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Like A Flowing River S2 大江大河2 Episode 39 End Recap

Song Yunhui hoped that Liang Sishen would understand why she became what she is today. She came here for the first time, and even the first time she came to rural China. Donghai and Jinzhou may be the least developed places she has ever been to. Liang Sishen did not deny. Song Yunhui went on to say that Donghai and Jinzhou are already rapidly developing cities in China.

He walked from this small mountain village to Donghai alone, with many people helping but still very hard. For the children of this country and the small mountain villages, he would rather sacrifice I also want to promote a joint venture between Donghai and Luoda.

Liang Sishen understood and said that she would stay to discuss cooperation, but Song Yunhui hoped that she would stay in the joint venture plant after the talks were concluded. She could help Luoda open the Chinese market and also help the Donghai plant to pay less for advancement.

On the day Lei Dongbao was released from prison, everyone in Xiaolei’s family greeted him at the village gate to come home, beating gongs, drums and firecrackers. Unexpectedly, Lei Shigen and Sibao did not receive them. Lei Dongbao left the prison early in the morning, and there was no one in Wei Chunhong.

They did not expect that Lei Dongbao went to the mayor Chu as soon as he came out. The mayor Chu had a bad attitude towards him and said that he was no longer a cadre of the Xiaolei family, and the village committee should be responsible for the affairs of the Xiaolei family.

Lei Dongbao refused to give up and took out some of his own analysis of the wire factory and the copper factory. He didn’t want to return to Xiaolei’s house to take power, but just want those who are not capable to live a good life. Lei Dongbao wanted to merge several factories of Xiaolei’s family. He was the director of the factory, with 50% of the shares in the township. He also wanted to form an industrial cluster so that he could really find a way out for Xiaolei’s family. The mayor of Chu gradually changed his attitude. Lei Dongbao’s idea was indeed feasible, but the premise was that Xiaolei’s family would support Lei Dongbao.

Lei Dongbao quickly returned to Xiaolei’s house. Lei Dongbao was very excited after not returning to Xiaolei’s house for more than a year. Lei Dongbao entered the village committee and patted the unrecognized four eyes and asked him to turn on the radio. When everyone heard Lei Dongbao came back, they rushed to the village committee. Lei Dongbao told everyone that he was no longer the secretary, and asked them to stop calling that.

Today I want to discuss with them the development of the Xiaolei family. The profit of the factory has not been good for more than a year, so he and the mayor of Chu If you want to merge the factory directors, even if you have a name, they are called Lei Ting, half of the shares will be given to Xiao Lei’s family, and the other half to the township.

Everyone was unwilling to give shares to the township. Lei Dongbao sighed and talked to them about the benefits of Hecheng Dachang. They were still unwilling and decided to vote. Before the vote, Lei Dongbao said a few words.

They know what the Xiaolei family has developed in the past year. They want everyone in the Xiaolei family to live a good life. Dividing the land will not work. As long as the Thunder Company is built, the enterprise becomes larger, and the income of the village leaders can be increased. When the time comes, workers’ wages and everyone’s medical insurance benefits can be raised to a higher level.

Lei Dongbao’s impassioned words made the villagers support one after another, and everyone raised their hands to agree with Lei Dongbao’s ideas. After leaving the village committee, Wei Chunhong was waiting for him. Lei Dongbao said he wanted to see his uncle, and the two went hand in hand. Donghai and Luoda continued to negotiate, Song Yunhui reluctantly bid farewell to Donghai Chemical Plant and embarked on a new journey.

Each generation has the responsibility of a generation. Song Yunhui understands that the world is big and we are small. Only by opening our minds and embracing changes can we get better. This is true for people and so is the country. Song Yunhui cherishes this era very much. In the era of development and opening up with sweat, the trend of big rivers rushing forward cannot be blocked by all reefs. The big rivers will continue to rush, and the train of the times will continue to move forward.

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