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Love Script 她和他的恋爱剧本 Episode 19 Recap

Luo Kaihuai hesitated for a long time, and finally released Zhu Xuanwen from the blacklist and transferred the book money to him. Such a subtle move meant that their relationship seemed to gradually become brighter. After all, Zhu Xuanwen was very happy when he received the money. It is hard to imagine that he is a big boss in charge of the fate of the group.

Dave started the difficult copy of chasing his wife. He specially dressed himself up and appeared downstairs in Linda’s company. The reason for his appearance was that a good man should be responsible. This is equivalent to touching Linda’s inverse scales, and all she wants comes out because of love.

Dave Zhu Xuanwen, two tragic men with difficult emotional journeys, complained endlessly to the drunken song, and they will fight with a new face tomorrow after they have finished their boredom. The next day Zhu Xuanwen went to pick up Luo Kaihuai to the children’s orphanage. This was a great time for him to show his courtesy. The result was very unsuccessful. Because Luo’s father notified Zhu Li early in the morning, his uncle and nephew were extremely jealous when they met, and Zhu Xuanwen fought him in the car.

The two drove two cars to pick up the same Luo Kaihuai. This was obviously a waste. So Zhu Xuanwen was wronged to be the driver. Zhu Li and Luo Kaihuai were sitting in the back row. This made him very upset, so he looked for it halfway. After getting Zhu Li to drive, Luo Kaihuai followed Zhu Li in the front passenger seat. The two in the front row talked and laughed, leaving Zhu Xuanwen alone in the back, looking redundant and invisible.

When they finally arrived at the children’s orphanage, the three people were inspired by the innocence in the hearts of these lovely children. Zhu Li would play the piano for the children, and Zhu Xuanwen would draw them a mighty Monkey King and explain it to them. It’s just that what she said resonated with something in Luo Kaihuai’s memory, which was her fear when she was a child.

A little boy told her about Luo Lianyi’s rescue of Zhu Xuanwen while drawing and painting. After that, her calf was stuck and bleeding. That was the source of all her fears. She was scared when she thought of it, and it was difficult to calm herself for a while. At night, Luo Kaihuai remembered how Zhu Xuanwen was concerned during the day, and was upset about his thoughts, so he resolutely got up and wrote a project book, putting away distracting thoughts.

This project plan was written for those left-behind children. Linda also became her partner. She took it back the next day and made a second revision. The revision process did not seem to go well because of Dave’s visit. He said that he didn’t bring the key to climb the stairs from her back to his balcony. Linda had no choice but to take him in for the night, but Dave didn’t let her live in any place. The advantage is that he helped her modify the project book, and finally he fell asleep under the threat of Linda.

The next day Dave submitted the project book to Zhu Xuanwen. He still felt that he was very free from his busy schedule, and he had enough time to help Luo Kaihuai revise it. In the afternoon, Luo Kaihuai received an invitation from Yike to elaborate on the details, and went to Yike with Director Zhou. He happened to see Zhu Xuanwen at the door. He was very confident in the project book he had personally revised, but it turned out to be regrettable. Did not pass the review. At the time of failure, Zhu Xuanwen personally visited and reviewed the project, and the project came back to life.

Later, Luo Kaihuai asked Zhu Xuanwen. He knew her concerns. The project was passed not for the opportunity to get close to Luo Kaihuai, but because of the children he met through Luo Kaihuai. The two seemed to get along a little more harmoniously, and they went to the night market together. During the dinner, they seemed to chat about trivial things like old friends. Before leaving, Zhu Xuanwen intimately draped her coat on her, and got in the car and fastened her seat belt. The caring person had caught the doll for her before.

When they get along so calmly again, it seems that a long time has passed. In fact, Zhu Xuanwen caught the doll and cheated that day. He can now tell Luo Kaihuai all this calmly, because he doesn’t want to lie to her any more. Afterwards, Luo Kaihuai and Taozi talked about some topics. Speaking of their respective troubles, Luo Kaihuai was worried about Zhu Xuanwen, and Taozi was also joking. This silly boy misunderstood that she and her classmate Xiaobei were married and how to deal with it.

Zhu Li ordered people to move Luo Kaihuai’s charity project to his own hands, and even the assistant could see the boss’s mind. Taozi tried to dial Luo’s laughing phone, and heard Luo Kaihuai say that he had been so drunk over the past two days. She was really worried, so she called him out. Luo jokingly thought she was going to confess the news of her marriage, but she was still ashamed. With her fixed mindset that she was already married, Taozi almost said something he misunderstood. Finally, Taozi was anxious and told him directly that she did not intend to marry Xiaobei.

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