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Across the Yalu River 跨过鸭绿江 Episode 18 Recap

Oliver believed that there would be no war here. He fired three shots at Bai Xue before boarding the plane and leaving, but the blood of the volunteers slowly flowed out of Bai Xue. The subordinates suggested that the temporary airport he built quickly would be laughed at by Almond, but Oliver had to be ready to retreat at any time to ensure his survival on the scene.

Yang Gensi hurriedly came to the heavy snow to pull up the soldier who was still a child. The blood donation gurgling from his neck had already doomed his sacrifice, and he failed to realize his desire to drink a sip of hot water to death. Yang Gensi ordered all the soldiers to sit up and move for fifteen minutes, but Xiao Zhang had frozen to death on the spot, and nine soldiers had frozen to death in two days.

If the battle continues like this, they will lose to the weather before they start fighting. Yang Gensi encouraged the soldiers to go to war tomorrow, but not only did they delay receiving the order to attack, they even had their supplies cut off for many days. Yang Gensi gritted his teeth and believed that Chairman Mao was always thinking about them, and they must be stationed here.

Mr. Peng looked at the Meiyi Division, which was slowly moving in step by step, very worried, and the soldiers would not be able to hold it any longer. Deng Hua ordered the automobile company to disrupt the establishment, and if he had enough supplies, he would go east and then east, and desperately wanted to send the supplies to the front.

The Gama Plateau encountered the most extreme cold weather in half a century. Mao Zedong and Nie Rongzhen worried about the soldiers on the front line. They could not even sleep. They might not wake up when they fell asleep. This battle of lying on the ice made Mao Zedong’s heart full of guilt. He even slept for only three hours in three days. Tonight will be the coldest and longest night of hundreds of thousands of soldiers in the Nine Corps. He can’t sleep even thinking of these.

Yang Gensi told the soldiers that they would launch a general offensive tomorrow, and this minus 40 degrees night was the last hurdle they had to overcome. Nine people were frozen to death last night. Yang Gensi asked the entire company to not sleep, and he must hear everyone respond by calling him tomorrow morning. The division gave them food, which was a sack of frozen potatoes. The soldiers could only rely on their body temperature to warm up the potatoes, and then get up in the morning and gnaw them down.

Oliver distributed cotton-padded clothes and other warm materials to every soldier, and even distributed whiskey, eating beef that was airlifted from California, Oliver ordered them to win the CCP army and they went back for Christmas. A wealthy businessman from California joined the US First Division. His marksmanship was very precise, because his younger brother was shot and killed by a Chinese army sniper.

In order to protect the machine gun left by the master, Xiaodoubao took off the cotton coat and covered the barrel. Yang Gensi quickly ordered him to put on his clothes so that he could only kill the enemy with a gun if he was alive. The car company was moving in the dark, and the overturned car in front blocked the road. American aircraft would come at any time. Ma Jinhu demanded that the company must deliver the supplies no matter what happens to other vehicles and the life or death of people around.

On the front line, this is the only mission of their auto soldiers. The reconnaissance plane flew past the bomber and was coming soon. Ma Jinhu drove the car to attract the bomber. Wang Zhenzhu jumped into his car and tied himself with a rope to avoid the bombs in the air.

Sixty percent of the vehicles will be blown up in less than five hours, and the remaining vehicles can only continue to the east regardless of everything. The Ninth Corps faces a very difficult living environment, which is challenging the limit of human life. President Peng believed in their tenacity and Mao Zedong’s strategic deployment. After ten days of lurking in the snowy plateau of minus 40 degrees, the Ninth Corps finally exchanged fire with the first division of the strongest US Army. The Battle of Changjin Lake officially started on the Gaema Plateau.

Song Shilun reported to Chief Peng that the Ninth Corps had divided and surrounded the US First Division, and he decided to concentrate his superior forces to defeat them one by one. Volunteers in the Battle of Xinxingli wiped out a strengthening regiment of the US army. After this battle, the enemy on the eastern front was shaken, and the US army began to break through to the south.

The mortars of the Ninth Corps could not be used because of freezing, and the soldiers could only use light weapons against the tanks and artillery of the US Army. Mao Zedong knew that the soldiers had to fight against the cold in extremely cold weather and their bodies had reached their limits. He asked President Peng to call the US troops one by one, and to destroy the temporary airport built by the US First Division in one fell swoop and cut off the supplies of the US First Division. supply.

Volunteer soldiers rushed into the temporary airport, and finally captured the airport with the US military’s machine guns in the white snow. The hungry soldiers hurriedly picked up the seized canned food and beef and gobbled them up. But in the face of the enemy’s counterattack, the soldiers could only fix the fortifications while biting the food. The telephone station was no longer available, and Yang Gensi had to ask Xiaodoubao to run back with the captive American chief to report to the division.

President Peng got the news that the positions occupied by the Volunteers were almost retaken by the US military because of the bombing of US fighter planes. Now only the 1071 position guarded by Yang Gensi is left, which has become a decisive place for China and the United States to fight for. The weapons and equipment of the two sides are too far apart. Yang Gensilian’s soldiers suffered heavy casualties. Facing the dying army of comrades, Yang Gensi was heartbroken. The army patted him on the shoulder with a smile, and he was still willing to be his soldier in the next life.

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