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The Message 风声 Episode 34 Recap

Gu Xiaomeng returned to the Intelligence Department of the headquarters and was full of emotion when he saw that things were wrong. Zhao Xiaoman satirized Gu Xiaomeng and killed other colleagues in order to survive. The two were arguing, and Commander Zhang came, and he invited Gu Xiaomeng to dinner at his home to suppress his shock.

Long Chuan went to the military department to see Commander Matsui. In the corridor, he took the initiative to greet the old man in the military department, but no one answered him. Longchuan applied to report to Matsui the results of the investigation of the CCP spy Laogui case, and the secretary instructed him to report the case to Shouichi Mitsui.

Mitsui told Ryukawa that he must have never expected to persuade Commander Matsui to transfer himself back to the Japanese headquarters for review, but gave him a chance to appeal, which convinced Doihara that Mitsui’s disposition on the cipher ship was not at fault, and because he successfully cracked the two. Daienigmaji, promoted to two levels to replace Morita’s lack.

Mitsui looked at Longchuan’s investigation report and believed that he convicted Li Ningyu as an old ghost and believed that she assassinated Morita was simply absurd, because Li Ningyu was injured in his right hand and couldn’t even hold the knife. Ryukawa arrogantly said that the task of their secret service is to clean up criminals and spies. Mitsui should go to the gendarmerie to kill such trivial matters.

If you are not satisfied with the results of your investigation, you can apply to Commander Matsui to restart the investigation. It was almost killed, how to investigate, Long Chuan said that he could find the answer from the corpses of four people, and he provocatively said that Mitsui’s promotion to two ranks was still an idiot. Mitsui sarcastically said that the son of a prostitute is not worth doing it himself. Longchuan thought that by forging a file, he could become a truly noble imperial soldier like Morita and himself.

The fact is that no one in this headquarters wants to be with Longchuan. Speak, because everyone knows that his life experience is the bastard of a prostitute, a bastard who doesn’t even know who his father is! Morita was furious and pushed Mitsui on the table. After the guard came in, Morita had already torn Mitsui’s tongue.

For dinner, the housekeeper Zhao said that Xiaomeng had left in Commander Zhang’s car at night, and Gu Minzhang said that he would go home safely. Commander Zhang told Gu Xiaomeng that he had done his best about Qiuzhuang, and Gu Xiaomeng comforted Commander Zhang not to blame himself. After all, Longchuan found the old ghost from the five of them.

Commander Zhang told her that there were no ghosts in the headquarters, and the Japanese spy agencies were using ghosts to fight ghosts. The Japanese intelligence system in China consists of the secret service, the intelligence department, and the special high school. These three organizations are fighting for power.

Gu Xiaomeng has also heard that the Japanese secret service and the intelligence department are incompatible. No wonder they entered Qiuzhuang and thought they were investigating the murder of Morita. In the case, it was unexpected that Longchuan would be investigating the old ghost of the CCP spy. Commander Zhang told Xiaomeng that at most one or two people would be eliminated to find the assassin.

However, to find a heavyweight CCP spy, the Intelligence Department and even the headquarters could not keep it. Gu Xiaomeng suggested that Li Ningyu’s password hidden in his suicide note was seen by himself. Commander Zhang told her that the suicide note was not necessarily written by Li Ningyu, and Gu Xiaomeng blamed herself for wronging Li Ningyu.

Commander Zhang said that the Japanese would not be assured of having people like Jin Shenghuo and Li Ningyu in the hands of the Chinese, so the secret service used the investigation of the Morita case as an excuse to investigate the CCP spies and old ghosts in the headquarters. This could destroy them. The headquarters can also attack the Intelligence Department. It can be described as killing two birds with one stone. Therefore, Li Ningyu and others are destined to not leave Qiuzhuang alive. Whether Gu Xiaomeng has reported her will be the same.

Gu Xiaomeng was able to leave Qiuzhuang because they had spared the face of Chairman Wang and Chairman Gu, but now the confidentiality is completely empty, and his report to fill the vacancy was posted early but not approved. This shows that they are leaving the Japanese manpower. It’s not far to reach in. Commander Zhang asked Gu Xiaomeng to think about that Bai Xiaonian, Jin Shenghuo and Wu Zhiguo had not mentioned anything unusual to the Japanese.

