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Monarch Industry 上阳赋 Episode 5 Recap

Zidan found the emperor and took the initiative to plead guilty for beating the prince. The emperor did not blame him. Zidan asked the emperor to make a formal decree to marry him and Wang Yan. The emperor looked at Zidan and asked if Wang Yan was the only love in his life. Tan gave the emperor a sure answer without hesitation. The emperor also said that everyone knows that the one who wins the Wang family will win the world, and Zidan wants to marry Wang Yan. Is it also for the world?

Zidan replied that Wang Yan is his world. The emperor is very satisfied with Zidan and promised to On the birthday next month, he made a decree, but hoped that Zidan would not regret it, so Zidan quickly saluted and thanked him.

Wang Lin went to Xiao Qi’s mansion to thank him, but he actually came to form an alliance with Xiao Qi. In order to show his sincerity in the alliance, Wang Lin proposed to marry Wang Yan to Xiao Qi, but Xiao Qi refused on the grounds that he came from a poor family. Wang Lin, Wang Lin is not in a hurry. He only said that he had visited the thatched cottage three times in ancient times, and he would come to Xiao Qi again. I hope that next time, Xiao Qi can promise himself.

After Wang Lin left, Song Huai’en’s Xiao Qi repeatedly refused Wang Lin and was a little puzzled. Xiao Qi was very cautious. He knew that there would be no great things falling on him out of thin air. Xiao Qi also ordered Song Huaien to put The gifts from Wang Lin were distributed to the families of the soldiers who died this time.

After Wang Chang learned that Xie Wanru was going to marry the prince, he felt a little guilty. He always felt that he had harmed Xie Wanru, but Xie Wanru had already wanted to do it. It is better to marry the prince than to marry Xiao Qi. That’s the fate, even Shi Wang Yan, can’t escape this fate. After Wang Yan returned to the mansion, Zidan set a light outside the wall to meet with Wang Yan, and told her the good news of the emperor’s marriage next month. Wang Yan was delighted, and worried because of Xie Wanru’s words.

Soon, the prince and Xie Wanru finished their marriage in a hurry, but on the wedding night, the two of them were not happy. The prince thought that Xie Wanru was still blaming himself, but Xie Wanru said that he had accepted his fate, and later regarded the prince as himself. All of the prince was moved a little, and he no longer rejected Xie Wanru so much.

In the suburbs, the second prince Zilu secretly went to a mansion to meet with Huan Gong. From the conversation between the two of them, he learned that from Gu Yong’s killing to Xie Wanru being insulted by the prince, Zilu was operating behind the scenes, and the emperor and the king Both the Xie family didn’t put Zi Li in their eyes, neither suspected him, and they also learned that Wang Lin was a little overwhelmed to do it, so they decided to sit in the dark and watch the tiger fight.

Wang Lin secretly entered the palace and gave the long-lost Jade Seal to the Prince, and asked the Prince to take the Jade Seal to win the emperor’s favor. The Prince was overjoyed and listened to Wang Lin’s words. Wang Lin asked the Prince to quickly find the emperor to offer the jade seal. The emperor was overjoyed when he saw the Jade Seal of Chuanguo, and he was busy ordering people to bring the wine. The emperor did not drink a few cups, but suddenly fell down.

Several people nearby hurriedly summoned the imperial doctor. After the imperial doctor’s diagnosis and treatment, it was discovered that the emperor had been infected with aconitosis. Although there is no life worry, because the emperor has taken the pill for many years, the poisonous stagnation in the body can only be resolved slowly. When the emperor will wake up is still unknown.

Because the emperor was poisoned in Xie Guifei’s palace, the queen asked if Xie Guifei had poisoned the emperor. The doctor said that there was no poison in Xie Guifei’s wine. Instead, there was a medicine on the jade seal. Wang Lin had a look on his face. Changed, saying that since the wine is non-toxic, take a sip. If you die, the imperial physician’s family will be buried. The imperial physician heard Wang Lin’s threat, and quickly changed his words to say that Xie Guifei’s wine was poisonous.

The queen also understood the situation. The poisoning was done by Wang Lin. Seeing that the imperial doctor was interested, he asked the imperial doctor to quit. Wang Lin told the queen that she had two ways to go now. One was to tell the officials that he was responsible for the poison, so that the Wang family would copy and cut it. The other was to pour dirty water on Concubine Xie.

The emperor was seriously ill and the prince was in charge of the country. As the regent, Wang Lin suppressed the Xie family, then looked for a chance to win the tiger talisman, and formed an alliance with Xiao Qi, and concentrated his military power in the Wang clan. Soon after the emperor a hundred years, the prince will succeed to the throne.

The queen naturally chose the second way. Soon, before the emperor’s sickbed, Wang Lin announced that Concubine Xie was poisoned. The Queen also cooperated with Wang Lin to imprison Concubine Xie. It happened that Wang Lin was also in the palace and she tried her best to protect her. Concubine Xie was dragged away by Wang Lin. As soon as Wang Yan left, Xiao Qi brought someone to escort him.

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