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The World of Fantasy 灵域 Episode 4 Recap

For Xingyun Pavilion, today is the day of great rejoicing, Ling Yushi is about to marry into Xingyun Pavilion, but as a bride, Ling Yushi has been silently looking at the snowy field in the distance. The interior of the Xingyun Pavilion was already booming. At the beginning of the ceremony, Du Shaoyang took Ling Yushi into the pavilion. The laughter and laughter of the people did not match the silent expressions of Ling Chengye and Ling Yushi.

Seeing that the ceremony was about to be completed, Ye Yangqiu led people into the pavilion, smiled and hid the knife, took a glass of wine, and began to inquire about the whereabouts of Zhuo Xi from the Du family, and pointed out the old relationship between Ling Yushi and Qin Lie. Yeyangqiu said that to prevent Ling Yushi from having old feelings, he brought a glass of unfeeling wine. The herbs in it could make Ling Yushi forget the old feelings. Du Shaoyang used Yeyangqiu’s hand to force Ling Yushi to drink the love wine.

Seeing the oppression of several forces, Ling Yushi took the wine glass and spilled the wine on the wedding hall, resisting Yeyangqiu’s unwillingness on the spot. kindness. While Ye Yangqiu was still arguing, the spies from outside came in and reported that Qin Lie was riding a snow wolf to grab the marriage. Hearing that Qin Lie was not dead yet, Ling Yushi was anxiously trying to chase him out, but was forced by Du Shaoyang and locked into the room.

Everyone in the hall looked at the Lei Li intertwined in Qin Lie’s hands and did not dare to step forward. Ling Chengye was ecstatic. Not only did Qin Lie not freeze to death in the snowy field, he even broke through to the realm of Kaiyuan, enough to contend with Du Shaoyang. Seeing that Du Shaoyang was going to push the matter to the Ling family, Qin Lie quickly took out the Xuantian Order from Song Tingyu in his pocket.

Qin Lie, who possessed the Xuantian Order, is now a mysterious angel, and his status is much higher than that in the hall. A group of bluestone-level forces. Seeing the real Xuantian token in Qin Lie’s hand, Ye Yangqiu and Du Jun also had to kneel to greet them. Follow Qin Lie’s instructions.

Seeing everyone obeying the Xuantian Order in his hand, Qin Lie gave an order, demanding that the Du family and the Ling family immediately dissolve their marriage contract, and ordered the Du family to stop embarrassing the Ling family, and he did not want to intervene in this battle. Even though Ye Yangqiu agreed, he still secretly probed the truth in Qin Lie’s words. Qin Lie saw through him. Seeing Qin Lie facing his disdainful and indifferent expression, Ye Yangqiu couldn’t speak, so he had to temporarily Bow down to be soft.

Ling Yushi waited for Qin Lie in the room and learned that Qin Lie had exchanged the truth about Yejia for his own freedom. Ling Yushi had mixed feelings for a while. At this moment, Qin Lie was anxious and wanted to return with Ling Yushi. Lingjiazhen couldn’t say anything about his future plans. Ling Yushi knew that Qin Lie was anxious to rescue herself, and did not consider all future plans. Ling Yushi handed over the note of Qin Lie’s wish that he was holding in his hand.

It turned out that Qin Lie had written it all. There is no shadow of Ling Yushi in the dream of reaching the highest point of the mainland. Ling Yushi is willing to be the shadow of Qin Lie, but he never thought that Qin Lie would turn around and bring himself out again. Facing Ling Yushi’s constant questioning, Qin Lie was speechless for a while, until Hua Yuxin took him out of the room and Hua Yuxin cursed Qin Lie, and Qin Lie understood the meaning of Ling Yu’s poem.

Gao Huanger struggled to leave Ling’s family for one night, just to help her brother Gao Yu snatch Ling Yushi. Gao Yu was determined not to take the love of his brothers, but Gao Huanger persuaded that Qin Lie did not intend to marry Ling Yushi. If Gao Yu did not show his sincerity, Ling Yushi would most likely stay the same. Gao Listening to her sister’s words, Yu’s face was complicated, and her heart began to shake.

