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Like A Flowing River S2 大江大河2 Episode 37 Recap

Yang Xun went to see Liang Sishen with a heavy step. He squeezed the contract in his hand and told her that Song Yunhui had an accident and that only she could save him when she returned to the United States. Yang Xun didn’t sign a contract with Liang Sishen, he hurried back to the market, and when Xun Jianxiang was leaving, he took away fifty-five thousand, fifty thousand was his capital, five thousand was the design fee he gave to Lao Nie. Yang Xun asked Xun Jianxiang to stay for a few more days and took out all the cash from the safe. Xun Jianxiang hated the iron for not making steel and scolded Yang Xun. Yang Xun did not argue, only that Yang’s mother had cancer. gone.

Liang Sishen went to Song Yunhui’s office at the Donghai Factory. Fang Ping said that Song Yunhui was handing over work in another factory area. It was inappropriate for her to appear now. Fang Ping took Liang Sishen to other places and explained to her the current situation. The report letter is very important in China, especially for their cadres. As soon as Liang Sishen was about to leave, he met Song Yunhui. The two were speechless. Liang Sishen did not speak and left him silently.

Yang Xun hurried back to the county hospital. In the corridor, Yang Li cried and explained the situation of Yang’s mother. Yang Xun hurriedly comforted her that he was still in time. After a while, they took Yang’s mother to the city hospital. Back in the ward, Yang Xun asked Yang Li to wipe away her tears, and then told Mother Yang that she just had a stomach ulcer in need of surgery, and they would be transferred to the city hospital tonight. Mother Yang was afraid of spending money and refused to go. Yang Xun endured tears and said that he was rich, and also said that he would take their whole family to the East China Sea, so that the whole family would have a happy life.

The doctor told Yang Xun that Yang’s mother belonged to the fourth stage of cancer, and the tumor had metastasized. The operation was of little significance. Only a palliative resection could be performed, but it did not help to extend the patient’s age. The doctor persuaded Yang Xun to take Yang’s mother out of the hospital, but Yang Xun refused to give up. Let alone a 10% probability, even a one-thousandth probability, as long as it is possible to let Yang’s mother survive, this operation He has to do it.

At night, Yang Patrolled by Mother Yang, taking care of her from the night. Mother Yang said that as long as Xun Yang was with her, she would not be afraid of the operation. Xun Yang said that she would be with her in the future. After Yang’s mother’s operation was over, the doctor told Yang Xun that the tumor and tissue were too tightly attached to the operation, and asked him to accompany Yang’s mother. Yang Xun squatted at the door of the operating room and cried for a long time, until Mother Yang woke up and told him that she knew it, and she knew it before going to the East China Sea.

Yang Xun blamed himself. If he took Yang’s mother to the hospital earlier, he might still have a chance. Yang Li scolded him so many times to urge him to pay back the money, saying that he caused Yang’s mother’s illness. Yang Xun knew she said That’s right, he killed Mother Yang. Yang’s mother took Yang Xun’s hand and said that her younger brothers and sisters would all rely on him in the future, and she felt relieved after seeing the market. Yang Xun’s study is very good, but Yang’s mother has no money for him to study.

Yang Xun has helped this family since he was young, and Yang’s mother owed him too much. Mother Yang didn’t want to spend the wrong money, but she also knew that Yang Xun would not be reconciled if she didn’t have the operation. Now, Yang Xun has done her best. Mother Yang is homesick, so Yang Xun said with tears to take her home.

Lei Shigen was going to visit Lei Dongbao, and he took out the hot buns he had just made. Lei Shigen asked Siyan to take care of Hongwei’s contract payment, otherwise he would sleep in front of his house. Lei Shigen was about to leave Township Chief Chu suddenly came. He came today to talk about Lei Dongbao. Fearing that Lei Dongbao might have an accident, Lei Shigen hurriedly said something nice for him. Township Chief Chu said that if the contracting of building materials was done, it would be no harm to Lei Dongbao to report it. Lei Shigen and Siyan hurriedly said a lot of good things.

The mayor Chu was very dissatisfied with the taxes and fees paid by the contracting costs of the building materials factory. Lei Shigen said in a hurry that he had paid all the money for the building materials factory. . Lei Shigen asked in a low voice how many accounts were left in Siyan Village, and then handed in all the 34,800 in the accounts. Lei Shigen asked Township Chief Chu to talk more about Lei Dongbao. They all looked forward to Lei Dongbao’s return soon, and Township Chief Chu looked at him and said nothing.

Hongwei was about to move to the city, and Lei Dongbao quickly approached him to ask him for taxes and fees, or Lei Dongbao would die in prison. Hong Wei said that Lei Shigen was fooled, and the mayor Chu had to wait until Song Yunhui fell to pay the bill. Lei Shigen was still fooled. He turned the money to Lei Dongbao and still couldn’t make it, Xiao Lei The family was still worn down, and Xiao Lei’s family would belong to the mayor of Chu.

However, Lei Shigen understood that the former contractor, Hongwei, always called in before his days, but he refused to give it this month. It turned out that he knew that Song Yunhui was down and no one would hold him down! Lei Shigen said that he would use a loud speaker to tell the folks, but Hongwei was sure he couldn’t do it, because once he did that, the contract would be broken.

Wei Chunhong came to visit Lei Dongbao. Lei Dongbao was worried that Song Yunhui had never been here. In October last year, he could say he would come to see him. Wei Chunhong talked a lot about it, and Lei Dongbao still noticed that Song Yunhui had an accident. Wei Chunhong said that Song Yunhui was framed, and he heard that it was his husband’s hand. Lei Dongbao asked Wei Chunhong to call Song Yunhui to let her come over. Although he couldn’t do much, he wanted to let him know that even if the world didn’t recognize Song Yunhui, Lei Dongbao would recognize him as that precious college student.

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