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The Message 风声 Episode 35 Recap

When Gu Xiaomeng came to Pan Hanqing’s house, he was sitting there and had no food. Gu Xiaomeng told Pan Hanqing that he had asked Commander Zhang to help them track down the whereabouts of the oriole. Commander Zhang had always been obsessed with Qiuzhuang’s treasure, as long as he believed that Commander Qian found the treasure and made the transfer through the oriole, he will do his best to catch the oriole.

Pan Hanqing felt that finding the oriole would be of no avail. Gu Xiaomeng told him: The old gun is a secret of the CCP, and he and his father are military spies. Pan Hanqing definitely does not want his sister’s life protection to be exposed to herself in the end.

Pan Hanqing told Gu Xiaomeng about the discovery that Li Ningyu had joined the Communist Party: Ten years ago, according to Xu Enzeng’s order, he arrested Lu Xunzhang, the underground party of the Communist Party of China, at the Lanxin Theater. That day, Lu Xunzhang wanted to see a new downline, but Pan Hanqing saw it.

Li Ningyu, he was worried that Li Ningyu would be in danger together, so he decisively gave up the task of capturing Lu Xunzhang and undermined Jin’s plan to make fire. He guessed that Jin Shenghuo must also know the reason, so he then tried every means to use the conflict between Xu Enzeng and Dai Li to kill Jin Shenghuo, but he did not expect that instead of killing Jin Shenghuo, he forced him to defect to Japan.

By mistake, he became Li Ningyu’s boss. Now my sister used his life to trade Gu Xiaomeng from Qiuzhuang. He couldn’t watch Xiaomeng jumping into the fire pit. Xiaomeng’s father had nowhere to escape, but Gu Xiaomeng could escape from the hell on earth. Gu Xiaomeng said that as an espionage officer, he would have lived on a cipher ship all his life. She would definitely complete the last task of Jade Sister for her. I hope Pan Hanqing will not stop her.

Longchuan airborne as the new chief of the Confidential Department of the General Headquarters of Suppression. Commander Zhang was very displeased. Gu Xiaomeng wondered that Qiu Zhuang ghost hunting was the Japanese in order to replace him, but Long Chuan, as the deputy chief of the secret service, suddenly became the chief of the confidential department. Commander Zhang told Gu Xiaomeng that Long Chuan had attacked Mitsui Shouichi at the Japanese military headquarters yesterday and was detained.

The two analyzed the person who shot Doihara by Long Chuan, but the punishment was only transferred to a confidential place, indicating that Long Chuan had a position behind. The master with hands and eyes open to the sky is the backer. Commander Zhang felt that if the Japanese did this directly at Chairman Wang, Gu Xiaomeng’s father would not be spared.

He asked Gu Xiaomeng to think about whether he had ever inquired about the headquarters in Qiuzhuang Longchuan, and whether Wu Zhiguo had mentioned anything during the trial. Gu Xiaomeng stood up and said that he was a prisoner to be tried in Qiuzhuang. If Longchuan really had a purpose or a backer, the commander asked himself why he should ask Director Wang.

Longchuan and Tiefu Eagle Nest met in the West Lake. Eagle Nest asked him if he had found what they were looking for after destroying a talented decipher. The Longchuan Report has searched every part of Qiuzhuang, and the people related to Qiu Zhengen have also been interrogated.

No one has seen this treasure, nor has any valuable clues. He suspects that this treasure is Fake, never existed. Jiu Nest firmly believes that rumors will not be spread for no reason. The treasure stolen by Qiu Zhengen is the biggest aid that the Chinese Kuomintang’s predecessor Union League has received from the empire. Only evidence of the existence of Qiuzhuang’s treasure can be found.

Early transactions can be made public, and the credit of the ruling party in this country can go bankrupt. This is the most beautiful destruction for Japan. Jiujiao brought a photo of his son Zhengnan to Longchuan, saying that the child had entered the academy under his arrangement, and he could not see that he was half of Chinese ancestry.

