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My Best Friend’s Story 流金岁月 Episode 28 Recap

Mother Jiang did not agree to meet, so that the old grandmother was quite disappointed. Zhu Suosuo saw her sitting alone in the room holding the photo and felt very sad. So the next day, she went to the hotel to find Mother Jiang and others, and told her grandmother truthfully. Things to see off at the airport. Jiang’s mother was dissatisfied with Zhu Suosuo’s advocacy, but Dai Qian thought that everyone should talk about it when necessary, and there is no need to continue to hold hatred and stay away from each other.

Zhu Suosuo and Jiang Nansun left the hotel and happened to see Wang Yongzheng in the parking lot, especially when they found Yuan Yuan got out of the passenger seat. Yuan Yuan deliberately mentioned in front of Wang Yong that Jiang Nansun and Li Yifan were considering the house in Miyuan. Zhu Suosuo saw Yuan Yuan’s green tea scheming, and directly dragged her to the back seat, and took the initiative to give up the passenger seat to Jiang Nansun. Yuan Yuan straightened her position with various beatings in the car.

After Yuan Yuan got off the car, Zhu Suosuo bluntly stated that Yuan Yuan liked Wang Yongzheng, and therefore warned Wang Yongzheng not to bother. Jiang Nansun didn’t expect Yuan Yuan to go with Wang Yongzheng. Considering that the two were still in the initial stage of acquaintance, Zhu Suosuo repeatedly urged Jiang Nansun to beware of Yuan Yuan.

On the day of the flight, the old grandmother was dressed neatly and ready to set off, unexpectedly Jiang Nansun offered to take the old grandmother to the airport. Jiang’s mother asked Paul to board the plane to avoid the old grandmother, and then waited alone until he saw the old grandmother appear in front of him.

The old mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are no more sentimental until now. The old grandmother opened up Jiang Nansun to talk with Jiang’s mother. Jiang’s mother still resented the old grandmother. At the same time, she regretted that Jiang Nansun would take care of two elderly people in the future, and she endured the two old people watching each other. Not used to life. The old grandmother understands that Jiang’s mother is not talking, so she lowers her posture and actively seeks peace, hoping that Jiang’s mother can return to China at any time and not blindly avoid herself.

Zhu Suosuo decided to find Ye Jinyan out of town, and while packing his luggage, he imagined the romance that Ye Jinyan had prepared for him. Jiang Nansun told her not to dream. Sure enough, as Jiang Nansun expected, Zhu Suosuo embarked on the journey of chasing love, but it was not good during the period, especially when she learned that Ye Jinyan had already arrived at the destination, coupled with the intrigue and acquaintance of the man next to her, it made her both depressed and disgusting.

Jiang Nansun took Li Yifan and others to sign at the sales office, and happened to see Yuan Yuan being humiliated in public by picky clients. Yuan Yuan thought that Jiang Nansun took away her list and was hit hard. She maliciously speculated on Jiang Nansun’s kindness and couldn’t help but reprimand. But when Jiang Nansun left, Yuan Yuan learned that Jiang Nansun actually counted Li Yifan’s house purchase performance on her, and instantly understood that Jiang Nansun was wrongly blamed.

Xie Hongzu learned that Zhu Suosuo was not far away to find Ye Jinyan, so Wang Yongzheng urged him to drive overnight to the city where Zhu Suosuo was located. Seeing that Wang Yongzheng was like this, Jiang Nansun was about to send a message to Zhu Suosuo, but Wang Yongzheng took away his mobile phone.

Zhu Suosuo pretended to “encounter” Ye Jinyan, who was on a business investigation abroad, but he did not expect that Ye Jinyan would give Zhu Suosuo a few books and asked Zhu Suosuo to write a copy of the inspection, so as to return to the essence. Zhu Suosuo knew the company’s regulations that no dating was allowed, so she handed her resignation letter to Ye Jinyan, and did not hesitate to confess her love to him.

Ye Jinyan felt Zhu Suosuo’s affection, and he asked Fan Jingang to tactfully tell Zhu Suosuo that he could come to him as long as he had any needs in the future, whether it was money or work, but other than that, I hope Zhu Suosuo would not think too much about things related to feelings.

Li Yifan took the initiative to find Jiang Nansun and asked her to help decorate the house. Jiang Nansun was troubled by frequent calls from creditors to call for debts. Li Yifan saw that Jiang Nansun was so strong and persuaded her to inform Wang Yongzheng of the situation. It may be a good thing to have one more person to bear. Jiang Nansun felt that Wang Yongzheng’s world did not have these things, and at the same time wanted him to purely pursue his dreams.

Xie Hongzu appeared at Zhu Suosuo’s hotel, bluntly saying that Zhu Suosuo liked old men because of lack of paternal love, and even took out a ring to propose to her. Zhu Suosuo believed that Xie Hongzu was too easy to obtain from childhood, so he did not care about the consequences and acted recklessly. Xie Zuhong was hurt by her determination and left with the ring.

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