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The World of Fantasy 灵域 Episode 3 Recap

Qin Lie’s Breakthrough Causes Sky Thunder

Ling Yushi saw things and thought about people, Qin Lie disappeared for a long time, Ling Yushi has been extremely lost. At this time Lingjiazhen was in crisis, and he could only move forward alone. Seeing Ling Chengye, Ling Yushi took the initiative to mention marrying, but Ling Chengye was distressed, knowing that her daughter was sensible, but Ling Chengye, who was distressed by her daughter, could not help but persuade. It may not be the worst choice to marry the Du family. Seeing her daughter insisting on leaving, Ling Chengye was speechless, so he nodded and agreed.

When night came, Qin Lie accidentally discovered that Xie Jingxuan had turned around and retrieved Song Tingyu’s item box that had fallen into the glacier. He couldn’t help but wonder what Xie Jingxuan’s purpose was. Xie Jingxuan said to herself about her background. On the Chilan Continent, the various forces have their own classification. The Xingyun Pavilion is only a bluestone level.

There are fifteen black iron forces on it. , Do not listen to anyone’s domination. Knowing that he was a supreme-level figure in front of him, Qin Lie still had no interest in Xie Jingxuan’s provocation. The capture of the Spirit Devouring Beast this time is likely to be a life of nine deaths. Xie Jingxuan said that Song Tingyu’s box contained a “non-existent man” and asked Qin Lie to go down to the river to save it, but it was only using a real man to “seduce” Song Tingyu.

As soon as the voice fell, Song Tingyu broke into the room and regained the box. In a rage, she even tried to attack Xie Jingxuan with magic techniques, but was stopped by Qin Lie on the side. Song Tingyu left angrily, but Xie Jingxuan hugged Qin Lie. Before he became fond of love, Qin Lie pushed away impatiently, walked into the courtyard, looked at the dark night sky, and thought of Ling Yushi.

Ling Yushi clutched Qin Lie’s wish note tightly, knowing that Qin Lie might have been killed in Xueyuan, but still couldn’t bear to burn it. The two who missed each other couldn’t meet. Song Tingyu looked at Qin Lie’s lonely back and couldn’t help asking, but Qin Lie was unwilling to speak. Song Tingyu promised Qin Lie that after catching the Spirit Devouring Beast, he would naturally help Qin Lie to settle matters in Lingjiazhen.

When Ling Xuanxuan learned that her sister was going to marry Xingyun Pavilion, she couldn’t help but find Ling Yushi to question. Ling Yushi said that Du Shaoyang had great ambitions, and she would always keep Qin Lie in her heart and use Qin Lie’s eyes to explore. To help Du Shaoyang reach the highest for the broad world. Knowing that her sister had sacrificed for the family, she also had Qin Lie in her heart. Ling Xuanxuan was also at a loss for a while, but she looked at Ling Yu’s poems in a complex mood.

Qin Lie and others came to Zushan, Qin Lie and Liang Zhong went to explore the way, and the others stayed where they were. Seeing the existence of the village, the two walked in but found no one. They saw the house number of Zushan Gao’s family. Gao Yu walked out and saw Liang Zhong. Qin Lie gave Gao Yu a wink, and the two together captured Liang Zhong.

In order to scare away Song Tingyu and others, Qin Lie turned around and falsely reported the presence of spirit beasts, but who knew that Liang Zhongshen’s skills in the mid-term of the secluded period far exceeded Qin Lie and Gao Yu in the Kaiyuan period. Before Qin Lie’s lie was over, Gao Yu was brought back to Song Tingyu by Liang Zhong, and Qin Lie was stunned as he looked at the appearance of a slumped brother, but in front of the force, Gao Yu not only grabbed his hands, but also provided all the information. .

Knowing that Qin Lie’s direction was not Snow God Valley, but to Snow Wolf Valley, Song Tingyu became angry and grabbed Qin Lie. In order to rescue Qin Lie, Gao Yu offered to lead the way to Snow God Valley. Everyone really came to the Snow God Valley. Looking at the white bones on the ground, the Spirit Devouring Beast must have recovered its strength. Everyone continued to walk along the valley, and saw the bones continue, and a black shadow rushed out of the pool.

Qin Lie blocked his eyes with his hand, but when he lowered his arm, he found that everyone disappeared without a trace. Qin Lie anxiously searched in the labyrinthine valley, Song Tingyu suddenly appeared, grabbed Qin Lie and entered the cave, only then saw the god-eater turned into a human form for cultivation. Qin Lie and Song Tingyu quietly hid behind the stone pillars, watching the soldiers’ bodies placed on the altar in front of the Spirit Devouring Beast, and they all became sacrifices for the Spirit Devouring Beast to practice.

Song Tingyu mentioned that Xie Jingxuan had the formation flag of Xuantian Lihuo Array. As long as he lay on the altar, the formation would be touched. At this time, a person was required to place the array eyes. Song Tingyu launched Qin Lie to place it. Qin Lie was almost confused by the illusion released by the Spirit Devouring Beast. Song Tingyu cast a spell to summon Qin Lie back to reality. Only then did she succeed in returning the battle to his position.

