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The World of Fantasy 灵域 Episode 2 Recap

Du Shaoyang forced Ling Yushi to marry.

Du Shaoyang and Qin Lie both returned to Lingjia Town. Du Shaoyang coldly looked at the singing and dancing villagers in front of him, dismissive of it, but thinking of Qin Lie, Du Shaoyang wanted to kill him. On the other side, Qin Lie didn’t care when he listened to Zhuo Xi’s babbling and drawing to himself. But as soon as he heard Ling Yushi appearing at the door of the Chaifang, Qin Lie jumped up and ran to the door of the Chaifang.

After receiving the food from Ling Yushi, Qin Lie handed the note of wish in his pocket. Ling Yushi explained that it was burned. The two talked about Du Shaoyang, Qin Lie heard that the Zhuo family entourage by Du Shaoyang disappeared, but Du Shaoyang seemed to put down his guard, knowing that there must be a trick in it, and the Zhuo family must have been Clean up, at this time Du Shaoyang is likely to gather people and is rushing to Lingjia Town.

Qin Lie urged Ling Yushi to dissuade Ling Chengye and Hua Yuxin, and everything was settled by himself. On the other side, Zhuo Xi was called to inform her that his subordinates had been killed by Du Shaoyang. Before Zhuo Xi could react, Du Shaoyang appeared from behind, and a dart shot killed Zhuo Xi. Qin Lie walked out of the wood room and looked at the corpse outside the house. Presumably Du Shaoyang would definitely push everything to his own head. The Ye family members were killed.

In order to prevent the Ling family from returning to the Du family, the Ye family members would definitely destroy Lingjia Town. The existence of the Du family is a life-saving existence for Lingjiazhen. Not only was it able to frustrate Ye Family’s spirit, but also to get the Ling Family’s submission, Qin Lie showed a disdainful expression when he looked at Du Shaoyang, who was deeply in the struggle for power.

The atmosphere was in a very tense state, but Hua Yu’s heart suddenly appeared again. Looking at the corpses all over the floor, Hua Yu’s heart was dumbfounded. Qin Lie was about to call Hua Yu’s heart, but Du Shaoyang was beside Du Shaoyang. Faey had to turn around and cast spells at Hua Yuxin. In order to protect Hua Yu’s heart, Qin Lie knocked down Du Fei with a lightning strike.

Now the fight was officially launched. Du Shaoyang, with high mana, beat Qin Lie on the corner of the wall with one move, and captured Hua Yu’s heart. His heart was about to die in Du Shaoyang’s hands, and Qin Lie had to obey Du Shaoyang’s request and walked alone into the dark snowfield with scars all over his body.

Ling Yushi walked in a low mood among the crowd. Ling Xuanxuan was curious to inquire about Qin Lie’s note from Ling Yushi, but Ling Yushi obeyed Qin Lie’s wishes and refused to peek. Ling Xuanxuan gave up and left and went to find Hua Yuxin. Ling Yushi thought of Qin Lie, who was in distress at this time.

At this time, the moon appeared, and a bright moon hung in the sky, representing new hope, whether it was a villager in Lingjia Town or a single person staggering in the snow. Qin Lie involuntarily looked at that Wang Mingyue. Everyone put the wish creed into the lantern and let it fly into the air. Ling Yushi also took out Qin Lie’s note silently, spread it out and read it, and after reading it, Ling Yushi realized that there were two lines of tears on his face.

But Ling Xuanxuan’s sudden scream attracted everyone’s attention. It turned out that Ling Xuanxuan had found Hua Yuxin who was seriously injured, and only then did she know that Qin Lie might be trapped in the snowy field. On the other side, Qin Lie took out the Yixin Ye given to him by Ling Yushi, and was about to take the medicine, but the medicine flew to the hands of an unfamiliar figure. Qin Lie, who had lost assistance, could no longer distinguish the face of the person in front of him, and closed it. The eyes fell asleep.

The people in Lingjia Town came to the snowy field to look for Qin Lie’s figure. In the huge snowstorm, Ling Yushi’s fire began to explode. Everyone persuaded Ling Yushi to go back to rest, but Ling Yushi refused, just going his own way, even though It is a corpse, and Qin Lie must be found.

Du Shaoyang approached Ling Chengye and talked about Qin Lie’s killing of villagers, Ye Family and Du Fei. Many elders of the Ling family tried to protect Qin Lie, but Du Shaoyang insisted on surrendering the explanation, and mentioned that the Ye family might not give up. Everyone in the Ling family knew that what Du Shaoyang was saying was not false, and was in distress. At this time, Du Shaoyang took the initiative to mention another solution: a marriage between the Du family and the Ling family.

As the saint of the Xuantian League, Song Tingyu played with Yixinye in her hand and quietly looked at Qin Lie on the ground. His subordinates respectfully reported to Song Tingyu that there was nothing unusual around him. Xie Jingxuan, the saint of the Baji Temple next to her, noticed that Qin Lie was waking up, and turned and looked over. As soon as Qin Lie woke up, he saw a heart leaf in Song Tingyu’s hand. Qin Lie, who was eager to grab it, was stopped by Liang Zhong. Song Tingyu asked Qin Lie about the way to the Snow God Valley. Qin Lie knew that the person in front of him was of unknown origin and listened to Song Tingyu. The two of them were at odds with Xie Jingxuan.

Only then did they know that the group was going to catch the Spirit Devouring Beast. I heard that the Spirit Devouring Beast could only be subdued by Thunder Magic. Qin Lie agreed to help Song Tingyu lead the way, but Song Tingyu and others must help. Go to pacify the crisis in Lingjia Town. Song Tingyu did not respond to Qin Lie’s request, using magic techniques to help him heal the wound, and returned Yixinye. Seeing outnumbered, Qin Lie had to obey and lead the way.

Ling Yushi was lying in bed, but when she heard the footsteps of Ling Xuanxuan coming back, Ling Yushi didn’t care about her wounds, she got up and asked Qin Lie’s whereabouts. Knowing that everyone had nothing to gain in the snowy field, Ling Yushi couldn’t stop worrying, and continued to tell Ling Xuanxuan to go out to inquire about the news.

Qin Lie and others passed by the village and looked at the lifeless villages. Only then did Qin Lie know that Song Tingyu and others had been slaughtered in 33 villages. Liang Zhong explained that the villagers were killed by mistake while hunting spirit beasts. Qin Lie agreed to join the hunting team, but he needed Song Tingyu’s help to return to Lingjia Town to explain clearly, but Song Tingyu refused and insisted on killing spirit beasts.

Ling Chengye was worrying about the conditions of marriage proposed by Du Shaoyang. In order not to sacrifice his daughter, Ling Chengye decided to take the initiative to see Ye Yangqiu. The elder on the side said that Ye Yangqiu, who had a knife in his smile, was no better than the cruel Du family, and began to question Ling Chengye’s decision. But news of the marriage has spread. Ling Yushi is worried that Lingjiazhen may be affected. Qin Lie’s life and death have not yet been finalized, but Lingjiazhen can no longer wait, Ling Yushi has to face it himself.

Qin Lie, Song Tingyu and others came to the ice lake. The spirit beasts hidden under the deep ice were extremely sensitive to gold and stones. Qin Lie offered to unarm and cross the river, which saved everyone’s lives. With great playability, Xie Jingxuan deliberately removed Song Tingyu’s objects and threw them into the lake, and kicked Qin Lie down the river by the way. Without retrieving the items, Qin Lie managed to rescue Song Tingyu back. But Song Tingyu who returned to the shore did not thank Xie Jingxuan coldly and ordered to move on.

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