Gu Xiao dreamed: Wang Tianxiang said that Bai Xiaonian was tortured to the end and said that Commander Qian had indeed found the treasure of Qiuzhuang. , But was taken away. But he doesn’t know who exactly it is. This shows that Longchuan also attaches great importance to this treasure, otherwise Bai Xiaonian would not make up this lie to save his life. It’s just that Longchuan was supposed to catch the old ghost, but now it seems to be here.

Treasure hunt. Commander Zhang felt that Bai Xiaonian’s remarks were not credible. If Qiu Zhuang really had a treasure, Commander Qian wanted to move away, it would be impossible not to tell the truth, but Gu Xiaomeng said Commander Qian did such a secretive thing, he might not use the commander, Longchuan During the interrogation of Wu Zhiguo, Commander Zeng tried to arrange an eyeliner of his own in the underground party of the CCP. The codename was Yellow Bird. No one in the entire headquarters knew about this. So this person may be the most important transfer of Qiuzhuang treasure. Good candidates.

Longchuan was put in confinement, and he asked the guards if there was a boat from the Ministry of the Interior from Shanghai to Hangzhou at 5:30 tomorrow, there would be no need to prepare meals tomorrow.

After Gu Xiaomeng returned home, her father was waiting for her on the first floor. Gu Xiaomeng was going to move to the headquarters’ dormitory, because during their time in Qiuzhuang, the headquarters’ secret electricity was piled up like a mountain, and it was more convenient for her to work overtime there. And living in the headquarters, she can integrate into everyone to get more information.

Gu Minzhang asked what Commander Zhang had said to Gu Xiaomeng in the evening. Xiaomeng said it had nothing to do with the task. Gu Minzhang bluntly said that although he didn’t know what his daughter had experienced in Qiuzhuang, he felt that her daughter was getting farther and farther away from him after returning home.

Gu Xiaomeng claimed that the biggest difference between her father and Li Ningyu as an espionage agent was that she could not eliminate the influence of emotions on reason. After thinking about it day and night, she finally realized that her biggest weakness was not emotional, but because she was too dependent on her father.

In Qiuzhuang, Longchuan pressed on every step of the way, Li Ningyu saw through her identity, Gu Xiaomeng was confident, because she always believed that her father would come to save herself, so she regarded life and death as an adventure game until Li Ningyu died. She understood: an excellent spy is a desperado on the run. Without friends and protectors, heaven and hell can only be broken into by one person. In addition, if she moved out, her father would have room for maneuver.

Commander Zhang asked his subordinates to find out that Longchuan mentioned the word oriole during the trial in Qiuzhuang, and Bai Xiaonian shot two people on the day when he went out in Qiuzhuang, one was Li Ningyu’s fake husband, Pan Hanqing. The identity of the other person is unknown. Wang Tianxiang was on the scene and caught Bai Xiaonian at the time, but he did not trace the origin of this person afterwards.

Therefore, Longchuan and Wang Tianxiang must know this person. Commander Zhang ordered his men to keep an eye on Wang Tianxiang and find a way. Find out the identity of this person and grab him by all means. At this moment, the underground CCP intelligence agent Eagle went to the hospital after being injured. He saw guards everywhere and hurriedly hid.

Gu Xiaomeng handed the deciphered secret telegram to Director Liu for signature, but Director Liu only accepted it and refused to sign, saying that when the new Director took office, he would forward it for signature. Gu Xiaomeng was worried about delaying the work of suppressing communism, and Director Liu told her to Captain Liu of the Action Team After arresting people from the hospital, Commander Zhang ordered: Closely monitor the personnel who came to the hospital and clinic to treat injuries and buy medicines, and arrest them as soon as they are suspicious.

When Gu Xiaomeng came back and saw Zhao Xiaoman swaggering out to make a haircut, she went to the cake shop and bought a piece of cake to see Pan Hanqing, but Wang Tianxiang chased him upstairs first, saying that Gu Xiaomeng was going up now to die. Gu Xiaomeng said that she would pass Pan Hanqing found the old gun.

People in the confidential department said that Li Ningyu was bitten out by herself. She killed the old ghost of the underground party. If she didn’t find the old gun, she couldn’t live. Wang Tianxiang asked Gu Xiaomeng to leave the matter of tracing the old gun to himself. Gu Xiaomeng claimed that he grabbed the old gun for meritorious service and he was to save his life.

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