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Love Script 她和他的恋爱剧本 Episode 21 Recap

It was too embarrassing to be confessed by everyone. Luo Kaihuai blushed and retracted into the sofa, but Zhu Xuanwen teased him with only sweetness in his heart. Only Zhu Li was quiet for a long time, thinking of the little things he had with Luo Kaihuai before, he couldn’t let go, he couldn’t bear it, but since Luo Kaihuai chose Zhu Xuanwen, then bless her.

Taozi finished teaching today’s yoga class in the gym. At this time, Luo hurried over with a smile. Taozi saw many large and small gifts arranged behind him. From her eighteenth birthday, there will be gifts and blessings one after another. When she was a child, the butterfly hairpins, the rough origami paper cranes, until her birthday this year, she received a confession of laughter from Luo. It has been quietly for seven years. He has been waiting silently by her, waiting to grow up, waiting for a suitable identity confession.

The design theme of the new season of IKE is packed with a lot of various elements, but it is messy, so Zhu Xuanwen personally set the elements, taking love as the theme, using peach blossom as an element, and named the Zhu Peach Blossom series. It was not because of Luo Kaihuai. First of all, Dave was the first to disbelieve, and secondly, Zhu Xuanwen and Dave were closely discussing how to create romance.

This day Zhu Xuanwen came to pick up Luo Kaihuai. The other party was eating oranges at the bus stop. He looked a little bit happy when he saw his boyfriend picking him up. Zhu Xuanwen took her to the trunk. As soon as the trunk was opened, it was full of balloons. Luo Kaihuai looked at it and touched it. The balloon burst instantly. It turned out that she had eaten oranges before, but this added something new to them. How to play. The two dipped their hands in orange juice and punctured the balloons. Then there was a burst of comfortable laughter.

In order to please his girlfriend, Zhu Xuanwen even asked Dave to find all kinds of classics and coups. He is now like a faint king who only smiles for Pomeranian. In a dark place they didn’t notice, Jin Mei learned that Zhu Xuanwen personally used Chinese elements to enter overseas markets, not only occupying the domestic market, but also competing with them overseas. It is not easy to stop it, but there is no absolute guard against death in the world. There is always a gap in the collective.

So Xie Kun came to Zhu Li. Zhu Li gave up his artistic dreams and was entrusted by Zhu Yi to help Zhu Xuanwen to support Yike. However, the CEO is not his, and Luo Kaihuai is not his. All these career loves belong to Zhu Xuanwen. The sparkle made him envious, and it was fake to say no resentment or hatred.

Zhu Xuanwen took Luo Kaihuai for a walk along the river. The evening breeze made people drunk. When Luo Kaihuai turned around, Zhu Xuanwen played the piano and sang for her in the crowd. This scene was full of romantic rituals. Look, he wanted to give Luo Kaihuai forever Solemnly. Play with her and make trouble with her, as long as she is happy, until late at night, quietly sent her home, Luo’s father saw that it was Zhu Xuanwen who sent his daughter back. He didn’t have a good face at the time, but was afraid that his daughter was cheated.

The sketch was given to Luo Kaihuai as a gift, and the inscription recorded the day after day they became lovers. When Zhu Xuanwen again solemnly visited Luo’s father, Luo’s father did not drive him out despite his mean mouth. Then, it was time to test his son-in-law. Father Luo came up with a very simple question, moving rose flowers to pots. This is certainly not a problem for ordinary people, but Zhu Xuanwen is a young master who does not touch Yang Chunshui. The flower fertilizer makes him feel nauseous. Step on your feet, this one is over. Fortunately, the bosses have assistants on call, and soon Ford came to the rescue with a pot of crescent roses.

The new rose is of course different from the original one, because father Luo gave each flower a name, one more flower and one less one are weird, or Zhu Xuanwen has the idea to call Luo Kaihuai and propose to take a photo together. In the photo, he is holding the rose and Luo Dad and Luo Kai smiled.

Luo Kai laughed and was practicing fighting in the school grounds. Tao Zi came to him at this time and invited him to go shopping together. This is a good thing. It’s a pity that this little thing made him too happy. He ignored the butterfly hairpin that Tao Zi wore. Naturally, it shouldn’t be said more. If Tao Zi reminded him, I’m afraid that he would almost miss it. Big happy event, he has a girlfriend! There was nowhere to vent his excitement. To all the brothers in the school, he picked up Peach and ran wildly.

After planting the flowers, Zhu Xuanwen’s relationship with Luo’s father eased a lot. The two of them were sorting out past photos while talking about the past. Luo Kaihuai took some dusty old photos. When she saw a photo of herself, she held one. The ball was on the hill road, memories swept through with fear, she was short of breath again, and then had to go back to the room to rest.

Zhu Xuanwen was left discussing this matter with Luo’s father. It was when Luo Kaihuai was a child. She lost her way in the mountain one day. After coming back, she felt uncomfortable when the question involved the day’s affairs. Later Luo’s father did not dare to ask. . Zhu Xuanwen thought of a little, and asked Luo’s father again, and learned that Luo Kaihuai’s nickname was Huanhuan, which made sense, and the same was true for the previous Zhu Taohua hairpin. So Zhu Xuanwen asked her to meet tomorrow to give her a gift.

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