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llustrated Book of Beauty in Martial Art 武林秘案之美人圖鑑 Episode 23 Recap

Hearing that Gao Yue had appeared near Qixia Mountain Villa, he guessed that the beggars were protecting Gaoshi and the others. Chen Feng immediately got through and sent someone to investigate. After Chu Yunxiao recovered from illness, she got up and walked around. Seeing the sword dance of the predecessor was very familiar, she asked a few words casually. She said that the sword dance in the beauty picture is just a guise, and turning it upside down will have a different effect.

Under the guidance of seniors, Chu Yunxiao practiced this sword dance. He had doubts about the identity of this senior, and the other party took off his mask and looked so different from Leng Xingchen. Chu Yunxiao instantly understood that she was related to Leng Xingchen. Afterwards, the senior handed Chu Tiankuo’s letter to him.

Chu Tiankuo said in the letter that he had long found out that Shangguan Rufeng was the ghost son, but he suffered from no evidence. After reading the letter, the two were ready to set off. Leng Xingchen stabbed Chu Yunxiao against his will, her hand trembling, Shangguan Rufeng came to see her. Although Leng Xingchen took the medicine, his subconscious still kept a distance from him, making Shangguan Rufeng feel empty.

Chu Yunxiao found Ji Xuanyuan, and the other party was very happy to see that he was still alive. , The two went to Qixia Mountain Villa to rescue Leng Xingchen. At this time, Hu Wanhua thought that Chu Yunxiao was dead, and regretted that he had to use alcohol to relieve his sorrow. Gao Yue’s persuasion was of no use to him.

When Leng Xingchen was sober, he went to Shangguan Qianqian to find evidence that Shangguan Rufeng colluded with the court and murdered martial arts people. Shangguan Qianqian agreed to join hands with her. Soon she rescued her father. Leng Xingchen sneaked into Shangguan Rufeng’s study. A lot of evidence was found. Ji Xuanyuan and Chu Yunxiao also sneaked into Qixia Mountain Villa before they were ready, and it happened that he met Leng Xingchen in the study.

Seeing that he was still alive, Leng Xingchen walked out and hugged Chu Yunxiao, explaining that he was controlled by Shangguan Rufeng last time and stabbed him in desperation. Ji Xuanyuan ran in and said that someone was coming, so they had to leave the study.

After returning to the room, Leng Xingchen asked him and Ji Xuanyuan to leave quickly. Shangguan Rufeng still didn’t know that he was sober. However, as soon as Shangguan Rufeng heard that the door of the secret room was opened, he came to Leng Xingchen. Judging from Leng Xingchen’s reaction, he already knew that Chu Yunxiao was not dead.

But he was arrogant. He could kill Chu Yunxiao once, or kill him twice or three times, until Leng Xingchen gave up on him. Chu Tiankuo ordered someone to bring his armor, and he was already planning to come back out of the world. Chu Yunxiao asked the beggars to take the evidence back to Chu Mansion and hand it over to his father, and then he and Ji Xuanyuan broke into Qixia Villa.

Chu Yunxiao, who had practiced sword dance, fought with Shangguan Rufeng, and there was nothing to lose. Seeing that Shangguan Rufeng couldn’t beat him, he turned to Leng Xingchen to divert Chu Yunxiao’s attention, and then waited for the opportunity to attack Ji Xuanyuan. As a result, Chu Yunxiao Zhongji was injured by him, and Ji Xuanyuan was also stabbed in the right shoulder by Chen Feng. Hu Wanhua wanted to find Shangguan Rufeng to avenge Chu Yunxiao, Gao Yue also wanted to go with him, but Hu Wanhua couldn’t just watch her go to death with her.

During the dispute between the two, it was discovered that the brother of a beggar gang was hunted and killed. They went up to help and rescued the beggar brother, but he was seriously injured, and before he died, he took out Chu Yunxiao’s things to ask him to take back the Chu Mansion. Hu Wanhua then knew that Chu Yunxiao was still alive. Under Gao Yue’s reminder, Hu Wanhua knew that the things in the bag were very important, and they planned to personally send the things to Chu Mansion.

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