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Monarch Industry 上阳赋 Episode 6 Recap

All the courtiers gathered on the main hall, and the queen announced to all the courtiers that the prince would supervise the country and Wang Lin’s regency. All the courtiers had their own thoughts, but on the surface they still followed the order. After Xie Wanru learned that the Xie family was taken into custody by Wang Lin, he hurried to intercede with the prince, but the prince said that Concubine Xie had committed a heinous crime, and the evidence was conclusive.

If you have something with Concubine Xie, then she can’t live anymore. The prince can only guarantee that she will keep Xie Wanru. As for Xie Yuan and Concubine Xie, only the emperor can save them. As long as the emperor can wake up, everything will be paid. possible.

The emperor was in a coma. Wang Lin held great power, but he hadn’t slackened. He told Wang Xu to keep an eye on Wen Zongshen and the old officials close to the Xie family, but Wang Xu didn’t understand why Wang Lin didn’t work hard to kill the emperor, Wang Lin. However, it is said that the emperor is the best now. If the emperor really dies, those outside royal families will be unable to stabilize. Only the 200,000 Ningshuo Army in Xiao Qi’s hands can compete with them. For Xiao Qi’s military power, Wang Lin asked the queen to impose an edict on behalf of the prince, and gave Xiao Qi and Wang Yan a marriage.

The prince waited in front of the emperor’s sickbed. Seeing that the queen was also coming, she asked whether the person who poisoned the poison was really Concubine Xie. The queen insisted that Concubine Xie’s wine was poisonous, but the prince couldn’t understand that the emperor loved her so much. Tan and Concubine Xie, why did they poison them? The prince was pure-hearted, and was coaxed by the queen to say that Concubine Xie was an ungrateful person.

In the court hall the next day, Wang Lin announced the Xie family’s guilt and wanted to punish the Xie family. Wen Zongshen, who was close to the Xie family, quickly interceded with the prince, hoping to make a decision when the emperor woke up. The queen spoke to Wen Zongshen and Wen Zong. Shen was not afraid, and argued for reasons. The queen said that if Concubine Xie admitted to the poisoning himself, Wen Zongshen would not refute it. Wen Zongshen naturally refused to believe Concubine Xie would admit it, so she said he would wait and see.

After retiring from the court, the queen personally took people to the cell to find Concubine Xie, so that Concubine Xie also gave the Xie family a way of life for the sake of Zidan. As long as Concubine Xie wrote a confession, she would let Zidan and Xie’s family go. For the sake of her family and son, Concubine Xie can only draw on the confession letter.

Before the detention, Concubine Xie asked the queen to give her a high-five. If the queen breaks the vow, she will turn into a ghost and will not let the queen go. After the queen is gone, she So he committed suicide in his cell. With Concubine Xie’s confession, Wen Zongshen had nothing to say. Wang Lin took advantage of the victory to chase down the Xie family, and Zi Dan also punished the same crime.

After the second prince Zilu learned that Wang Lin was about to marry Wang Yan to Xiao Qi, he discussed the countermeasures with Huan Gong. He was full of confidence and felt that he would prevent Xiao Qi from marrying Xie Wanru, and also prevent Xiao Qi from marrying Wang Yan.

After Wang Yan learned that Zidan had been arrested, he waited outside the mansion for Wang Lin to return, wanting to ask what happened, but Wang Lin did not return, so Wang Yan only waited until Wang Su came back to pass on the words of the queen, saying that if Wang Lin returned If you want to save Zitan, you must marry Xiao Qi. After listening to these words, Wang Yan didn’t say a word, and suddenly rushed forward to snatch Wang Su’s horse and rushed to the palace.

Wang Yan rushed to the emperor’s bedroom and wanted to wake up the emperor and asked him to wake up and save Zidan. The queen stood behind Wang Yan in silence, saying that now only Wang Yan can save Zidan. The queen preached to Wang Yan. To persuade Wang Yan to accept his fate, Wang Yan could only agree to the queen so that Zidan could survive.

After Wang Yan returned to the mansion, he heard his parents arguing. The eldest princess disagrees with Wang Lin’s exchange of Wang Yan for military power, but Wang Lin feels that the eldest princess is inexperienced in the world, and the gentry is not as good as before. Everything he did is In order for the Wang family to continue to be honored, it is not only Wang Yan who has paid for the Wang family.

At that time, Wang Lin’s two sisters also made sacrifices for the Wang family’s glory. The eldest princess still looked down on Xiao Qi’s identity, but Wang Lin said If there hadn’t been Cammen to kill the enemy, the world would have been chaotic. During the two quarrels, Wang Su suddenly rushed in. He also eavesdropped outside the door for a long time. He couldn’t help coming in when he heard that he asked to join the army and fight to kill. The enemy, in order to keep Wang Yan.

However, Wang Lin said that as long as Wang Su could leave him a grandson and a descendant for the Wang family, he would go with him to guard the frontier. Wang Lin also scolded Wang Su for waking up too late. If Wang Su had already taken responsibility, he would also It is not possible to exchange Wang Yan for military power. When the few people were arguing, Wang Yan suddenly entered the house and expressed to the three that he was willing to marry Xiao Qi.

The eldest princess went into the palace to find the queen, and then she refused to talk to the queen alone, saying that Wang Yan would never marry Xiao Qi. The eldest princess said Wang Lin is an ambitious man. His ambition is so great that he wants to change the dynasty. Although the queen is the daughter of the Wang family, she is also the wife of the Ma family. If Wang Lin wants to grab the prince’s country in the future, the queen doesn’t care, Queen Hearing what the eldest princess said, she was a little flustered, but she didn’t want to believe that her brother was thinking of rebellion. The queen didn’t want to hear the princess say more, but she was already scared in her heart.

On the other hand, Huan Gong and Zi Lu were also prepared. Regardless of whether Xiao Qi and Wang Lin were allied or not, as long as the wedding was over, Xiao Qi was detained in the army. If Wang Lin wanted to rebel, Ningshuo’s 200,000 army, People would think that Xiao Qi was Wang Lin’s person and would not be able to do anything, and the men and horses in Wang Lin’s hands were enough to resist the Ma family’s uprisings. The more Zilu listened, the more headache he became, and the more determined he was to stop Wang Lin and Xiao Qi. Marriage.

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