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The World of Fantasy 灵域 Episode 5 Recap

In the sudden incident of the Xingyun Pavilion, the old cabinet owner of the Xingyun Pavilion, Ye Family, and the two families that had been friends with the Xingyun Pavilion were all destroyed at once. The sudden appearance of a mysterious figure under this poison made everyone caught off guard. Seeing that the Spirit Devouring Beast has been hunted and killed, there is no clue to find out the real killer.

Ling Yushi decided to go back to Lingjia Town to check the situation, but on the road met Hua Yuxin, who was crying bitterly. It turned out that it was because of Lingjia Town. The team didn’t find Ling Xuanxuan’s whereabouts for several days, and Hua Yu was anxious. But he was also helpless and lacking ability, so he could only stand alone on the terrace overlooking the vast mainland.

Qin Lie brought back the news that Xingyun Pavilion was almost destroyed, and the elders of the Ling family were also helpless about the identity of this mysterious person and his motives. But when Ling Chengye heard the news, the pleasure of revenge flashed in his heart. Now Ling Xuanxuan is missing. Everything is caused by Du Shaoyang. Ling Chengye and Ling Yushi’s parents want to find Xingyun Pavilion for revenge, but they can only wait for the right time to come. Although the two of them are calm on the surface, they still cannot contain the raging anger in their hearts.

Outside the Far North, at the foot of the Qisha Valley, Ling Xuanxuan came to a small town alone. Everyone in the town looked at Ling Xuanxuan dressed in a snowfield, and they all discussed. In order to dispel everyone’s doubts, Ling Xuanxuan could only go to the tailoring shop to buy clothes. She was ashamed in her pocket. Ling Xuanxuan could only buy plain clothes and went to the street, but she was spotted by a thief and stole Ling Xuanxuan’s rucksack. , In order to recover her backpack, Ling Xuanxuan dashed, but accidentally ran into a tall figure…

Hua Yuxin had been waiting at the south gate to wait for Ling Xuanxuan to return, but Qin Lie had always felt that someone was following him behind him, feeling uncomfortable. As if he had too many distracting thoughts, Qin Lie had to put down his grudge and went to Hua Yuxin for a drink with Gao Yu. Seeing Qin Lie leaving behind, a group of black shadows gathered in the darkness, and the human form of a spirit devouring beast hid behind the big tree, watching Qin Lie closely.

The three brothers Qin Lie drank in the house and poured their sorrows. The three inseparable from their childhood recalled the past together, talking and laughing, talking about Ling Yushi being bullied, and the timid and fearful Hua Yuxin was the first to rush to the rescue. Ling Yushi, and then the three brothers came out together for Ling Yushi, Gao Yu thought Ling Yushi in his heart, but only Qin Lie was in Ling Yushi’s eyes.

When they thought of this, Qin Lie and Gao Yu stopped talking, just drank their heads. Gao Yu knocked Hua Yu’s heart out with a single blow, turned his head and began to question Qin Lie’s true feelings about Ling Yushi. Qin Lie listened to Gao Yu’s step by step, but remained silent, just sullen his head and drank, and then he said nonsense. He was drunk and asked Gao Yu to take Hua Yuxin back, and he hurriedly left, making Gao Yu throw a bowl with anger.

The next day, Qin Lie inspected all night, and as soon as he returned to the room, Gao Yu, who was sitting in the room, said to Qin Lie with a gloomy expression about what was strange last night. It turned out that the drinker with Gao Yu and Qin Lie was not Hua Yuxin at all, but the human form of a spirit-eating beast. The two brothers hurriedly found Hua Yuxin himself.

Seeing Hua Yuxin regaining consciousness from a coma, the two of them finally He breathed a sigh of relief, but he couldn’t relax completely. At this moment, the villagers of Lingjia Town were very likely to be possessed by Spirit Devourers and wander in Lingjia Town.

Gao Yu guessed that it was very likely that the Spirit Devouring Beast followed all the way to Lingjia Town after the Xingyun Pavilion slaughtered it. The two of them couldn’t believe any of them now. If the news is released now, it is likely to cause chaos in the world. Qin Lie proposed to buy enough jade tiles to store spiritual power, and wait for the spirit devouring beast to live, and then save thunder jade tiles together. Throw it over and restrain the spirit beast.