The eagle received a secret letter from the organization in the staff dormitory. The letter said: Immediately wake up and execute the No. 3 action plan on behalf of the old man. He is extremely happy.

After Longchuan arrived at the confidential office, he vacated Commander Zhang. Even the personnel transfer required his signature to take effect. He disagreed with Commander Zhang to transfer Wang Tianxiang to the front line, and tore up the personnel appointment he had signed.

The eagle called to tell Longchuan that he was awakened by the organization, and the two arranged to meet at the old place at 8 o’clock in the evening. After hanging up the phone, Gu Xiaomeng came in, and Longchuan formally appointed her as the chief of the intelligence section. He also suggested that his teacher, Jiu Nest, arrived in Hangzhou and wanted to meet Gu Xiaomeng’s father. Gu Xiaomeng claimed that he had broken away from his father-daughter relationship with his father two days ago.

He kicked himself out of the house because Qiu Zhuang caught ghosts and let his father. Frightened, he asked himself to resign from the headquarters and no longer engage in espionage work, Xiao Meng did not agree. Long Chuan said that he would let his teacher convince her father.

Longchuan gave Eagle a shot of penicillin. Eagle excitedly told him that he was awakened by the organization, reminding Longchuan not to agree to his terms when the time comes. Longchuan and Lingmei know their secrets. If they break their promise, kill them. Up him. Longchuan promised the Eagle that if he could find the old gun tomorrow, he would definitely arrange a meeting with his younger brother. Before leaving, he specifically asked the Eagle not to forget to inject the second one tomorrow.

The Eagle found that the second injection does not have a batch number. Longchuan explained that the trustee used a lot of money. There is no mark for safety. Longchuan returned to the road and found someone following him. He shot that person. After Longchuan left, the eagle injected a second injection into the bird, and the bird died instantly.

Gu Minzhang asked his daughter to meet with the Japanese naval headquarters, saying that her daughter had announced that she had severed her relationship and could only meet outside. Xiaomeng explained that because the teacher in Longchuan wanted to see him, Gu Minzhang told her daughter that the Marquis of Tetsuo Washosui was After the feudal lord, his grandmother was the daughter of Emperor Xiao Ming. He wanted to see that he had to see him.

Gu Xiaomeng was worried that his father was in danger. Gu Xiaomeng guessed that the backer behind Longchuan was the Marquis of Jiu’s nest. Gu Minzhang said that war needs materials and he is Suhang. Ship King, it’s normal for the Japanese Marquis to see himself. He asked Xiaomeng what he had done in the headquarters for three days. Xiaomeng did not want to say more about getting up and leaving. Gu Minzhang reminded his daughter: Li Ningyu’s unfinished tasks should not be overwhelming.

When Gu Xiaomeng walked out of the Navy Club, she suddenly remembered that when Li Ningyu asked her to pay her father’s money, he had said that he had known that he should exchange the banknotes for gold in Qiuzhuang. Back at home, Gu Xiaomeng checked the gold exchange rate on the day he entered Qiuzhuang.

At this time, Wang Tianxiang knocked on the door and asked Gu Xiaomeng to save herself. After Xiaomeng opened the door and saw that Wang Tianxiang was injured, Wang Tianxiang said that Longchuan wanted to kill himself, but he would not let it. Going to the front line by himself did not want him to leave Longchuan’s sight.

After Wang Tianxiang was shot by Longchuan, he was sure that the treasure was still in Qiuzhuang. At first he thought that Longchuan was really going to catch the old ghost, but then he finally figured it out. Everyone who died in Qiuzhuang had something to do with Qiuzhuang: Jin Shenghuo was related to the owner of Qiuzhuang, Li Ningyu once rescued Wu Zhiguo who was the Qiuzhuang killer, and Bai Xiaonian was the young master of the Qiu family, so Longchuan could not let it go. Anyone who has been in contact with Qiuzhuang’s secrets, including himself and Gu Xiaomeng. Gu Xiaomeng said that in this case, it is better for them to set up a game to kill Longchuan first.

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