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The Penalty Zone 黑白禁区 Episode 44 End Recap

Gan Tianlei and Ouyang Hui came to the parking lot. Ouyang Hui received a call from Linda saying that this was a trap. Lu Mingsong was not caught. Tai Yongfeng found out that Linda was on the rooftop and quickly told Gan Tianlei that they rushed to the rooftop. . Linda pointed at Gan Tianlei with a gun in one hand and took out the surveillance video of Lu Mingsong’s experiment and said that he was cheated.

Ouyang Hui fought Gan Tianlei on the spot. Linda and Ouyang Hui teamed up with Gan Tianlei. At the crucial moment, Che Lizi appeared and killed Ouyang Hui, fired two shots in Linda’s leg and asked where the person was, and finally learned that he was in the Science and Technology Museum.

Gan Tianlei rushed to the Science and Technology Museum, Tai Yongfeng and others also heard the news and hurried away, Linda severely stabbed Chelizi’s leg again. Gan Xiao’s heart was ashamed, and Ma Lie comforted her that they would definitely rescue Yang Xiaolei. Che Lizi thought Gan Tianlei was looking for Gan Xiao Nuan, so he asked for Linda’s location, but Linda said that she had already put Gan Xiao Nuan. When Linda was about to start her hands, the police arrived and captured the Cherries and Linda together.

On the way to the Science and Technology Museum, Xiong Guoliang told Gan Tianlei of Yang Xiaolei’s specific location. Lu Mingsong was still doing the experiment unhurriedly and succeeded. The Science and Technology Museum was closed and the police arrived one after another. Gan Tianlei went to the place Xiong Guoliang said and still did not find Yang Xiaolei. Xiong Guoliang could only interrogate Linda again, but Linda was obsessed with it, and the time was still six minutes away.

Linda installed a camera where she kidnapped Yang Xiaolei to allow two-way conversations, but Yang Xiaolei was determined to die. Only four minutes were left, and they were too late to come. Linda told Gan Tianlei that Yang Xiaolei was on the roof of the unfinished building, and everyone hurried to the roof.

Yang Xiaolei saw Gan Tianlei rushing to ask Xiong Guoliang to stop him, and Xiong Guoliang also rushed in, calling everyone to stand by. As time passed, Gan Tianlei screamed desperately to find Yang Xiaolei, but Yang Xiaolei refused to say anything. Watching him rush towards him, Yang Xiaolei stepped on the controller under her feet. As the explosion sounded, Yang Xiaolei sacrificed. Xiong Guoliang and Gan Tianlei in the unfinished building were stunned by the smoke not far away, tears filled their eyes.

Lu Mingsong unlocked the last set of passwords for the C4 formula, and he decided to let everyone know the power of C4. Gan Tianlei called Lu Mingsong, and Lu Mingsong sent him an address asking him to come alone. Gan Tianlei went alone, and Xiong Guoliang didn’t stop him, nor could he stop him.

When Gan Tianlei saw Lu Mingsong, Lu Mingsong took out a document and gave him two choices. One was to give it to Langnev to protect him, and the other was to hand it to the police and they would get it. A huge honor, the right to choose is Gan Tianlei. Lu Mingsong said that the things inside are enough to change the world, just like a virus can spread to the world quickly.

This is the hard work of him, Su Ling and Gan Xiaonuan, and it is also his and Su Ling’s lifelong pursuit. Of course, there is only 9% of it. Fifteen, the remaining five percent is in Lu Mingsong’s mind. Gan Tianlei reminded him that he is different from Su Ling. Su Ling is a good man, but Lu Mingsong is a criminal.

Lu Mingsong understood Gan Tianlei’s choice, they all had their own path, and it seemed that they would eventually reach the same goal by different routes. Gan Tianlei arrested Lu Mingsong, but Lu Mingsong sent the last email to Langnev saying that the C4 project had been successful. If you want to get it, come to China to find him.

After a whole day of chasing and worrying, Gan Tianlei and Tai Yongfeng sat together. Longnev called and asked Gan Tianlei where he was. Gan Tianlei said that he was taking notes. His daughter-in-law was killed by Linda. He also had an experiment log in his mobile phone. Tai Yongfeng was worried about Gan Tianlei’s condition, but Gan Tianlei was ready to leave at any time.

Tai Yongfeng persuaded him to think about it. Gan Xiao Nuan can’t do without him now! Gan Xiaonuan hides at home to watch the video left by Yang Xiaolei. This is a video that Yang Xiaolei recorded after Xiaoyi’s death. She told Gan Xiaonuan to think twice before doing things and let Xiong Guoliang take care of her mother and accompany her more. To accompany her, and also asked him to be well with Dao Yuhan, and grow old together.

Yang Xiaolei has a lot to say about Gan Tianlei. She has liked Gan Tianlei for 20 years, and she is also very grateful to him for bringing Gan Xiaonuan to her side. With Gan Xiaonuan, her life will be more motivated.

Under the supervision of the police, Gan Xiaonuan went to see Cheriezi. Cheriezi said that he was related to their family, but he has been using her for his own purposes. Gan Xiao Nuan hopes that Cherries can stand in the sun. Yang Xiaolei is dead, and she does not want Cherries to be. Che Lizi said that he would commit crimes and make meritorious deeds. He also said to tell Gan Xiao Nuan the real password.

Gan Xiao Nuan leaned over and got the password and left. Tai Yongfeng decided to let Gan Tianlei get close to Langnev and Fuchun Meeting, and he said he would report. Gan Tianlei and Gan Xiaonuan prepare funerals for Yang Xiaolei, they miss Yang Xiaolei very much. All four sets of codes were cracked, and $4.13 billion in stolen money was seized and handed over to the country. Che Lizi, a fugitive from the Caesar case, was also arrested and the Caesar case came to a successful conclusion.

Linda, Lu Mingsong, An Quan and others were arrested and brought to justice. Wu Qingfeng fled abroad on suspicion of harboring crime. Yang Xiaolei sacrificed honorably in the battle and defended her dignity with her life. For heroes like Yang Xiaolei, they must also carry on the anti-drug operation forever!

A month later, Gan Tianlei received a video from Langnev. Langnev invited him to serve as the director of the Asia-Pacific AG Security Consulting Company to continue his cooperation. However, Gan Tianlei needed to get Lu Mingsong out. They needed him, and Gan Tianlei expressed that think about it. The horse team also untied the knot, and now when Uncle Hai has returned, the Zhan team also expressed their hearts with the horse team and gave her a gift, said it was a talisman.

The horse team opened it and found a ring inside. Xiong Guoliang became deputy director, and Tai Yongfeng wanted to be promoted to the provincial government. Gan Tianlei also put on a police uniform. Tai Yongfeng announced that his superiors had approved the establishment of a task force for the Fuchunhui case.

Tai Yongfeng was the team leader, Xiong Guoliang was the deputy team leader, and Gan Tianlei and Xiong Guoliang were ready to make a single-line contact at any time. Tai Yongfeng said Gan Tianlei was the best investigator he had ever seen, and he was always proud of him. After bidding farewell to Xiong Guoliang and Tai Yongfeng, Gan Tianlei set foot on the plane, with glory and blood and tears, once again embarking on a new journey.

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