Qin Lie found Ling Yushi, but found that today’s Ling Yushi behaved abnormally. Not only did he take the initiative to touch Qin Lie’s hand, he even wanted to “commit with his body.” Qin Lie couldn’t accept it for a while, so he pushed Ling Yushi away. By the next day, Qin Lie found Ling Yushi, but Ling Yushi publicly accused Qin Lie of not knowing good or bad. Qin Lie couldn’t understand Ling Yushi’s thoughts, and was even irritated by Ling Yushi’s few words.

The appearance of Gao Yu forcefully pulled Qin Lie away, and the two brothers returned to the house. Gao Yu said that he suspected that the Ling Yu poem at this time was transformed by a spirit-eating beast, and Qin Lie suddenly realized that all this is abnormal. It can be explained smoothly. Why should the Spirit Devouring Beast be like this?

Song Tingyu unexpectedly appeared at this time. It turned out that Song Tingyu knew that the Spirit Devouring Beast was not dead, so she followed all the way to Lingjia Town. Song Tingyu was observing everyone in Lingjia Town in secret, and she was quite sure that the Ling Yu poems now were transformed from Spirit Devouring Beasts. .

Song Tingyu said that the hateful Spirit Devouring Beast was turned into Ling Yushi in order to avenge Qin Lie, and asked Qin Lie to help eliminate the Spirit Devouring Beast, so as to make up for the two people’s mistake in stealing Xuantian Ling. Upon hearing that Song Tingyu’s plan was to kill the Ling Yushi in front of him, Qin Lie quickly took the case and wanted to oppose it.

However, Song Tingyu insisted on his own judgment and convinced Qin Lie that the Ling Yushi in front of him was changed by a spirit-eating beast. Refuting Song Tingyu’s judgment, Qin Lie asked for complete evidence, otherwise he did not believe that the real Ling Yushi might have died under the attack of the Spirit Devouring Beast.

The crowd had no other way, so they had to ask Qin Lie to temporarily cooperate with the Spirit Devouring Beast’s tactics, so that the Spirit Devouring Beast mistakenly believed that his illusion was successful and deceived Qin Lie to reveal his true body. In order to guarantee the life of Zhenyushi, Qin Lie had no choice but to go to Ling Yushi’s room.

Qin Lie found Ling Yushi alone, tried his best to convince him that the spirit beast in front of him was an illusion, and finally gathered the courage, hugged Ling Yushi in front of him, said all the words he had prepared, and told all his thoughts. , And proposed to Ling Yushi, watching Ling Yushi holding himself, Qin Lie turned to look in the mirror, and he saw the human form of the Spirit Devouring Beast. When he returned to Song Tingyu’s face, Qin Lie finally announced dejectedly that the Lingyu poem in front of him was the result of a spirit-eating beast.

When he thought that the real language poem might have been eaten by the spirit-eating beast, Gao Yu and Qin Lie both People were angry and eager to eat the spirit beast by hand, but Song Tingyu proposed that Qin Lie should propose to the Ling family the next day, and then used a strategy to force the spirit beast to appear in its original form.

On the second day, although Qin Lie obeyed Song Tingyu’s arrangement on the surface, he actually ordered Gao Yu to find the Lord of Extreme Cold to help him. Song Tingyu’s complicated thinking made Qin Lie feel dangerous, so it was better to find someone who had been kind and helpful. Give it a go. Gao Yu obeyed Qin Lie’s instructions and ran to the snowfield alone.

Who knew that Ling Yushi suddenly walked out of the snowfield. Ling Yushi in front of him tightly grasped Gao Yu’s hand and explained his love to Gao Yu. , Knowing that there is a possibility of illusion in front of him, but Gao Yu looked at Ling Yushi’s real face, still willing to indulge, and hugged Ling Yushi…

The Spirit Devouring Beast looked at Gao Yu lying on the snowy field and saw through its evil nature. On the surface, it was hearty and generous. In fact, the city was extremely deep. The Spirit Devouring Beast had taken a fancy to Gao Yu’s inconsistency. Gao Yu was included in the evil race.

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