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Love Script 她和他的恋爱剧本 Episode 20 Recap

Zhu Li learned that Zhu Xuanwen would lay off employees without asking for his opinions. For the first time in his life, he ran to question him. The two nephews and uncles had a quarrel about this matter. Although Zhu Xuanwen had sufficient reasons for layoffs, according to the procedure, he had to lay off employees. What’s the reason for trying to ask here, rushing over his level. In fact, Zhu Xuanwen’s list of layoffs required the Ministry of Personnel to submit Zhu Li for review, but it would be useless to say more, and Zhu Li would naturally be fine when he wanted to understand.

Zhu Li was drunk in the bar, and met Xie Kun to provoke the inside. The conditions were good enough. As long as the annual big show is lost, the CEO of Eike will be his. This was when he came to dig out the wall, Zhu Li did not reply in his face, but ordered Zhu Xuanwen to handle the affairs of the French flagship store.

Zhu Xuanwen was still at home with his girlfriend. He wanted to remind Luo Kaihuai of his childhood and whether he appeared in her life when he was a child. Who knows that not only did he not think of anything about him, but he recalled a school. When the grass came, a phone call came in suddenly, and Zhu Xuanwen had to fly to France three hours later to handle affairs.

Zhu Xuanwen and Luo Kaihuai suddenly became a relationship in a foreign country. Here Luo Kaihuai happened to accept a patient, a little girl with traumatic stress disorder. She was irritated by her father’s car accident. She was scared when she saw or heard the car. , Curled up in her mother’s arms and screamed. When there was a car whistling outside, the little girl screamed that her hands were full of blood, which looked exactly like the little girl’s screams in Luo Kaihuai’s mind, and she was also calling herself full of blood. It was difficult for her to maintain a calm state for consultation, and her parents complained to Director Qin.

Now that the problem has been manifested, it is better to take this opportunity to explore the roots and find out clearly, which will benefit her future consultation and self-recovery. This is how Director Qin suggested her. After returning home, Luo Kaihuai began to think hard about what she was subconsciously afraid of not remembering, so that photo of the ball undoubtedly became the most concerned thing, and after asking Luo’s father, she learned about herself There was a time when she lived in the country’s grandparents’ house, and it was during that time that she became weird.

Zhu Xuanwen, who was in the video with Luo Kaihuai in a foreign country, noticed that she seemed to have something on her mind. Although she was not in a hurry to ask, he still asked Dave to check her specific situation. At the same time, Zhu Li came to Yike at night and hacked the design drafts of the LAN and Dianzhu Peach Blossom series, leaving no traces.

In order to understand the happy knot, Luo Kaihuai went to the childhood countryside alone. Only when Zhu Xuanwen learned that Luo Kaihuai had been complained and was still guessing what happened to her, the next moment he received the news that Zhu Taohua was destroyed. On the way back to the country, he received a call from Zhu Li. He learned that Luo Kaihuai had gone to the countryside. He is now facing a dilemma. If Luo Kaihuai rushed to the Yike for a meeting, it didn’t matter. A failed leader who doesn’t care about his career for women.

Luo Kaihuai came to the countryside and heard that Aunt Wang said that she played with another little boy when she was a child. His house was right in front of her, but there was no one to find. Luo Kaihuai found the old man at the door and left the phone with him. After going all the way to restore the memory, it seems that there is still a little self chasing the ball to the yard.

Taozi was worried about Luo Kaihuai’s situation. She didn’t want them to worry about her temper, even if something happened. Luo Kai laughed and saw that she was not in high spirits, so he took her to a party in the class and played a game of kissing and passing cards. When I got to Luo Jiaozi, Taozi covered him with one hand. Others also joked. Faced with these peaches, they are very domineering. My boyfriend just likes Taozi sister. Don’t even think about it.

Following the memory, Luo Kaihuai came all the way to the bamboo forest. There were the little flowers in her memory and a trap hidden under the fallen leaves. That was her nightmare. She ran around trying to escape, but the shower hit her and had nowhere. Can hide. Just like when she was a child, the little girl walked embarrassedly in the rain with brother Wen, who was caught in a trap and stumbled.

The boy’s name was Brother Wen, and she had Zhu Xuanwen, so when he turned around, Zhu Xuanwen hugged her here, comforting her as if he was a child. The director of the company on the other side didn’t know that, and couldn’t wait for Zhu Xuanwen to wait for Dave to come, and also heard Zhu Li say that Zhu Xuanwen was going to coax his girlfriend. The annual show is also a big event. Talk about love and everyone will stop doing it. Zhu Li’s goal was also achieved, and Xie Kun’s goal was even more achieved.

In order to avoid the rain, Zhu Xuanwen took her to a cave and lighted a fire to keep warm. After all of this, Luo Kaihuai would be a fool if he couldn’t beat the cause and effect. Zhu Xuanwen was the brother Wen when he was a child. When they were young, they were together because of the ball that rolled into the courtyard. After playing, Zhu Xuanwen accidentally fell into the trap, and the two worked together to pry the trap away. Luo Kaihuai was stained with blood, and he was afraid of this memory from then on.

The subconscious mind forgets it.

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