Qin Lie looked at the moonlight in the courtyard of the Xingyun Pavilion. Du Shaoyang found Qin Lie and proposed the conditions for introducing the master refiner to keep Qin Lie. The conditions for the refiner were naturally attractive. Qin Lie wanted to improve the refiner. Technology, nodded and agreed to Du Shaoyang’s request. When they learned that Qin Lie was going to stay in Xingyun Pavilion, Ling Chengye and others were very worried, but Gao Yu mentioned that Qin Lie’s identity as a mysterious angel could not help the Du family act rashly.

He silently agreed. Ling Yushi knew that the ambitious Qin Lie wanted to improve himself, and all Ling Yushi could do was stay with Qin Lie to take care of him. Ling Yushi found Qin Lie and explained his thoughts. When Qin Lie learned that Yushi had also decided to stay with him in Xingyun Pavilion, he was touched and entangled in his heart, but Qin Lie had no choice but to look at Ling Yushi silently. The back of leaving.

Qin Lie studied with Master Yao in the refining building and stayed in seclusion for three days. Gao Yu and Ling Yushi helped take care of Qin Lie’s daily life. Yushi prepared meals and wanted to send Qin Lie, but Gao Yu stopped Yushi and said that he was going to help Ling Yushi deliver the food. Who knows Every time Gao Yu secretly took away the food prepared by Yu Shi, it did not reach Qin Lie at all.

Gao Huanger watched her younger brother picking up other people’s “leftovers” every time and eating with gusto, and she was so angry that she accused Gao Yu of not promising. But Gao Yu disagrees and regards everything Ling Yushi has given as a treasure. This time, Gao Yu also brought back his clean rice bowl, deceiving Ling Yushi saying that Qin Lie had finished it. Who knows that Ling Yushi left an eye on it, and deliberately added a seasoning that Qin Lie didn’t like. When Gao Yu saw that the incident was revealed, he could only say that Qin Lie was devoted to practicing and not eating.

Gao Yu even fabricated that Qin Lie had no intention of missing Ling Yushi and wanted to provoke the relationship between the two. Who knew that Ling Yushi would still fall in love with Qin Lie. Seeing Ling Yushi’s persistence, Gao Yu confessed that he had always liked Ling Yushi, but he did not expect that Ling Yushi’s affection for Qin Lie was so deep that he obviously couldn’t take advantage of it. Ling Yushi listened to Gao Yu’s pretentiously relaxed tone. It seemed that Gao Yu had already let go of his obsession with himself.

The two had no chance to love each other, but they could still continue to be friends. But who knows that as soon as Gao Yu bids farewell to Ling Yushi, he changes his friendly smile and reveals a solemn and unwilling expression. It seems that the depression in his heart has not disappeared at all, and even deepened a lot…

Qin Lie followed Master Yao to the refining building, watching everyone in it concentrate on practicing the refining technique, Qin Lie felt extremely magical. Master Yao instructed Qin Lie to sit down and try his skills. Qin Lie followed the instructions and closed his eyes to practice, and found that the pattern in his dream for more than ten years appeared in front of him.

Master Yao was surprised to discover the pattern Qin Lie said. It is the spiritual array map. The spiritual formation diagram is the foundation of the art of refining weapons, and the refining master injects spiritual energy to cultivate weapons. Master Yao didn’t know why Qin Lie had been dreaming of the spiritual formation, and he had never heard of Qin Lie’s grandfather, Qin Shan.

He followed his grandfather through Lingjia Town since he was a child. His grandfather, as a refiner, helped repel the spirit beasts, and then disappeared , I originally thought that Master Yao, who is also a refiner, could help him find his grandfather’s whereabouts, but Master Yao suggested that Qin Lie go to the tool refiner’s sanctuary: the tool sect, to ask for more information. Qin Lie, who was spinning around like a headless fly, quickly found his goal…

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