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Monarch Industry 上阳赋 Episode 1 Recap

“The generals do not leave the nine palaces, and the scholars do not go out of the palace.” In the palace, a little girl is reciting verses. The Queen Mother Xiaomu is playing with her in the palace. A map of the whole country is engraved on the palace floor. Auntie is blindfolded. Empress Dowager Xiaomu asked her where the cities are. Auntie could find it accurately. Empress Dowager Xiaomu was very satisfied with Auntie’s performance.

At this time, a court lady came to pass on, saying that Aunt Xu came to pass on Jin Minchang. The princess said that the little princess has lived in the palace for more than twenty days this month. If she does not return to the house, I am afraid that even her father, mother and brother will have forgotten. The little princess quickly said that she would not go back. She accidentally burned it last time.

After the small kitchen, her father would ask the family law to punish her, but she ran back to the palace overnight. Empress Dowager Xiaomu was very fond of Auntie, and she responded repeatedly, and asked the palace maid to tell her that she could not bear the little princess, so she let the little princess be Staying in the palace for a few more days, the palace lady should also say to the Queen Mother Xiaomu, saying that the princess is the daughter of the palace and the Fengchi Palace is the home of the little princess.

This little princess was named Wang Yan, the daughter of the Langya Wang family. Her mother is the only sister in the sage today. She is the eldest princess Jinmin who is most favored by the queen mother. Her father Wang Lin is the prime minister of the current court.

Raised by her grandmother, the Empress Dowager Xiaomu, she was given the sleeping palace Fengchi Palace, and grew up in infinite love. You can enter and leave the middle palace at any time, play in the imperial garden, and play with the three princes. The prince Zilong is stubborn, and the second prince Zilu is weak and sickly reticent. He is often bullied by the prince because of his mother and concubine’s background, while the third prince, Zidan, always looks at Wang Yan gently.

In Wang Yan’s eyes, Zidan has always been the best. The two were childhood sweethearts, and they were happy in love. Wang Yan’s aunt entered the central palace and became the twelfth queen of Wang’s family. She was named the lord of Shangyang, and she was more noble than the elder brother of the prostitute. The closest person only called Wang Yan’s nickname. flatter.

Wang Yan couldn’t understand Prince Zilong bullying people, so he teased Zilong with the other two princes. She was afraid of being scolded by the Queen and Zilong, so she trot and hid in front of the emperor to act like a baby. Emperor Ma Yao of Dacheng also loved Wang Yan very much. When he heard that the emperor was coming, he asked Wang Yan to hide under his clothes, and asked the queen not to blame Wang Yan. The queen smiled, and did not mean to be angry. ,

Ma Yao opened the corner of his clothes and saw that Wang Yan was already asleep on his lap. Wang Zhang grew up in a greenhouse since he was a child. He did not know that the land outside the greenhouse was already full of smoke.

In August of Yuanxi fifteenth year, far away in the western border, countless frontier fighters resisted the enemy. Flowing into a river, tragic and cruel, at the same time, Wang Yan’s gorgeous and 笄笄 ceremony is setting off another bloody storm without gunpowder on the Tai Chi Hall in Jianning Imperial City. Since then, the carefree little princess has grown up and was finally dragged into a tragic chess game.

The wedding ceremony of Wang Yan began, the eldest princess Jinmin stepped forward to put on makeup for her daughter, and the minister, Tai Fu Gu Yong, who was watching the ceremony, and Wang Xu, the chief executive Jin Wu Cheng, whispered, saying that Wang Yan was ready and it was time to marry The prince and the three princes were both interested in Wang Yan. I don’t know what the emperor meant. Wang Xu replied that this is a family matter for the Wang family, and his brother Wang Lin naturally has an idea.

On the other side, Wen Zongshen and Xie Yuan were a little worried, thinking that there were already twelve queens in the Wang family, and worried that the Wang family was too powerful. After the ceremony was completed, the queen Wang asked the emperor about Wang Yan’s marriage and asked him to marry Wang Yan. The Wang family naturally wanted Wang Yan to marry the prince, inherit the glory of Wang’s daughter as a queen, and stabilize the prince.

However, Wang Yan said that he did not pursue prosperity and wealth, but only wanted to get married with someone he loved. When Wang Yan was about to say that he wanted to marry Zidan, Wang Lin suddenly reported to the emperor the border emergency report, saying that King Hulan himself Leading a hundred thousand soldiers and horses to harass the northwest frontier, Ning Shuo was in a hurry, hoping that the emperor would handle state affairs first, and Wang Yan’s marriage would be put aside in advance.

Wang Yan was very dissatisfied with his father’s actions. After returning home, he kept tantrums and refused to go to worship the ancestors. The princess asked Wang Yan’s brother Wang Su to persuade him, and Wang Su brought his concubine to Huan Mi Persuaded Wang Yan and took her to the ancestral hall to worship the ancestors, but Wang Yan was still not convinced and was very perfunctory in the ceremony.

At the dinner after the ancestor worship ceremony, Wang Yan did not move the chopsticks, and asked Wang Lin why she didn’t let her say that she wanted to marry Zidan. Lin naturally had to be more cautious, but Wang Yan didn’t believe this statement. He left the room and said he was going to the emperor for comment. Wang Lin didn’t stop him, saying that the emperor was having a headache for border affairs and had no time to control her.

At the border, Ningshuo General Xiao Qi is leading the soldiers to fight against the Hulan army. Three years ago, the court issued an order to kill the king of Hulan, regardless of their origin, and they were all crowned nobles. A poor child named king was an insult to the Dacheng gentry. The discussion of the ministers made the emperor a little upset. The battle of Ningshuo was about the safety of the society, but these ministers quarreled over whether Xiao Qi could be crowned the king.

The emperor played chess in the study alone, and Wang Yan sneaked in and said he wanted Accompany the emperor to play chess. If he wins, the emperor must promise her a condition, and the emperor promised. While playing chess, the emperor was talking about the troubles in the court, Wang Yan had his own unique insights, saying that even if Xiao Qi crowned the king, it was a chess in the hands of the emperor, and there was no difference. While talking, Wang Yan won the emperor in the chess game.

Wang Yan asked the emperor for a reward and asked him to allow him freedom of marriage. The emperor’s face changed and asked Xue Daoan, the servant at the side, to write it down and said that he could no longer play with Wang Yan in the future. In chess, losing a game is worse than losing a city. Having said that, the emperor still granted Wang Yan’s request. Soon, the news reached the ears of the queen and the prince. The prince became very angry when he learned about this, and even said that he would do it himself to grab Wang Yan.

Wang Yan got the emperor’s promise and returned to her house happily. She knew that she was going to be scolded by Wang Lin, so she pleaded guilty to Wang Lin, acting as an archaic person, and acted like a coquettish plead with Wang Lin. Ann struck her for fifty with a ruler, and kept it for a hundred days.

In the battle of Ningshuo, Xiao Qi beheaded King Hulan. The emperor fulfilled his promise and made Xiao Qi a general of the North, and asked him to return to Beijing another day to be named king. The frontier soldiers were very happy, and Xiao Qi asked his subordinate Song Huai’en to point him. Qi Wubai soldiers and horses went to Beijing with him, and the emperor also prepared to go out of the city to meet Xiao Qi in person at that time, to show the emperor’s grace.

(The plot is an original TV cat, please do not reprint without permission!)

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