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Monarch Industry 上阳赋 Episode 4 Recap

Xiao Qi stepped forward and gave an order to give thanks, and the emperor beat Xiao Qi again with words, saying that he was the first king of a different surname in Dacheng, hoping that Xiao Qi could always be his loyal minister, and Xiao Qi naturally responded. After Xiao Qi was canonized, the banquet officially began. Zidan took the initiative to find Xiao Qi to toast, and thanked him for his life-saving grace that day.

The prince and Zilu saw that Zidan and Xiao Qi were close, and they were a little dissatisfied. After a while, The prince hurriedly left, went to Huaguang Hall, and drove all the servants out, and lit incense in the hall. Soon after the prince left, Xiao Qi felt a little bored in the hall, so he quietly left the banquet and went outside the hall to breathe air.

Here Wang Yan followed the maidservant beside the queen, and suddenly realized that she was not leading the way to the queen’s palace. The maid replied that the queen was in Huaguang Hall today, and Wang Yan could only follow the maid to go forward. Wang Zhang was taken to the Huaguang Hall where the prince was.

The servant girl waited for Wang Zhang to enter, and then had the door of the hall locked. When Wang Zhang entered the hall, he called the queen, but found that the prince was undressed and Xie Wanru on the bed. Wang Zhang was taken aback and ran out of the hall.

The prince found Wang Yan and chased him. The door outside was locked. Wang Yan couldn’t open the door. He was startled and scared when he saw the prince chasing him. The prince was also panicked. Only then did he realize that it was not Wang Yan who had just been in his bed. The prince approached Wang Yan step by step. Wang Yan resisted desperately and climbed out of the tree beside the palace wall.

The prince begged Wang Yan bitterly. Wang Yan wanted to escape, but he slipped and fell off the wall. In his heart, he prayed that Zi Dan would rush to save himself, but things went against his wish. It was Xiao Qi who was breathing outside the hall to catch her. Wang Yan was surprised in his heart. Before she could ask more, he fainted.

On the other side, the queen’s handmaid hurriedly reported the prince and Xie Wanru’s affairs to the queen. The queen panicked and hurried to the Huaguang Temple with someone. Xie Wan was also very scared at this time. She was taken to Huaguang Hall by a maid who falsely preached the queen’s will.

As soon as she entered the door, she was regarded as frivolous by the prince. The emperor and Concubine Xie soon knew about Xie Wanru being insulted by the prince. Several people rushed to the Huaguang Hall. The prince knelt on one side and kept slapping himself in the face. Xie Wanru hid in Concubine Xie’s arms and wept bitterly, and the queen replaced the prince.

Speaking, there must be a misunderstanding about this matter, and the prince was also on the sidelines, saying that he had mistaken Xie Wanru for Wang Yan. When the queen saw the prince, he wanted to say something, but if he was angry, the emperor looked at the prince very much. Upset, promised that Concubine Xie would give her an explanation and ordered Xue Daoan to deal with the palace people who had been to Huaguang Temple.

This matter is temporarily announced. When the queen was teaching the prince in the palace, Wang Lin suddenly came. Wang Lin stepped forward without saying a word and slapped the prince heavily. The queen hurriedly interceded for the prince and made Wang Lin a hundred years of the Wang family. For Jiye’s sake, Wang Lin calmed down a bit, but he warned the prince that if he did anything bad, the Wang family would no longer support him.

After all, Wang Lin asked the prince to marry Xie Wanru immediately and let Xie Wanru be his prince. Zidan waited until the prince was out of the palace, then drank and retreated, beat the prince severely, and warned the prince not to pester Wang Yan anymore. After knowing that the prince was beaten by the quilt, the queen wanted to vent her anger for the prince, but the prince persuaded the queen to calm down.

Wang Yan was frightened. After returning home, the fever persisted. The eldest princess was personally guarded by Wang Yan. When Wang Lin saw the eldest princess lying on the bed, worried that she would catch a cold, he quietly put a cloak on her.

Everyone thinks that the emperor is keen on cultivating Taoism, but in fact, the emperor used the name of cultivating Taoism to talk about his inner thoughts with Taoist priests who will not let go. The emperor now regrets that he used the power of the royal family to sit on the throne. I love the prince, but the prince is a member of the royal family, and his mind is simple, and he can’t hide even a strategy. The emperor can’t worry about passing the throne to the prince. He originally wanted the Xie family and Xiao Qi to marry the prince to contain the Wang family. The prince was ruined, so he could only take this opportunity to make a decisive decision.

Wang Xu found the fragrance ordered by the prince at Huaguang Hall, and he also knew that a palace lady brought Xie Wanru into Huaguang Hall, but the palace lady did not see anyone or the corpse. Wang Lin listened to Wang Xu’s report. I was even more puzzled. Judging from the current situation, the person who benefited from this incident was neither the Wang Xie family nor the emperor.

Wang Lin asked Wang Xu to continue his investigation and must catch the person behind the scenes. In addition, Wang Lin learned the news that the emperor had already moved his heart to save the prince, and soon he was going to impose an edict to abolish the prince.

Wang Lin had already figured out a countermeasure. When he was discussing with Wang Xu, he suddenly found someone outside the house, Wang Lin. With a loud shout, Wang Xu hurried forward to check, only to find that it was the eldest princess who opened the door and came in. The eldest princess had been eavesdropping outside the door for a long time, but she pretended to be a newcomer, and greeted Wang Xu calmly.

Xie Yuan was very dissatisfied with his daughter’s marriage to the prince. The emperor could only do his best to comfort him, saying that he would compensate the Xie family in the future. The emperor also felt that there was still a behind-the-scenes in the Huaguang Palace, so Xie Yuan stepped up the investigation.

The emperor went to find the queen and the prince again, gave the prince and Xie Wanru a marriage, and warned them that this was the last chance he gave them. The queen didn’t appreciate it, thinking that the emperor was just trying to maintain the royal face. Seeing that the two were arguing again, the prince knelt down and confessed his mistake, and the two broke up again.

After Wang Lin returned to the mansion, he told Wang Yan that Xie Wanru was going to marry the prince. He also said that Xiao Qi saved Wang Yan at that time, and Wang Yan hadn’t thanked him yet, so he would come forward to ask Xiao Qi to thank him.

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