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The World of Fantasy 灵域 Episode 8 Recap

In the extremely cold place, Li Mu, the swordsman of Tianjian Mountain, watched the snowstorm raging, and he insisted on moving forward until he saw the snow wolf, and he worshipped the lord of the extreme cold. Who knew that the snow wolf opened his teeth and danced claws at Li Mu. The Lord of Extreme Frost did not want to meet. Seeing that the two snow wolves attacked him, Li Mu took out a knife to counterattack and temporarily brought down the two Snow Wolf guards.

The Lord of Extreme Frost came forward and attacked with an ice sword. Want to make Li Mu retreat in the face of difficulties. Qin Lie and everyone on the other side were originally on their way to Xingyun Pavilion. Who knew they happened to meet Li Mu during the struggle with the Lord of Extreme Cold.

The Ice Sword had no eyes and flew towards everyone, seeing that Qin Lie was about to be injured, Ling Yushi Unconsciously give birth to mana, and suddenly Mang Xue’s native vineman turned into a barrier to protect everyone. Qin Lie and Du Shaoyang fell into the crack. In order not to fall into the abyss, Qin Lie had to hold on to the vineman. One hand held Du Shaoyang to prevent it from falling.

Li Mu finally turned into a human form to see Li Mu. The two had known each other in the snowfield, but Li Mu had to leave because he broke the border. Now he returned to the snowfield to find him again, persuading him to leave the icy and snowy land together, but he just looked at Li Mu coldly. Saying that I want to make a request…

Qin Lie and his party returned to Xingyun Pavilion, Pu Jiao as the main judge and Li Zhongzheng as the assistant. Pu Jiao obeyed Song Tingyu’s instructions to be a peacemaker, and asked Qin Lie and Du Shaoyang not to have more troubles.

In the Xingyun Pavilion, Qin Lie recalled that Hua Yuxin, as a stranger, could break into the lonely abyss to block the sky thunder for himself, and when he was in a coma, he seemed to see Uncle Hua taking care of himself again. The identities of the two fathers and sons of the Hua family made Qin Lie start to doubt himself. The Lingyu poem beside him still used words to calm Qin Lie’s restless mood at the moment, encouraging him to speed up his cultivation, and then he could continue to inquire about the news in the Equipment Sect.

Du Shaoyang was drunk every day, and this time he came to the restaurant again. Who knew Xie Jingxuan once again ran into Xie Jingxuan. At this time, Xie Jingxuan called herself Tang Siqi in front of Du Shaoyang, and now she loves Du Shaoyang. Just thinking that there was nothing to do, Du Shaoyang wanted to see what tricks the fascinating woman in front of him had, so he moved away from his men and followed Xie Jingxuan alone to the room.

Du Shaoyang watched Xie Jingxuan dancing in front of him, and the two of them continued to drink a glass of wine. Xie Jingxuan pierced Du Shaoyang’s depression in a few words. Knowing that the person in front of him was smart and sensitive, Du Shaoyang insisted to take a look at the true face under this veil. But when Du Shaoyang really took off her veil, she discovered that Tang Siqi was the woman in blue who had slapped herself a few days ago. Du Shaoyang learned that she was in the slap, but still enjoyed it, and laughed with Xie Jingxuan all night and then smiled contentedly and returned to Xingyun Pavilion.

On the way Du Shaoyang was going back, Qin Lie suddenly appeared. He wanted to use his magic power to avenge Father Hua, but he had no choice but to give up. All this was seen by Pu Jiao’s subordinates, and he quickly returned to report Pu Jiao. Now Pu Jiao can be regarded as grabbing the handle, with a triumphant expression, ready to make a fuss tomorrow.

Du Shaoyang and Qin Lie met in Xingyun Pavilion, and the two looked at the streamer and began to talk about what happened in the hall today. It turned out that the two had long guessed that someone wanted to provoke the relationship between Du Ling’s family and the murderer of Father Hua must be someone else. The two were going to perform a play together, using Pu Jiao to convey their meaning back. Song Tingyu. In order to resist the overbearing Song Tingyu, Gao Yu, Ling Yushi, Du Shaoyang and Qin Lie decided to fight together.

Qin Lie observed that Ling Yushi was unwell for a few days, but Ling Yushi kept silent about his physical condition, instead instructing Qin Lie to go to the Lingcai Street in Bingyan City to buy some medicinal materials. Qin Lie, who was still worried, became interested as soon as he heard it, and went back with excitement to make preparations, while Ling Yushi looked at Qin Lie’s leaving figure with a lot of thoughts in his heart.

Du Shaoyang was about to return to the house, but was stopped by Liang Zhong. It turned out that Song Tingyu had been waiting when the four people were discussing treason. Not only did they hear the whole process, but also knew about the conspiracy plan of Du Shaoyang and Qin Lie. It can be seen that Du Shaoyang, Song Tingyu did not ask the guilty harshly, but talked to Du Shaoyang about the secret of the streamer.

The streamer showed a ray of light, and the powerful energy flowing in it was the power of the strong. The last weapon left by resisting the evil race requires the confluence of two powers and the attraction of the streamer beads. The streamer beads are always stored in the Xuantian League, and the two forces required for that power require the strong Lei Xiu Combine with the power of starlight.

A person who has obtained this power can directly reach the realm of Tongyou. Hearing such a tempting statement, Du Shaoyang’s eyes quickly showed a greedy expression. Song Tingyu’s trip was to remove Qin Lie, and as for Du Shaoyang, Song Tingyu deliberately cultivated it. The two talked about the Nether War once every thirty years.

The Baji Temple and the Xuantian League were responsible for the supervising battle. Now Xie Jingxuan is nowhere to be seen. Song Tingyu proposed that Du Shaoyang help each other, and the two will be responsible for the Nether War together. Listening to such attractive conditions, Du Shaoyang’s heart couldn’t help but start to waver. Although Song Tingyu’s thoughts cannot be guessed, it is natural that Song Tingyu has rich benefits at all. Du Shaoyang can’t help but start to entangled whether he betrayed Qin Lie or was an enemy of Song Tingyu.

Liang Zhong asked Song Tingyu’s real purpose, whether he really wanted to sacrifice all the people in Ice Rock City to cover up the truth about the killing of the Spirit Devouring Beast, but Song Tingyu had no choice. Now Xie Jingxuan is dead. If the Lord of the Baji Temple looks at Song Tingyusheng When he returned, naturally he would not let it go, and if the leader of the Xuantian League learned that the saint was not the saint who killed the spirit beast, he would not forgive Song Tingyu. In the dilemma, Song Tingyu had to slaughter everyone to seal up the secret.

The next day, Ling Yushi watched Qin Lie leave the Xingyun Pavilion, and quickly turned around to find Pu Jiao. Ling Yushi guessed that Pu Jiao was killed by Father Hua, and came to warn Pu Jiao not to act rashly. He would look for evidence first. Prove the truth.

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