Seeing that the Spirit Devouring Beast was about to escape, Song Tingyu decided to go directly. While setting up the formation, Qin Lie was also forced into the formation, and was subjected to the sky thunder together with the Spirit Devouring Beast. There was a thunder, Qin Lie couldn’t restrain the rolling inside his body, and took the opportunity to break the steps from the body refining realm and directly enter the Kaiyuan stage. Everyone gave up the suppression and led the thunder together. Even if the thunder was worn out, Song Tingyu and others insisted on destroying the spirit devouring beast.

But at this time the strength was still not enough. Seeing Qin Lie’s eyes flushed and he was about to break through his limit, Xie Jingxuan made a big effort and decided to die with the Spirit Devouring Beast. But at this time, the sky thunder was out of control, and several violent thunders hurriedly slammed down the stone pillars in the cave. Everyone saw that the situation was out of control and ran away, leaving Qin Lie alone in the formation.

When the chaos ended, Gao Yu walked into the cave and found Qin Lie who was lying unconscious. Gao Yu hurried to Qin Lie’s side, trying to wake up his friends, but two uninvited guests appeared at the entrance of the cave, spirit beasts with dark eyes Staring at the two people in the cave, Gao Yu quickly raised his guard, but Qin Lie beside him didn’t mean to be sober…

Du Shaoyang returned to the Xingyun Pavilion with Ling Yushi, Gao Yu’s sister Gao Huanger married to Du’s family. As Du Shaoyang’s daughter, she was very satisfied after seeing Ling Yushi, and kindly ordered the next person to stay in Du. Shaoyang took more care of Ling Yushi in front of him. Who knew that as soon as Du Shaoyang left, Gao Huanger threw away Ling Yushi’s hand.

Gao Huanger knew that Gao Yu, Ling Yushi, and Qin Lie who had played together since childhood were very close. Gao Yu secretly loves Ling Yushi, but Ling Yushi belongs to Qin Lie. Now when he sees Ling Yushi following Du Shaoyang in Xingyun Pavilion, Gao Huanger is very disdainful and thinks Ling Yushi is just a woman who is in the same age. , But Ling Yushi listened to Gao Huanger’s words, just smiled faintly, explaining that he would insist on being indifferent and firm in his true heart.

Ye Yangqiu’s eyeliner reported back about the marriage between the Du family and the Ling family. Ye Yangqiu asked about Zhuo Xi’s body coldly, but his subordinates said that Du Shaoyang had ruined the body by the fire. Qiu had already guessed that everything was Du Shaoyang’s strategy, and a wave of unwillingness and anger rushed into his heart.

Seeing her sister married, Ling Xuanxuan’s father and the clan elder couldn’t stop her, and she suddenly felt frustrated with her father and her weak self. Impulsive and simple Ling Xuanxuan decided to leave to exercise herself and become a stronger existence. As a friend of the young age, Hua Yuxin decided to follow in the footsteps of Ling Xuanxuan, and the two walked into the vast snowy field together with their bags.

Qin Lie finally woke up, opened his eyes and found that he was lying on the snowy field. Gao Yu was still in a coma. Standing beside him was a strange woman with two snow wolves. She was the lord of the extremely cold territory. I only heard Fu Li silently say to Xuelang, sending Qin Lie back to Lingjia Town.

As night fell, Hua Yuxin and Ling Xuanxuan were still walking in the snow. The two recalled their childhood memories together, thinking of the ups and downs of passing together, Hua Yuxin’s dullness and innocence made Ling Xuanxuan always feel helpless and twisted, and also liked Hua Yu Xin’s Ling Xuanxuan guided Hua Yuxin to speak the truth in her heart, listening to Hua Yuxin slowly saying her sincerity, Ling Xuanxuan really felt Hua Yuxin’s true feelings, and moving tears kept falling, but Hua Yu will not be allowed in the future Xin and Ling Xuanxuan took an adventure together. Ling Xuanxuan looked at Hua Yuxin, who closed her eyes and confided her sincerity, and walked forward in silence.

When Hua Yuxin opened his eyes, he found that Ling Xuanxuan had long since disappeared. Hua Yu was walking awkwardly, trying to find Ling Xuanxuan’s figure, but saw Qin Lie and Gao Yu again. Hua Yu was happy, and Xiang Qin Lie Report to the recent situation of Lingjia Town: Lingjia Town is in crisis due to Du Shaoyang’s frame, Ling Yushi married into Xingyun Pavilion for the family, and Ling Xuanxuan ran away from home to rescue her sister.

Upon hearing the news that Ling Yushi was about to join the Xingyun Pavilion, Qin Lie’s face changed drastically, and he hurriedly rode on the Snow Wolf again and rushed to the Xingyun Pavilion to grab his relatives.

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