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The World of Fantasy 灵域 Episode 11 Recap

As soon as Qin Lie woke up, he saw Du Shaoyang sitting at the table. It turned out that Du Shaoyang witnessed the weird conversation between Song Tingyu and Qin Lie last night. Before Qin Lie could explain, Song Tingyu broke into the room and explained When I caught the ghostly demon energy surrounding Qin Lie, he specially helped Qin Lie drive away the demon energy. Du Shaoyang didn’t think much, he believed Song Tingyu’s words. Speaking of the sudden visit last night, Du Shaoyang proposed to chat with Song Tingyu privately, in fact, he wanted to borrow flowers to present the Buddha. Sure enough, the two of them avoided Qin Lie and found Master Mo Hai.

The origin of this nether war was that Mo Hai was cultivating a tool that could block the passage of the Nether race to the human world, so Mo Hai became the target of the evil race. Song Tingyu proposed to trap the evil race, and Mo Hai agreed to use illusion as a bait. This battle requires a large amount of devil-cleaning grass to expel the devilish energy. Du Haitian, who came to the side, suggested that Lingjiazhen was planted with medicinal herbs for generations to come in handy.

After Song Tingyu’s permission, Gao Yu found Du Haitian privately and raised his doubts. It turns out that Gao Yu once saw Du Haitian find Ling Bo in the Ling family. Ling Bo was Du Haitian’s eyeliner. He learned that Du Haitian had been observing Lingjia Town in secret and must have planned. Gao Yu obeyed on the surface, but kept secretly. Observe and wait for an opportunity to take action.

Qin Lie found Mo Hai to consult the secret recipe of Nirvana Xuan Lei. Mo Hai was willing to provide materials, but he still reminded Qin Lie to be careful. Qin Lie took this opportunity to ask Mo Hai about the whereabouts of his grandfather Qin Shan, but the master Mo Hai, who was an instrument sect, did not know Qin Shan’s true identity and whereabouts. Qin Lie had to return to the refining furnace alone to make the Nirvana Xuan Lei.

Back in the Shuisha Valley, Ling Yushi followed a group of disciples to practice by the waterfall, and the master noticed that although Ling Yushi was cultivating, he was full of distracting thoughts. Ling Yushi’s water spirit body has been cultivated and half of the fire has been removed, but the master still reminds Ling Yushi to get rid of distracting thoughts, otherwise it will easily cause backlash.

Qin Lie found Song Tingyu hiding outside the door peeking while practicing. After Song Tingyu was discovered, she had to change the subject and say that the Ling family had come to the battlefield. Qin Lie was overjoyed and ran out of the room.

Du Haitian hosted a banquet for the Ling family and explained that Ling Chengye took the spirit grass to the designated place. Gao Yu listened quietly and noticed that there was fraud in Du Haitian’s words, but the time had not come, so he could only keep silent. On the other side, Qin Lie found Ling Chengye. After reading Ling Yushi’s letter to Ling Chengye, Qin Lie proposed that he wanted to find Ling Yushi after the Battle of the Netherworld, but Ling Chengye criticized him. Qin Lie was ashamed. Anxious, but still can’t let go of the Ling Yushi in my heart.

Xie Jingxuan and Du Shaoyang gallop on the sea in a small boat. Between the two talking and laughing, Du Shaoyang wants to know more secrets, but Xie Jingxuan does not intend to let Du Shaoyang know too much, but just give Du Shaoyang one to listen to. With the help of Xie Jingxuan’s life-saving magic weapon in all directions, Du Shaoyang became more confident and was eager to try the coming war.

The Ling family took herbs, followed the agreement with Du Haitian, and walked towards the Silent Valley. But Mo Hai made a formation to induce the evil race to appear, who knew that this formation was broken at once. It turned out that the main force of the evil race came at once, with extraordinary power, and rushed to the medicine place where the Ling family was located. Du Haitian and Du Shaoyang were observing on Gaocheng. Du Shaoyang decided to lead troops to support him.

However, he was stopped by Du Haitian and clearly wanted to watch Ling’s family die in the medicine. Sure enough, the evil clan with strong magic power immediately surrounded the medicinal area and Ziwu City. Song Tingyu and Qin Lie insisted on fighting, but they were outnumbered. Several evil clan members rushed to hit Qin Lie directly. Seeing that they were about to be hit hard, Song Tingyu charged at this time. Coming out, standing in front of Qin Lie, Qin Lie stared at Song Tingyu in front of him, at a loss.

Du Haitian originally wanted to order Du Shaoyang and other horned demons to kill Ling’s family before taking action. Who knows that Du Shaoyang on the side is no longer visible and rushes to the medicine place first. Sure enough, the Ling family was hit hard by the powerful Horned Demon Clan. Seeing that his comrades fell to the ground, Ling Chengye was heartbroken.

Although Du Shaoyang’s arrival provided support, it was still not enough for the Horned Demon Clan to attack. Ling Chengye’s heart was soothing, but the demon clan on the side used a killer move. While Ling Chengye was impatient, a flying body blocked the fatal blow for Du Shaoyang and died on the spot. Du Shaoyang was also unconscious due to the successive attacks.

At this time, Xie Jingxuan suddenly appeared, and with a wave of his hand, he wiped out the Horned Demon Clan in front of him. Seeing Du Haitian leading people to arrive, Xie Jingxuan hurriedly left. But at this time, Du Haitian came not to support, but to invite credit. Not only did he fail to do anything, he even led people to wipe out the remaining Ling family members. Gao Yu, who was secretly hiding by the woods, witnessed the entire process of Du Haitian’s extinction, shocked and angry.

After the war, Du Haitian led the team to find Song Tingyu, deceiving that all Ling’s family were killed. Song Tingyu walked out of the hall and found Qin Lie knelt beside the corpse of Ling’s family in grief. Song Tingyu wanted more comfort, but was stopped by Liang Zhong. When the two returned to the room, Liang Zhong exposed Song Tingyu’s enthusiasm in Qin Lie’s body. Song Tingyu acquiesced and caused Liang Zhong to furious, and urged Song Tingyu to quickly pull out the enthusiasm.

Qin Lie returned to the room and found a suicide note written by Ling Chengye. The letter mentioned that he had deliberately concealed Qin Shan’s identity. Now he told him that he was afraid that Qin Lie would find the wrong direction. After learning the truth, Qin Lie was extremely sad, but he could only cheer up and take the corpses of the Ling family back to Lingjiazhen.

Du Haitian accused Du Shaoyang’s impulse of breaking his plan. Du Shaoyang’s help to Lingjiazhen this time disappointed Du Haitian. Du Haitian decided to abolish Du Shaoyang’s cultivation and made him truly regret it. Unexpectedly, at this time, Xie Jingxuan suddenly appeared and stopped Du Haitian. The powerful Xie Jingxuan could not only confront Du Haitian, but even took Du Shaoyang away without a trace.

Qin Lie returned to the Ling family with the body of the Ling family soldier. The villagers were shocked and sorrowful. The sparsely populated Ling family town fell into a sad atmosphere again, but Qin Lie discovered that Gao Yu had left the team silently…

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