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The Penalty Zone 黑白禁区 Episode 42 Recap

Lu Mingsong killed Tan Xiaosi, and Gan Xiaonuan, who was locked up, witnessed the whole process. Lu Mingsong said that Tan Xiaosi was a stumbling block, and he was responsible to the Tan family in doing so. Lu Mingsong went to see Gan Xiao Nuan. Gan Xiao Nuan was very scared to see him. Lu Mingsong asked her to think about the recipe, so she could leave here as soon as she thought it out. Wu Qingfeng called Mr. Wu, and Lu Mingsong answered the phone and said that Tan Xiaosi was dead.

Wu Qingfeng was a little angry, what he said was his brother, but Lu Mingsong denied it. Mr. Wu is also very dissatisfied with Tan Xiaosi’s death, how should he explain to Tan Po. Sha Qing was very angry when he learned that Lu Mingsong had killed Tan Xiaosi. Lu Mingsong said he would take care of it.

Mr. Wu and Wu Qingfeng met. He gave Wu Qingfeng a card. He was watched by the police and had to leave, so that Wu Qingfeng could live a good life. After President Wu left, Wu Qingfeng tore the card to pieces. Gan Xiaonuan did not eat or drink after Tan Xiaosi left. Gan Tianlei went to see Lu Mingsong. Lu Mingsong said that he had used all his relationships to find Gan Xiaonuan.

Gan Tianlei took out Su Ling’s diary. He was almost killed by Ouyang Hui. He believed in Lu Mingsong’s ability. Lu Mingsong promised to do his best to ensure Gan Xiaonuan’s thoroughness, Gan Tianlei could only choose to believe. Yang Xiaolei specially came to Gan Tianlei to remind him to be careful of Sha Qing and pay attention to safety.

Gan Xiao Nuan didn’t eat or drink, and Lu Mingsong asked Che Lizi to see her. Gan Tianlei asked Sha Qing Gan where Xiao Nuan was, either he did it or Linda. Of course Sha Qing didn’t know where Gan Xiaonuan was. Dr. Ito died. Tai Yongfeng and Xiong Guoliang analyzed the CR Group. Tai Yongfeng told him that Langnev was the secretary general of the Fuchun Society.

This was reliable information from Gan Tianlei. Ouyang Hui’s company is for the security of the twelve seats of the Fuchun Club, and it is also the confidant and eye of Ronnief. Tai Yongfeng read the experimental diary of Dr. Ito given by Gan Tianlei and came to the conclusion that the plan was too dangerous, and Su Ling was a chemical expert and the co-founder of CR Group.

Linda came to look for Che Lizi and said that Gan Xiao Nuan would be taken care of by her and she wanted to take him to see Gan Xiao Nuan. Although Che Lizi was covered with his head, he felt the distance with his hearing. Langnev was very angry when he learned that Lu Mingsong had caused some trouble again, and said that he would send Ouyang Hui to the capital of Jiangxi. If Lu Mingsong’s experiment is not successful tomorrow, he will kill him.

If Sha Qing can’t do it, his situation will be very different it is good. Gan Xiao Nuan was very excited to see Che Lizi, crying that she saw them killing with her own eyes, she didn’t want to stay here, she was scared. Che Lizi quickly comforted Gan Xiao Nuan and told her the story of his childhood. He was an orphan and was adopted by his sixth uncle at the age of nine. It may be that Su Ling liked to eat cherries, so he gave him this name.

The police bit Mr. Wu all the way. Mr. Wu knew he could not escape and chose to commit suicide by drinking poison in the car. The hospital did not rescue Mr. Wu, and now only Lu Mingsong and An Quan can move. Lu Mingsong went to the police station for questioning as agreed. He knew that the police had no evidence to act on him, so he felt confident. Yang Xiao had been following Lu Mingsong. The police chose to attack An Quan.

An Quan quickly contacted Ouyang Hui, and Ouyang Hui asked Sha Qing to respond. Lu Mingsong handed in all the information of Gan Xiao Nuan, as well as all the company’s surveillance videos, showing a look of cooperation at any time. Xiong Guoliang did not rush to let Lu Mingsong go. Lu Mingsong said he really has no time, Xiong. Guoliang had to let him go.

Che Lizi began to judge where Gan Xiaonuan was detained based on his memories. An Quan came to pick him up from Lu Mingsong and told him that the police had started on An Quan and he is now safe. Lu Mingsong knew that Xiong Guoliang had made a real move this time, and he had to do it well. Gan Xiao Nuan was exposed, and Linda decided to take her to another place. Xiong Guoliang arraigned Tan Xiaoshuai again and showed him the photos of Tan Xiaosi’s death. Tan Xiaoshuai clenched his fists and told them that it was Tan Songxia’s hands.

Tan Po liked him since he was a child, and now Tan’s family should be controlled by him. An Quan began to plan for himself to go to Mianchuan. Sha Qing wanted to kill him, but An Quan wanted to run while he was not paying attention. Sha Qing followed him and jumped downstairs. The police arrived before killing An Quan, and Sha Qing ran away. , To report this to Ronnief, and Ronnief asked him to kill Lu Mingsong immediately.

After being arrested, Sha Qing recruited everything. He said that he had evidence of Lu Mingsong’s murder, and even cut his fingers. Xiong Guoliang immediately led the people out. Sha Qing told Lu Mingsong that Langnev asked him to kill Lu Mingsong. He had only two choices. One was to send a video to Langnev himself asking for forgiveness, and the other was to go to a place where they would never find him. Sha Qing gave Lu Mingsong a passport and air ticket and told him that he would solve other things.

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