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Monarch Industry 上阳赋 Episode 7 Recap

After Xie Wanru learned that Wang Yan was going to marry Xiao Qi, he visited Wang Yan in the palace. The maid Su Jin’er wanted to tell Xie Wanru that Wang Yan wanted to marry Xiao Qi because of Zidan, but Wang Yan interrupted Su Jin’er and said to herself Marrying Xiao Qi was voluntary. As for Zidan, he was destined to have no relationship with him. Xie Wanru saw Wang Yan doing this, so he didn’t say more. Congratulations to Wang Yan and left with a gift.

After Xie Wanru left, Su Jin’er asked Wang Yan why he didn’t tell Xie Wanru the truth. Wang Yan said that he wanted Zidan to learn about her change of heart from Xie Wanru, so that Zidan would resent her and even hate her. Forget about her.

Wang Yan agreed to marry Empress Xiao Qi, and the empress also kept her promise and released Zidan from the jail, but although Zidan escaped, he was suppressed by the empress and was sent to garrison in the imperial tomb as a mother. Atonement, if there is no edict, he can’t return to Beijing, Xie Yuan was dismissed from the official and exiled from Beijing. Before Xie Yuan left the capital, he told the Xie family who could stay in the capital to stop mentioning the word Xie’s family, and make plans when he comes back.

In the middle of the night, Wang Su found Su Jin’er and asked about Wang Yan’s recent situation. Su Jin’er responded truthfully and said that Wang Yan is too normal these days, and it is a bit strange to be normal. Wang Su felt uneasy, and told Su Jin’er to look at Wang Yan and never let him Wang Yan had an accident and asked Su Jin’er to tell Wang Yan that Zidan had been released, but don’t tell her that Zidan was sent to the imperial mausoleum. In fact, Wang Yan had already woke up and overheard the conversation between the two.

After Zidan left the palace, Xie Wanru and Xie Wanru guarded the spirit of Concubine Xie. Xie Wanru told Zidan about Wang Yan’s change of heart and cheered Zidan up to avenge Concubine Xie and the Xie family. On the other side, Wang Yan was still waiting at the Western Wall, hoping that Zidan could come to find herself. She knew that Zidan was going to the imperial tomb and felt a little relaxed, at least the imperial tomb was a safe place. The eldest princess came to pay homage to the concubine Xie, and when she finished worshipping the concubine Xie, the eldest princess talked about Wang Yan’s marriage to Xiao Qi, and asked Zidan what he thought.

The princess was very dissatisfied with Zidan’s self-pity, saying that Wang Yan married Xiao Qi for him. If Zidan still has affection for Wang Yan, she will go to the bridge of Yufang in Dongshi to flee with Wang Yan tomorrow. However, Zidan hesitated. He still had a great vengeance yet to be reported. He didn’t know if he should flee. The princess said that this was the last chance for Zidan and Wang Yan.

Zilu called on Wen Zongshen late at night, threatening to make a big disaster, and begging Wen Zongshen to save the Ma family. Wen Zongshen went to find Xiao Qi, and drew a dagger at Xiao Qi. Song Huaien hurriedly drew his sword at Wen Zongshen, but Wen Zongshen turned the blade and said that if Xiao Qi must be the son-in-law of the Wang family, he would use this one.

The dagger killed him and dedicated his head to Wang Lin. Xiao Qi asked if he would not be Wang Lin’s son-in-law, Wen Zongshen told Xiao Qi about Wang Lin’s conspiracy, and asked him if he would do it for the emperor and the world. The common people gambled with themselves. Xiao Qi knew that the forces in Beijing were intricate and not a place to stay for a long time, so he decided to leave tomorrow.

The queen came to Wang Yan again and patiently persuaded her to marry Xiao Qi at ease. Wang Yan also behaved very well, but she only had one request. The queen knew what Wang Yan was going to say, and before she could speak, she shook her head. After the queen had left, she asked people to watch Wang Yan again. The eldest princess had already arranged everything so that the guards were given medicine, and Aunt Xu took Wang Yan to escape quickly. Aunt Xu took Wang Yan and fled to the bridge, but Wang Yan waited for a long time, but Zidan did not appear.

The elder princess found Wang Lin in the ancestral hall and asked Wang Lin to kneel in front of the spiritual thrones of the ancestors of the Wang family. He asked if the emperor was poisoned by him. After receiving a positive answer from Wang Lin, the eldest princess took out a dagger Killed Wang Lin, but couldn’t get it off. The princess was cruel and wanted to judge herself. Wang Lin quickly knocked down the dagger. When the two were arguing, Wang An came to report and said that Wang was missing. Zidan was fighting between heaven and man at this time, with the hatred of the Xie family on one side and the beloved one on the other.

He hesitated for a long time, and finally when he decided to go to Wang Yan, Wang Lin had ordered the city to be sealed off and found Wang Yan by the bridge Wang Lin persuaded Wang Yan that if Zidan came early, he would be a coward, not worthy of Wang Yan’s liking, Wang Yan was extremely disappointed in his heart, so he smashed the hairpin that Zidan gave him and followed Wang Lin. After returning, when Zidan rushed to the river, only saw the hosta broken into two pieces, lying quietly on the ground.

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