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Like A Flowing River S2 大江大河2 Episode 38 Recap

Song Yunhui took Song Yin to see Lei Dongbao. After he left, Song’s father couldn’t help but shed tears. This time Song Yunhui was wronged. If Song Yunping was still there, he would be sad. Song’s mother comforted Song’s father that all they had to do was to protect themselves from getting sick and not to trouble Song Yunhui anymore. Lei Dongbao was very touched to see Song Yin. It has been so long since she has grown up, so Song Yin called his uncle very sensibly.

Song Yunhui took out the clothes and food that Song’s father and Song mother gave him, and Lei Dongbao accepted it. When asked about the recent events, Song Yunhui only said that there was nothing major. Lei Dongbao was already uncomfortable enough, and he didn’t want to add to it. Lei Dongbao said that it would be fine if Song Yunping was there, at least Song Yunhui could cry, and he would not carry it alone like this. Song Yunhui cried when he heard the words and walked to the window to weep.

Lei Dongbao encouraged him not to be discouraged. When he came in with some grievances, Song Yunhui told him not to discourage him. He was reflecting on his mistakes. Lei Dongbao said that the organization for the reduction of sentence has been approved. If it goes well, he will be able to go out recently. As long as the things they do are worthy of their conscience, they will see it in the organization and keep it in his heart. Song Yunhui is capable of being upright. There is also that breath, no matter where you can stand up again!

Song Yunhui went to see Old Xu and the results came out. He was still in the chemical system. Song Yunhui knew that this arrangement was the help of Old Xu. In fact, not only Old Xu, but also many leaders in the ministry, as well as Director Lu. Old Xu criticized Song Yunhui’s real mistake this time for only caring about the result and disregarding unity. Song Yunhui felt wronged. After Secretary Shui reminded him, he had already worked hard to unite his colleagues.

Old Xu thought that Song Yunhui did not respect Ma Baoping at all, and he did not communicate with everyone about many things. Old Xu knew that Song Yunhui’s precious vigor and aggressiveness were still there. He has developed well over the years. First, he has good abilities. It is because of colleagues like Secretary Shui and Director Lu, but not everyone can understand him like this. This exercise was also an organizational exercise and protection for Song Yunhui. Song Yunhui said that he would think about what he said.

Liang Sishen brought a lawyer to see Ma Baoping and issued a letter of protest. Before Song Yunhui’s case was resolved, she would withdraw from the negotiation, and Ma Baoping hurried to stay. Liang Sishen made three requests. One was to find out who was slandering her, the other was to apologize to her and all those who were slandered, and the third was to get Song Yunhui back to the negotiating table. Ma Baoping obviously couldn’t agree, Liang Sishen left a word, after she left, Luoda would shelve the negotiation and leave.

Liang Sishen packed up his things and prepared to leave, Song Yunhui hurried to persuade. Liang Sishen is not like Song Yunhui who can accept all unfairness as long as he has a clear conscience. Song Yunhui took out his new appointment letter. Although it is a county-level enterprise, it is at least in the chemical industry. Liang Sishen refused to let Grandpa Liang call the uncle of Beijing to keep Song Yunhui behind. Song Yunhui was anxious. Not only did she fail to achieve her goal, she would harm him and the Donghai factory as well.

Liang Sishen directly stated that if Song Yunhui really can’t come back, even if Gene does not say that she does not intend to continue with Donghai, everyone thinks that Donghai is more important than Song Yunhui’s future, but Liang Sishen chose Donghai because of Song Yunhui’s knowledge and courage. Leadership. Liang Sishen turned his head a little sadly and said that he had a lot to say to him, but he was embarrassed.

She met Song Yunhui at the age of eleven. When she first came to the United States, she would call him as soon as she encountered anything. Until Song Yunhui became more and more busy, she couldn’t do it anymore, but wondered what Song Yunhui would do if he encountered a problem . Song Yunhui is Liang Sishen’s idol, but today this idol collapsed, and she couldn’t step on Song Yunhui’s body to celebrate her feast.

Liang Sishen was emotional, and Xun Jianxiang suddenly came to Song Yunhui to ask him to visit Yang Xun’s house. Mother Yang wanted to see him for the last time. The market is inseparable from people, and Xun Jianxiang left after a hastily notice. Song Yunhui hopes that Liang Sishen will go with him, and Yang Xun’s hometown is also his hometown.

Perhaps telling Liang Sishen what she has experienced can persuade her to stay. After a long journey, Song Yunhui and Liang Sishen arrived at Yang Xun’s home. Yang’s mother was very happy to see Song Yunhui. She took out a diary with the folks who had helped them. Although the money was paid back, the love was still there. , If they have something to help in the future, Yang Xun can’t refuse. Mother Yang told Yang Xun not to forget this debt of favor, and asked Song Yunhui to remind him at all times.

The second child is twenty-four this year, and Yang’s mother left him more than 3,000 money for marriage. If it is not enough, Yang Xun can help. Yang Li is a girl who spends a lot of money. Mother Yang left four thousand. Mother Yang hadn’t had time to save it when she was four years old, so his affairs depended on Yang Xun. Yang Xun hurriedly assured her that he would take care of the affairs of younger siblings. Liang Sishen couldn’t help crying from the side.

Mother Yang took Song Yunhui’s hand and said that she couldn’t help Yang Xun. He had never had a good life. Please help him in the future. Song Yunhui said that Yang Xun was like his own brother. Before leaving, Song Yunhui took out the money Xun Jianxiang asked him to help carry, and told Yang Xun to take care. After the two left, Yang Xun squatted in the yard crying bitterly.

Liang Sishen did not expect a successful businessman like Yang Xun to have such a poor family background. Song Yunhui said that his family situation is considered good in this small mountain village. He came here to jump in the queue when he was 16 years old. His height is not good. Mother Yang always helped him and encouraged him. He would not be admitted to university without Yang’s mother. Song Yunhui cannot do without these people who have helped him today.

He wants to work hard to repay him, but it is a pity that Mother Yang can’t wait. Taking Liang Sishen back to where he raised pigs, Song Yunhui thought of the scene when Song Yunping happily told her the college entrance examination results. It took Song Yunhui 15 years from this small village to the Donghai Chemical Plant. Liang Sishen asked him if it took him so long to get the current results, is he really willing?

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