin when she was young, and Li Ang was like Ye Jinyan when she was young. Only Wang Yongzheng, unlike anyone else, is unbelievable.

Zhu Suosuo agreed to Xie Hongzu’s marriage proposal and had a great time with him in the small town. After Jiang Nansun received the news, he couldn’t help being surprised. Yang Ke introduced Tang Xin to the employees and appointed Apel as the sales manager. Tang Xin and Jiang Nansun are open and honest. Although the two are inextricably linked, I hope she can distinguish between public and private. After leaving the company, she can be Dai Qian’s niece and Wang Yongzheng’s girlfriend, but she must work hard in the company and only pay accordingly. In order to get uncompromising returns.

While Li Ang and Jiang Nansun were talking about Tang Xin’s job-hopping problem, Ye Jinyan suddenly appeared and mentioned the library project, as if he had no idea. Fan Jingang came over nervously to tell the truth, and suggested that Ye Jinyan let Dai Qian return to work, but after repeated changes, Ye Jinyan became more tired and haggard.

Jiang Nansun felt a little sorry about the Jingyan Group’s affairs. Zhu Suosuo cared about Ye Jinyan’s situation and determined that he was a hard-hearted person. Jiang Nansun did not want Zhu Suosuo to marry Xie Hongzu because of Ye Jinyan’s stimulation, but as long as Zhu Suosuo made the choice, she would unconditionally support it. Zhu Suosuo admitted that he wanted to be eager to speak, but was also moved by Xie Hongzu. Both of them were people who lacked emotions in their growth, so they knew how to cherish them together.

At the same time, Wang Yong was drinking in the bar. Yuan Yuan saw that he was on his mind and took the initiative to accompany him to drink. Wang Yongzheng is sure that she must have drunk a lot of alcohol while studying abroad, and Yuan Yuan simply changed the subject for fear of her identity being exposed.

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