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The World of Fantasy 灵域 Episode 7 Recap

Ling Yushi missed Qin Lie every day, even with Gao Yu’s company, Ling Yushi couldn’t let him go. Listening to Gao Yu’s sincere confession to herself, Ling Yushi still couldn’t let go of Qin Lie. Ling Yushi didn’t believe that Qin Lie was dead, let alone Qin Lie’s confession to herself that night. He didn’t expect Gao Yu to explain what Qin Lie said at the time. The words and sentences of Gao Yu wrote the truth. Finally knew the truth, but Gao Yu knew that even so, Ling Yushi would not fall in love with herself. Gao Yu had to look at Ling Yushi and look at Qin Lie’s back, just like Ling Yushi insisted on Qin Lie, insisted on Ling Yushi.

Du Shaoyang couldn’t let go of Song Tingyu’s use of his own crimes to avoid offending pawns in the extremely cold place. He even hated Qin Lie’s appearance that was superior to and stronger than himself. He wanted revenge and wanted Qin Lie to fight against him. But at this time Qin Lie was nowhere to be found, and Du Shaoyang was the only one left to blame himself.

Waiting to drink and sorrow, Du Shaoyang inadvertently found a very powerful woman in the store, admired by the man, but accused the man of weakness. Although Du Shaoyang was sitting by and listening, he felt that the blue-clothed woman was taunting herself every word. The drunk Du Shaoyang couldn’t help following the blue-clothed woman. When the woman found out, Du Shaoyang would act for the man who had just been beaten. After returning a slap, the two immediately scrambled.

Du Shaoyang reacted to the snow covered by the blue-clothed woman. He actually acted on the woman. The ashamed Du Shaoyang quickly ran away and left behind. The woman alone, watching the figure of Du Shaoyang running away, she just felt magical. For the first time in decades, someone dared to do something to herself. The woman took off her veil and revealed her true face. It turned out to be Xie Jingxuan who survived a catastrophe.

Several people suddenly appeared on the vast snowfield. It turned out that it was Ling Xuanxuan who returned to Lingjia Town, accompanied by Li Zhongzheng and Lu Li under the gate of Qisha Valley. At this time, Ling Xuanxuan had already learned from the Seven Evil Valley, and after hearing about the remnants of Lingjiazhen, she agreed to come back and visit. As soon as Li Zhongzheng saw Ling Yushi, he noticed the fire poison on his body, and was willing to take Ling Yushi back to the Qisha Valley to practice water spirit determination in order to recuperate.

The whereabouts of the clan elder who can help Ling Yushi to cultivate is no longer known. If he is not treated in time, Ling Yushi is likely to die. But Qin Lie is now missing. Ling Yushi is afraid that Qin Lie will not see him when he comes back, but Ling Chengye Persuading Ling Yushi to think for her own sake and stop thinking about whom to live for. Hearing his father’s enlightenment, Ling Yushi gradually let go of her obsession.

On the other side, Li Zhongzheng thought of the fire poison on Ling Yushi’s body and felt extremely strange. It was not so much a wound as a sealed spiritual power, but Lu Li on the other side mentioned that such a technique would only appear in The central golden place. But the legendary golden holy light was too far away from the abandoned Chilan Continent, even Li Zhongzheng had not seen it. And under Li Zhongzheng’s observation, Ling Yushi’s skills in planting herbs were not trivial. Therefore, the two of Qisha Valley finally decided to bring Ling Yushi back to Qisha Valley.

Ling Xuanxuan asked Father Hua about the whereabouts of Hua Yu’s heart, but Father Hua never wanted to open the door. Even if Ling Yushi and Ling Xuanxuan knelt together in front of Hua’s house for a day and night, they did not want to see them. At this moment, there was a sudden commotion outside. It turned out that it was Qin Lie who walked back to Lingjiazhen alone.

The guilty Qin Lie knelt in front of Ling Chengye, admitting that he had been treacherous and caused countless deaths and injuries in Lingjiazhen. Ling Chengye Seeing Qin Lie’s success in defeating the Spirit Devouring Beast, he forgave Qin Lie for his actions. But when Ling Xuanxuan asked about the whereabouts of Hua Yu’s heart, Qin Lie silently lowered her head.

Qin Lie looked back and found Ling Yushi again, apologizing for the fake marriage at the time, but Qin Lie hadn’t finished speaking yet, Ling Yushi said that he was going to practice in Qisha Valley, and Qin Lie supported Ling Yushi’s Decided, the two decided to grow together, become stronger, and shoulder the burden of defending Lingjia Town in the future. But when it came to Hua Yuxin, the two of them were silent again, not knowing what to say.

Qin Lie looked back and found Father Hua, but Father Hua grabbed Qin Lie’s hand and asked Qin Lie to pay attention to the spiritual formation in his dreams, and to draw and practice. Realizing that the situation was unusual, Qin Lie grasped Hua. Father’s hand asked him if he listened to who told him to leave such things, only when he heard Father Hua chanting Qin Shan’s name, he fell asleep again.

Du Shaoyang was ordered by Xuan Angel to return to Lingjia Town, and wanted to bring gifts to settle the grievances between the two families. Everyone in Lingjia Town rushed and scolded Du Shaoyang. Father Hua even took a dung bucket and splashed Du Shaoyang by surprise. Du Shaoyang and the others had to run away in embarrassment, but the villagers once again surrounded Du Shaoyang and others.

It turned out that Father Hua was smashed with a wooden barrel to smash his skull. Everyone suspected that Du Shaoyang missed Father Hua because of the humiliation. Du Shaoyang knew that he would not be able to escape Lingjia Town this time, so he had to ask Li Zhongzheng on the side to suggest that he found the mysterious angel Pujiao the next day to judge justice.

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