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The Message 风声 Episode 36 Recap

Gu Xiaomeng told Wang Tianxiang: According to the usual practice, after Tetsuo Eagle Nest entered the living room, his driver and guards were led by Steward Zhao to the small restaurant to have a meal, so Wang Tianxiang had half an hour to do tricks in his car. Long Chuan hid the wealth without telling Commander Matsui just to give it to his teacher Tetsuo Washi. This was to save Wang Tianxiang’s life, and Wang Tianxiang agreed. Gu Xiaomeng told him that when he returned to the city from Gu’s house, there was a steep mountain road.

If there was a problem with the brakes, the car would roll down the hill, and it would burn in the current weather. There would be no evidence at that time, and she was on Zhao Xiaoman’s There was a fake secret message about the old ghost’s secret in the document. Even if the Japanese felt that the car had been tampered with afterwards, they would think that they were killed by the Communist Party.

Zhao Xiaoman handed the fake secret message about the old ghost that Gu Xiaomeng had put to Longchuan. Tetsuo Eagle Nest and Long Chuan paid a visit to Gu Minzhang as scheduled. Gu Xiaomeng was also at home. Gu Minzhang gave a valuable model of Master Eagle Nest Ludwig as a meeting gift, and Eagle Nest gave him back the family plan of the famous Japanese businessman Yasuda Yamajiro. Gu Minzhang asked his daughter to deliver the gift upstairs.

After Gu Xiaomeng left, Jiuzao Tiefu asked Gu Minzhang to marry his daughter to Longchuan. Longchuan said that he had already admired Gu Xiaomeng’s talent in Qiuzhuang, so today the teacher came forward to propose marriage.

Gu Minzhang said that his daughter had severed her father-daughter relationship with herself, and her marriage could not interfere by herself. Besides, Qiu Zhuang’s affairs had just ended, and Longchuan should avoid suspicion. At this time, Gu Xiaomeng took the opportunity of putting the book to open his father’s safe and found the secret telegram.

Jiuzao Tiefu took the old ghost’s secret telegram to Gu Minzhang and told him that the sealed telegram proved that his daughter was not the old ghost, and the old ghost had already died in Qiuzhuang, so she and Longchuan could get married. Gu Xiaomeng went downstairs at this time and said that she did not want to marry Longchuan.

She was a celibate, and believed that the seemingly closest family members would eventually be lonely strangers. I hope that the nest will not be due to her disobedience. He angered Mr. Gu, who had just severed his father-daughter relationship with him. Long Chuan had no choice but to give up.

Jiu Nest therefore asked Gu Minzhang for compensation: Ask him to help him investigate a Dai Li’s spy: the code name Lonely Boat. Gu Minzhang said that he was just a businessman and he might not be able to do what he wanted. Jiujiao told him that according to the secret messages intercepted overseas by the secret service, one of the tasks of Lone Boat was to buy and win high-ranking officials in Nanjing.

Gu Minzhang could use his status as the vice-chairman of the Economic Committee. If you tell them about the abnormal account movement, the lone boat will be caught. Gu Minzhang’s condition is that his fleet will be responsible for 40% of the rice shipped from North Korea to Japan, and the two sides will make a deal.

After Jiujiao and Longchuan left, Gu Xiaomeng said that she should call her father Lao Qiang. Gu Minzhang immediately went back to the room and called, saying that the sugar cubes had gone bad last night. At this moment, the eagle was going to the cafe to join the old gun. He did not expect to see Pan Hanqing, who pointed out that the eagle is the oriole.

In the car, Jiuzhao told Longchuan that if Gu Minzhang was an old gun, he would not have all the key accounts. If he was not, he would have understood the situation of the money trading in Jiming Temple. When going downhill, their brakes failed. Fortunately, a car stopped on the side of the road and served as their replacement. Eagle Nest ordered the brakes to be checked and an autopsy was done.

Gu Minzhang looked at the secret message of the newspaper that his daughter had deciphered, and admired that Gu Xiaomeng had uncovered the truth that could not be captured by the top spy personnel of Zhongtong. Gu Xiaomeng told his father that this was a secret message written by the genius Li Ningyu. She had no ability to decipher it. Pity inspired her.

She used the exchange rate of gold on the day when she entered Qiuzhuang to calculate the amount of gold exchanged for each currency given by Li Ningyu, and deciphered a sentence: the traitor is the delegation of money. She believed that it was only a year since Qian Huyi entered the headquarters, and his father must have known who the traitor he had appointed was. Gu Minzhang said that the man was the new and old man he was going to meet half an hour ago.

He has joined the Communist Party for seventeen years. Gu Xiaomeng didn’t understand why his father had pushed himself to Dai Li. Gu Minzhang explained that Dai Li had found him and concealed himself. She told Xiaomeng because her ability and experience were not enough to deal with the situation of double agents, and told her that it only increased her risk of exposure. Gu Xiaomeng could not accept it for a while, and left home crying.

Gu Xiaomeng came to Pan Hanqing’s house. She didn’t know whether she should run away from her father, expose him or protect him. Pan Hanqing told Gu Xiaomeng that the agents were walking with death all day long. Only if they found the truth that they believed firmly enough, they were worth persisting, and even sacrifice their lives. Gu Xiaomeng Her pain is not not not believing in her father, but in doubting whether the military commander Dai Li is really the truth she defends.

At night, Gu Minzhang finally waited for his daughter to come home. Xiaomeng asked his father why he chose to save Li Ningyu instead of herself in Qiuzhuang. Gu Minzhang confessed that Li Ningyu’s talents determined that she was not only an excellent spy, but she would still be a country in the future. An excellent builder, her value is comparable to a daughter, so her responsibility is to protect her at all costs.

Xiaomeng smiles bitterly and Li Ningyu is indeed more valuable than herself, so her father’s plan started when she entered the headquarters, Gu Minzhang told His daughter’s plan at the time was for Li Ningyu to protect and nurture Gu Xiaomeng, only when he had to… Xiaomeng claimed that they were also pulling themselves into their intelligence network.

Gu Minzhang told Xiaomeng: A few hours ago, that The traitor oriole was eradicated by Pan Hanqing. Xiao Meng worried that something like this would happen just after the Eagle Nest left. If there are loopholes in the details, it will lead to doubts about his father.

Gu Minzhang said that Xiao Meng is the only one who walked out of Qiu Qingzhuang alive, and only the traitor’s death and the Eagle Nest Only when life and death are connected can the safety of my daughter be guaranteed. After the death of the old ghost, old Pan will have a whole new world. Xiao Meng guessed that Pan Hanqing would also join the Communist Party.

He asked his father’s organization why he risked saving himself, Dai Li’s spy. Gu Minzhang told his daughter that he was not her enemy, and the old gun was too. No, he just hopes to see China’s reunification torn apart in his lifetime. Gu Xiaomeng sighed that the best spy was not Li Ningyu, but his father. He arranged a dead game in a hurry, originally to remove her suspicion, but saved the person she most wanted to kill.

Technical appraisal revealed that the brakes of the Eagle’s Nest car were artificially damaged. Penicillin was injected into the blood of the corpse. Longchuan reported to the Eagle Nest that the brakes were naturally aging. The driver was a drug addict. He was injected with morphine because of the poison and inadvertently saved them. Life. At this time, Jiu Chao received a call from Gu Minzhang, saying that he had found an abnormal account of a certain high-ranking official in Nanjing and asked Jiu Chao to meet in Qiuzhuang.

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