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The Penalty Zone 黑白禁区 Episode 43 Recap

Xiong Guoliang and Yang Xiaolei led a team to seize CR Group, but Lu Mingsong and Sha Qing were not found. Tai Yongfeng told Gan Tianlei of the situation and asked him to maintain Ronniev’s trust in him. Che Lizi found that Gan Xiao Nuan was transferred and turned on the tracker left in the car.

Fortunately, he kept a hand. Lu Mingsong asked Linda to help him delay time, and he wanted to make a surprise check for the last time. Linda hoped that Ouyang Hui would help them fight for seven hours and they would surely get the results of the experiment. Ouyang Hui thought about it and agreed. Sha Qing called Gan Tianlei. Gan Tianlei was very nervous and turned on the monitor with you on Tai Yongfeng.

Sha Qing said that he grew up in Maine Village and Langnev saved him. Ouyang Hui was also born and died. Brother, he only had loyalty to them, but now he doesn’t even have loyalty anymore. Gan Tianlei quickly calmed Sha Qing’s emotions, and rushed to the mall where Sha Qing was located, trying his best to save people. But I didn’t expect to be a step late. Sha Qing sent a text message to Ouyang Hui and jumped off the building.

Gan Tianlei contacted Ouyang Hui, and Ouyang Hui said that if you find Lu Mingsong, you can find Linda and Gan Xiao Nuan. Gan Tianlei quickly went to see Ouyang Hui after contacting Xiong Guoliang. Linda made a video to Yang Xiaolei, saying that Lu Mingsong had already left, and asked Yang Xiaolei to send herself out safely to ensure Gan Xiaonuan’s safety, otherwise she would now dead. Linda sent Yang Xiaolei the address and asked her to come alone.

Yang Xiaolei showed the screenshot of the video to everyone. She decided to replace Gan Xiaonuan. Xiong Guoliang felt that this was a trap. Even if it was true, she could not be allowed to go. Xiong Guoliang wanted to report this to Tai Yongfeng and told Yang Xiaolei not to go anywhere. Everyone was on Xiong Guoliang’s side, Yang Xiaolei was anxious, and when he couldn’t persuade them, he went to the toilet with an excuse.

Gan Tianlei saw Ouyang Hui contacting Langnev. Gan Tianlei said that Sha Qing had been bought by Lu Mingsong, and they committed suicide because they felt sorry. Ronniev was furious, but the only thing he needed now was research results. Yang Xiaolei ran away, and threw away her mobile phone according to what Linda said. She got the mobile phone she had prepared in advance and came to the address Linda said. She was knocked out. Lu Mingsong was still experimenting.

Linda had a bomb tied to Yang Xiaolei’s body and brought Gan Xiao Nuan to her. Gan Xiao Nuan cried and shouted to go home, Yang Xiaolei calmed Gan Xiao Nuan, but Linda turned her head and activated the bomb, Gan Xiao Nuan repeatedly asked for help, but Linda threw them down cruelly.

Xiong Guoliang and others were investigating Yang Xiaolei’s address, Gan Xiaonuan was released and quickly borrowed the phone to call Xiong Guoliang and asked her to rescue Yang Xiaolei. Linda let go of Gan Xiao Nuan and asked Yang Xiaolei to help her out. Yang Xiaolei said that no one could help her, Linda and Lu Mingsong could not escape. After Gan Xiao Nuan was picked up, Xiong Guoliang persuaded her to calm down and recall where she was detained, Gan Xiao Nuan was too scared. Linda posted the video of the kidnapping of Yang Xiaolei on the Internet, and Xiong Guoliang quickly searched for this place.

With four hours before the bomb, Tai Yongfeng was asked to set up a task force to resolve the crisis within four hours. Ouyang Hui saw so many policemen on the street asking Gan Tianlei to ask questions. Then Gan Tianlei saw the video of Yang Xiaolei being kidnapped. He was immediately anxious and warned that it was his daughter-in-law who was kidnapped.

If she had something to do with them All have to die. But Ouyang Hui contacted Linda, but Linda shut down. According to the clues in the video, the police found that Yang Xiaolei was detained with soundproofing materials. At the same time, Gan Tianlei was in a hurry and analyzed the matter with Ouyang Hui. Lu Mingsong was probably already on the plane. Ouyang Hui helped Linda Delaying time is not good for them. They can only trust Gan Tianlei’s police friends now.

So Gan Tianlei called Tai Yongfeng, and Tai Yongfeng cooperated with him in acting and asked Xiong Guoliang to arrange to accompany Gan Tianlei in acting. Xiong Guoliang and Tai Yongfeng made a video of Lu Mingsong being arrested by the police to let people spread the news. Ouyang Hui asked Gan Tianlei to ask another question. He didn’t believe in arresting people so quickly. So Gan Tianlei got the capture video, which also contains his experiment diary.

Gan Tianlei wanted to make a deal with Ouyang Hui, saying that the experimental diary was left by Dr. Ito, and there must be something new. Langnev asked them why Lu Mingsong was arrested. Gan Tianlei confessed that he did it by himself.

As long as he got the experiment diary, Langnev’s experiment was easy to accomplish. Xiong Guoliang and others checked the address based on the soundproof materials. Gan Tianlei passed the call information between Ouyang Hui and Linda to Tai Yongfeng. Tai Yongfeng acted quickly and soon discovered two suspected vehicles. Tai Yongfeng sent Gan Tianlei the location of the parking lot, and Gan Tianlei hurriedly made a turn around.

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