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Kansatsui Asagao New Year SP (2021) 監察医 朝顔 新春SP

Kansatsui Asagao New Year SP
Other Title: 監察医 朝顔 新春SP , Asagao: Forensic Doctor New Year SP

Genres: Family


Fuji TV
Release Date: 
Jan 11, 2021
Related Show:


  • Ueno Juri
  • Tokito Saburo

The new year special is a full-length new shoot, and the story from the encounter between Asagao played by Juri Ueno and Kuwahara played by Shunsuke Kazama until dating as a lover, the story from when Asagao was born with Tsugumi played by Yuzu Kato For the first time, an episode of dissection as an assistant surgeon will be developed. Producer Ayaka Kaneshiro said, “New Year SP is not a omnibus, but an all-new story of the morning glory that has not been drawn until now! This is a lot of heartwarming family events of the Manki family! Asagao and Kuwahara begin to get used to each other, and Tsugumi’s birth is followed by a trip between Asagao and Hira’s father and daughter ..

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