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The World of Fantasy 灵域 Episode 12 Recap

Qin Lie ran out to find Gao Yu and questioned Gao Yu’s escape that day. Only then did Gao Yu tell what he had seen. Qin Lie, who knew the truth, was furious and swore to take revenge. Gao Yu suggested that he should go to Qisha Valley to retrieve Yushi, and after the three met, they would discuss revenge.

Du Haitian returned to the Xingyun Pavilion in an incomparably beautiful scenery, surrounded by everyone, Du Haitian saw Yuan Tianya, the Lord of Senluo. Yuan Tianya asked Du Shaoyang, but Du Haitian said that his son left voluntarily and could not find his whereabouts. Yuan Tianya changed the subject. When it came to the assignment of the position of Xingyun Pavilion Master, Du Haitian naturally heard the extraneous meaning and voluntarily asked for blame, but Yuan Tianya wanted to say nothing, and left after only a few words.

Qin Lie returned to Bingyan City to find Li Mu again. The Netherworld Xuan Lei was trained and lacked a spiritual formation. Qin Lie asked Li Mu for a suitable spiritual formation. Li Mu learned of Qin Lie’s plan to kill and decided to keep Qin Lie stable first. live.

Ling Yushi followed Gao Yu back to Lingjia Town, but saw the whole town wailing around the corpse. Ling Yushi looked at his father’s cold body with a heavy heart. When he touched it personally, Ling Yushi burst into tears, muttering that he was too late.

Ling Xuanxuan was still on her way to find Hua Yu’s heart, but Qin Lie was still missing, and left in a hurry after leaving a letter. Qin Lie wrote in the letter that he had seen the world and wanted to explore a wider world. But Ling Yushi knew that Qin Lie didn’t mean that. As for Qin Lie’s current plan, Ling Yushi couldn’t guess. I can only look at the dark sky outside the window and wait.

Qin Lie continued to practice the nirvana profound thunder in the room, and his spiritual power and thunder method intersected, but Qin Lie couldn’t do it several times. Li Mu came to solve Qin Lie, but at this time, Qin Lie, who was eager for revenge, could only continue to try and speed up his pace to complete the goal. Sure enough, under Qin Lie’s perseverance, one night later, an elementary nirvana mysterious thunder was born. Li Mu reminded Qin Lie to use it when he didn’t expect it to be able to highlight his power.

Ling Yushi decided to lead all Lingjia Town villagers to settle outside the Qisha Valley, waiting for the fire to recover from the fire before reviving Lingjia Town. The annual ceremonies for the celebration of the moon are about to begin. This may be the beginning of the Ling family’s renewed hope.

Du Haitian received the secret letter and went to the restaurant, who knew it was a challenge letter written by Qin Lie. Qin Lie challenged Du Haitian on the spot. The skills of the two differed by a big level, but Qin Lie still insisted on confrontation. After several rounds, Du Haitian was beaten to wounds all over his body. Even with the power of thunder, he could not be hostile.

Du Haitian saw that Qin Lie was beaten weakly by himself, and grabbed Qin Lie’s throat triumphantly. Speaking of the pleasure of seeing all the Ling family members die in action, Qin Lie drew out the sky thunder in a rage and broke Du Hai’s body. The stone pillar next to him took the opportunity to release the nirvana profound thunder, blasting Du Haitian to death on the spot.

After Yuan Tianya learned that Du Haitian was killed by Qin Lie, he ordered the blockade of Xingyun Pavilion, and it was bound to capture Qin Lie back. The news was sent back to Lingjia Town at the same time, and Ling Yushi was very worried after learning about it. At this time, Qin Lie was seriously injured and was hiding in Bingyan City. Ling Yushi didn’t know Qin Lie’s whereabouts or how to find it. He could only write his wish in the lantern, hoping to live and die with Qin Lie.

Unexpectedly, Gao Yu found Ling Yushi. The astute Ling Yushi guessed that the letter was written by Gao Yu himself. Gao Yu deliberately told Qin Lie the truth, but did not intend to go with Qin Lie to find Du Haitian. Watching Qin Lie go to die. Now Gao Yu has evil spirit possessed, and he wants to get Ling Yushi in his heart. Seeing Gao Yu walk towards him maliciously, Ling Yushi feels very helpless.

Qin Lie almost died while evading pursuit, so Li Mu came to help. When Bu Li Mu and Li Mu personally healed Qin Lie, they discovered the seal on Qin Lie’s body. Yuan Tianya led people to find Li Mu’s shop, and he was about to break in, but he was fought back. Due to the power of the Lord of Extreme Cold, Yuan Tianya was unable to refute, and could only watch Li Mu take Qin Lie away from him.

After Gao Yu left, Ling Yushi sat up helplessly from the ground and looked at the bright moon in front of him, Ling Yushi determined to find Gao Yu to take revenge.

In Jingsha Realm, Hua Tianqiong and Gong Mushan talked, thinking that his grandson Qin Lie had escaped several times, Gong Mushan felt very relieved. It turned out that Hua Tianqiong was incarnate as Father Hua, with the spirit of Yi Yuan, the Young City Lord of Ziwu City, who created Hua Yuxin. He went to Lingjia Town for a while, just to help Qin Lie through the difficulties. In the sand world, Qin Lie needed one person to overcome the difficulties. Although the two were worried, they still secretly looked forward to it.

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