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The World of Fantasy 灵域 Episode 10 Recap

The Pujiao in the dungeon was being held by Liang Zhongzheng, and everyone reported to Song Tingyu in Xingyun Pavilion. Song Tingyu proposed to bring Qin Lie and Du Shaoyang to support the next day. Ling Yushi was very worried after hearing the poem, but knew that this was definitely a rare good opportunity. Ling Yushi still supported Qin Lie’s pace.

Qin Lie answered that Ling Yushi would not give up, but Ling Yushi thought of his father. I once gave my own advice, so I also hope that Qin Lie can take care of himself and don’t hesitate because of Ling Yushi. Qin Lie wanted to see his good brother Gao Yu again before he left, but Ling Yushi always felt that Gao Yu’s performance was abnormal recently, but he couldn’t tell what was strange.

Gao Yu knelt in front of the corpse of his sister Gao Huang’er, seeing the evil ring on his finger constantly emitting a dark evil light, Gao Yu was both frightened and confused, and Qin Lie’s voice came from behind him, Gao Yu just let Qin Lie faintly Leave and be alone.

Du Haitian and Du Shaoyang talked about today’s affairs in the room. Du Haitian had already seen through everything, but just to follow the situation to see how it turned out. Although Du Haitian asked not to trust Qin Lie, Du Shaoyang still found Qin Lie, and the two agreed to temporarily put aside their small grievances and focus on righteousness.

Qin Lie found Li Mu to bid farewell. Although Li Mu said that he didn’t care, he was still worried that Qin Lie would be injured, so he gave Qin Lie a secret weapon for refining, which is the secret weapon of Nirvana, although Qin Lie didn’t know what it was. , But listening to Li Mu’s words, take the secret book back to practice.

Ling Chengye received a letter from Ling Yushi and learned that everyone was going to Ziwuhai to fight, Ling Chengye’s heart would inevitably rise in anxiety. On the other side, Li Zhongzheng and the others were preparing to take Ling Xuanxuan back to Qisha Valley. She could not disobey her teacher’s orders. Ling Xuanxuan had to temporarily put aside Hua Yu’s heart, her father and hometown, and set foot on the way back to Qisha Valley.

Song Tingyu and others came to Purple Mist City. The terrain of Purple Mist City was complicated and guarded by heavy guards, as well as by Xie Zhizhang, the general of the Baji Temple. Song Tingyu supervised the battle of the Netherworld, which caused Xie Zhizhang’s dissatisfaction. Song Tingyu was ridiculed by Xie Zhizhang several times, and he was ashamed but didn’t know how to answer. I had to leave Liang Zhong as guard and brought Qin Lie and Du Shaoyang to see Master Mo Hai.

When the night came, Song Tingyu and Liang Zhong came to the dock. Song Tingyu wanted to go to sea to find Xie Jingxuan’s whereabouts. It turned out that Song Tingyu has always felt the breath of Xie Jingxuan recently. Song Tingyu and Xie Jingxuan grew up together since childhood. Xie Jingxuan has always longed for the center of the purple mist sea. Sure enough, when Song Tingyu’s boat reached the middle of the sea, he saw the boat where Xie Jingxuan was.

Song Tingyu asked why Xie Jingxuan ran away with fake death, but Xie Jingxuan said that she hated the identity of a saint and wanted to find someone to feel the feeling of love. Song Tingyu disdain, Xie Jingxuan pointed out that Song Tingyu’s dedication to Gong Mulie is no different from her own.

The two recalled Gong Mulie’s appearance that night. Xie Jingxuan suspected that Gong Mulie’s consciousness was projected on Qin Lie’s body. Hearing Xie Jingxuan’s preference for Du Shaoyang in his words, they guessed that Xie Jingxuan’s sweetheart was Du Shaoyang. . Xie Jingxuan guessed that Song Tingyu wanted to find clues from Qin Lie, so she suggested to Song Tingyu to spread love on Qin Lie and lead the enemy into the game.

Ling Yushi followed Li Zhongzheng and the others to the Shuisha Valley, and found Jiu Liuyu, the master of the Seven Evil Valley, to answer Ling Yushi’s fire poison, but the master was silent after taking her pulse, but only graciously received Ling Yu Poems, send medicinal pills to explain Ling Yushi’s practice. Li Zhongzheng brought Ling Yushi into the room, and took the opportunity of Ling Jue to touch Ling Yushi’s hand. He knew that Li Zhongzheng was plotting a crime, and Ling Yushi just wanted to get rid of it. Who knew that Lu Li broke in and frightened him. Li Zhongzheng fled.

Master Mo Hai temporarily arranged for Du Shaoyang and Qin Lie to do some trivial chores, Du Shaoyang was in charge of the food, and Qin Lie was in charge of running errands. When Du Shaoyang came to the kitchen, he discovered that Xie Jingxuan had followed the Netherworld battlefield, and went to the kitchen as a helper. At night, Du Shaoyang came to the kitchen and secretly found Xie Jingxuan. At this time, Xie Jingxuan had a busy day and brought out the meals she prepared for Du Shaoyang. Du Shaoyang was amazed by Xie Jingxuan’s craftsmanship.

Seeing Xie Jingxuan staring at her, Du Shaoyang couldn’t help but begin to explain that he was not married to Ling Yushi. Xie Jingxuan naturally understood that the straightforward Xie Jingxuan directly confessed his heart to Du Shaoyang, who knows that Du Shaoyang has a serious face, saying that he does not want to be infatuated with men and women, and discourages Xie Jingxuan from leaving, but Xie Jingxuan insists Come to help Du Shaoyang and tell Du Shaoyang how to destroy the Nether Clan.

Song Tingyu listened to Xie Jingxuan’s suggestion and wanted to ask Qin Lie to understand, so he invited Qin Lie to a banquet. Who knows that Qin Lie only knows how to eat hard. Before Song Tingyu thought of how to ask, Qin Lie had finished eating and was ready to leave. In desperation, Song Tingyu had to intrude into Qin Lie’s mind with his spiritual power and see everything that night. Sure enough, Song Tingyu found that Gong Mulie turned around that night, like Qin Lie’s face, and finally knew the truth, but Song Tingyu But he felt that his aura was being eaten back by Qin Lie.

This is something that has never happened before. Song Tingyu was forced to spit out a mouthful of blood. At this time, Du Shaoyang was planning to find the countermeasures Song Tingyu told Xie Jingxuan to say, but he saw Qin Lie standing in place with his eyes closed, while Song Tingyu did. It was clutching his chest and hurriedly returned to his room, eager to restore the balance of aura in the body.

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