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My Best Friend’s Story 流金岁月 Episode 27 Recap

Jiang’s mother returned to China with her fiance Paul and his sister Dai Qian. Jiang Nansun proposed to have a dinner at night. Wang Yongzheng and Dai Qian drove to buy ingredients. On the way, they couldn’t help asking about her friendship with Ye Jinyan and Tang Xin, and hoped that Dai Qian Can help persuade Jiang Nansun to join Jingyan Group.

At the dinner table, Paul said frankly that he would go abroad to settle after he got married. He might not be able to return to his country for a long time, so this meal is both a reunion and a farewell. Jiang’s mother worried that Jiang Nansun could not accept it, but Jiang Nansun hoped that Jiang’s mother would be happy, so she didn’t care.

Zhu Suosuo accompany her grandmother to dinner. During the dinner, the grandmother talked about her sisters, especially when she learned that one of them had passed away, she couldn’t help feeling a little sad. Zhu Suosuo couldn’t bear to deceive the old grandmother, to test whether she wanted to see Jiang’s mother. After hearing this, the old grandmother keenly realized that Jiang’s mother had returned to China, so she asked Zhu Suosuo to make an appointment for dinner tomorrow.

Ye Jinyan couldn’t get away because of the board meeting. Dai Qian felt Ye Jinyan’s recent work pressure. Wang Yongzheng hopes that Jiang’s mother can help persuade Jiang Nansun to work in Jingyan Group. Dai Qian analyzes the library project. Ye Jinyan can continue the library project. The main reason is that Tang Xin can help him make money.

Wang Yongzheng did not expect that Dai Qian would also know Tang Xin. He wanted to understand the past of the two. It happened that Jiang’s mother did not shy away from it. She mentioned that in the early days of Ye Jinyan’s entrepreneurship, Dai Qian and Tang Xin worked together. Later, she faced two choices, Dai Qian. Resolutely choose to quit.

After Jiang Nansun returned home, he truthfully stated that Jiang’s mother had returned to China and believed that Jiang’s mother had the right to choose happiness. The old grandmother wanted to see Jiang’s mother, but Jiang Nansun was worried about the conflict between the two meeting, and simply showed the photo to the old grandma. Seeing a strange man standing next to Jiang’s mother, the old grandmother knew it well, and then went back to the room alone without saying a word.

Because Jiang Nansun refused the request of the old grandmother, Zhu Suosuo felt uncomfortable. It happened that the phone rang at this time and Jiang Nansun hung up the phone decisively because of his busyness. Jiang Nansun took out Yuan Yuan’s business card and talked about the situation encountered at the sales office today. Although she recognized Yuan Yuan’s false identity on the spot, she did not reveal it directly. Zhu Suosuo worried that Yuan Yuan had ulterior motives, so he reminded Jiang Nansun to pay more attention.

The next day, Yuan Yuan took the initiative to find Jiang Nansun. She was promoted to manager smoothly, so she had to complete the transaction of three houses. In order to sell the house, Yuan Yuan would rather give Jiang Nansun half of the commission, and hoped that she would keep her past secret, but Jiang Nansun did not agree.

Dai Qian helped Wang Yong as a lobbyist, thinking that even if Jiang Nansun did not want to participate in the library project, she hoped that she could work in Jingyan Group. After all, women have a limited golden period in the workplace, and it is the right decision to follow the right talents in a limited time. . Considering the pressure of reality, Jiang Nansun could only refuse Dai Qian’s proposal again.

Zhu Suosuo was entrusted by his grandmother, so he asked Jiang Nansun about the time when Jiang’s mother was leaving. Jiang Nansun wanted Zhu Suosuo to ask about the newly-developed real estate Miyuan by Jingyan Group. Zhu Suosuo asked Fan Jingang for help. At the beginning, Fan Jingang didn’t want to be nosy, but when he heard about Yuan Yuan’s calculation of Jiang Nansun, he immediately agreed to Zhu Suosuo with a sense of justice. .

Yuan Yuan asked Li Yifan and the two bosses to sign the contract with the lowest discount. It happened that Jiang Nansun called and reminded them not to sign the contract for the time being, and there would be a lower discount, and then brought Fan Jingang to the sales department. Yuan Yuan looked dissatisfied when seeing Jiang Nansun leading someone out of bad things, and even regarded Fan Jingang as a competitor, calling him the old man.

Fan Jingang passed directly over Yuan Yuan, packed up a ticket with Li Yifan, and promised to lower the contract price by 30,000 to 50,000. When the sales manager saw Fan Jingang, he immediately came over to show his courtesy. Seeing that the duck in her hand flew, Yuan Yuan’s smile she tried to keep broke down. It wasn’t until Fan Jingang took everyone to leave the sales department that she realized that she had offended the top of Jingyan Group.

Zhu Suosuo thanked Fan Jingang for fixing the discount and learned that Ye Jinyan personally approved the discount. Fan Jingang gave Zhu Suosuo the itinerary of Ye Jinyan’s trips to various libraries, stating that since Zhu Suosuo left Jingyan Group, Ye Jinyan had a lot of ties to her, and Zhu Suosuo was moved by the words and decided to “tracing her husband a thousand miles.”

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