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The World of Fantasy 灵域 Episode 9 Recap

The bustling street market was crowded with people, and Qin Lie took the charms he had drawn according to his memory to look for people to ask questions, and unexpectedly came to the small shop where Li Muhe did not leave. Looking at the spiritual formation that Qin Lie handed over, it did not leave the hint that Li Mu left the spiritual formation drawn by Qin Lie. Li Mu spread out Qin Lie’s spiritual formation, and indeed there were some signs of formation. Li Mu persuaded Qin Lie to go with the flow, sometimes as a way. Qin Lie left in confusion after receiving Li Mu’s advice.

Qin Lie and others found Du Shaoyang and asked about Pu Jiao. In order to find out the truth about the death of Qinghua’s father, Ling Yushi proposed to re-arrange marriage with Du Shaoyang, so that the two Lingdu and Du family will be forever together and will definitely lead to Pu Jiao. Jiao shot Ling Yushi. Although Gao Yu and Qin Lie had a thousand unwillingness in their hearts, the danger proposed by Ling Yushi was a good way to lead the snake out of the cave. But Gao Yu and Qin Lie completely disagree.

Du Haitian saw that Ling Yushi offered to marry him, and Du Shaoyang on the side also showed a satisfied look, Du Haitian readily agreed to the marriage. When Du Shaoyang returned to the room, he received Xie Jingxuan’s call. Du Shaoyang found Xie Jingxuan. Xie Jingxuan also received news that Du Ling and his family were getting married. Du Shaoyang warned Xie Jingxuan not to destroy the plan, and Xie Jingxuan promised to be there. The restaurant is waiting for Du Shaoyang. If Du Shaoyang is willing to give up, he only needs to return to the restaurant to find her as soon as possible, otherwise the fate of the two will pass.

The wedding was approaching, and Qin Lie broke into the Xingyun Pavilion and made a big fuss. Regardless of Du Shaoyang and Du Haitian’s prevention, he wanted to take Ling Yushi away forcibly. It was only when Li Zhongzheng appeared to stun Qin Lie that he controlled the situation. Qin Lie was taken away by his subordinates, but he saw Liang Zhong’s face in a daze. On the other side, Gao Yu saw that Ling Yushi was about to remarry others, and he couldn’t help feeling a little embarrassed. But who knows, there was a riot in the hall, Gao Huang’er was found to have died tragically in the room, and the other person in the room was Qin Lie.

But Qin Lie also just woke up from a coma and didn’t even know what happened. Du Haitian wounded Qin Lie in rage and was about to attack again, but Pu Jiao insisted on trying to find out the truth again, actually in order to provoke the relationship between the two families again. Now that Qin Lie is imprisoned, Gao Yu has to pretend to be calm and take Ling Yushi away.

Ling Yushi knows that everyone’s plan has long been seen through by Song Tingyu, the person who laid it out. Song Tingyu chooses to do everything he can and uses Du Shaoyang’s rebellion to bring about the situation . Ling Yushi insisted on going to Qin Lie, but Gao Yu was so excited that his emotions were controlled by the evil ring in his hand, and Ling Yushi stunned with a punch. Looking at Ling Yushi’s unconscious figure, Gao Yu suddenly woke up and cried bitterly while holding Ling Yushi’s body.

Du Shaoyang was very dissatisfied with Song Tingyu’s silent killing of Gao Huang’er in order to plant and punish her, but after Song Tingyu personally handed the streamer beads to Du Shaoyang, the benefits were in front of him, Du Shaoyang stopped complaining, and finally He took away the streamer bead with satisfaction and came to the streamer column. In the dungeon, Qin Lie learned the truth of Du Shaoyang’s rebellion from Pu Jiao’s mouth.

For a moment, his anger attacked his heart, causing the sky to enter his body, and his thunder power increased greatly, not only injuring Pu Jiao, but also breaking through the suppression of the cage. Qin Lie came to Liu Guangzhu and saw Du Shaoyang as expected. In the face of Du Shaoyang’s rebellion and the injustice of everyone, but he looked like a reasonable villain, he used Lei Li to teach Du Shaoyang.

At this time, the two people who had greatly increased their skills were unable to separate in front of the streamer. The thunder power and mana surge caused energy fluctuations in the streamer, and the sky changed suddenly. Song Tingyu and Liang Zhong Observing from the other side, Du Haitian was holding the body of his beloved wife in the room. He saw his son fighting Qin Lie in the distance. Gao Yu also hugged Ling Yushi and looked at the sky in the distance, even Bingyan City. The people also noticed the vision in the sky, and they all gathered together.

When the two were stuck together, the starlight mana and Qin Lie’s thunder power touched the immense power of the streamer. It turned out that Song Tingyu’s strategy had always been to explode the streamer’s energy and wipe out everyone, so as to cover the spirit devouring beast. Secret. Seeing that the energy of the streamer beam was about to explode, Qin Lie felt the energy fluctuate, his headache was splitting, and the figure in his memory became more and more obvious.

Song Tingyu watched from the far shore, seeing the streamer beams about to explode, but who knew that a figure wearing a golden armor appeared, it was Gong Mulie that she had been thinking about for many years, but this time, Gong Mulie still turned her back. Forcibly repaired the burst of streamer with one’s own power. Before all nightmares started, the strong men repaired them again, saving the lives of hundreds of people.

Qin Lie and Du Shaoyang finally awakened from the end of the melee, and saw Song Tingyu approaching the two. Song Tingyu originally planned to kill the two, but after this time, both of them broke the order smoothly. Song Tingyu thought it was better. For your own use.

So he proposed to take the two to fight against the Horned Demon Race and go to Ziwuhai to support the battle. Qin Lie heard that Master Mo Hai of the Tool Sect would personally lead the team, and agreed to join Song Tingyu’s team, paving the way for him to join the Tool Sect in the future.

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