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The Penalty Zone 黑白禁区 Episode 41 Recap

Linda brought Gan Xiao Nuan’s cell phone to Lu Mingsong and said that she was almost broke. Before the drug was developed, Linda would never let Gan Xiao Nuan go. The listening Che Lizi was anxious when he heard these words. Lu Mingsong warned Linda not to underestimate Gan Tianlei. Although there is no way to determine his identity, it can be concluded that the people behind him and Ouyang Hui’s people will be fierce.

They can only watch the fire from the other side, Linda understands naturally, but her task is to protect Lu Mingsong’s safety, even if he disagrees. Linda assured Lu Mingsong that Gan Xiao Nuan was absolutely safe before he left. Chen Xiaofeng couldn’t contact Gan Xiao Nuan, and Che Lizi limped around looking for Gan Xiao Nuan’s trace.

On the way Gan Tianlei was sending Dr. Ito to the safe house, someone had been following them. Sha Qing fainted the policeman and entered the ward quietly. When she was about to smother Sister Wang to death, Shang’er noticed something unusual and rushed in. Yang Xiaolei hurried into the ward to check Sister Wang’s condition. Team Zhao came to Mr. Wu again, this time it was not an inquiry but a summons. Shang’er and Sha Qing fought fiercely, but Sha Qing escaped.

Mr. Wu learned that he was summoned and quickly told people to say that he was going back three days later. Gan Tianlei and Dr. Ito came to the safe house. Tan Xiaosi followed up pretending to be a takeaway, and took the opportunity to hurt Dr. Ito. Gan Tianlei contacted Xiong Guoliang while chasing Tan Xiaosi and told him to quickly deploy control. After Tan Xiaosi got rid of Gan Tianlei, he called Mr. Wu, and Mr. Wu asked him to avoid Lu Mingsong.

Tan Xiaosi went to the direction of the industrial park, and Xiong Guoliang hurriedly led the team when he found out. Lu Mingsong connected Gan Xiao Nuan in the laboratory, but Gan Xiao Nuan did not cooperate with him in the experiment. Linda said that someone was coming, and a few police cars were coming, but Lu Mingsong did not take it seriously. When Gan Tianlei went back, he found that Dr. Ito had been poisoned. Before he died, he took out his diary and asked him to give it to Lu Mingsong. Only he could keep his efforts from being wasted.

Mr. Wu called Lu Mingsong and Tan Xiaosi went to his place, and Lu Mingsong asked him to meet at 4 o’clock tomorrow afternoon. Gan Tianlei told Lu Mingsong that Dr. Ito was dead, and asked him to give Lu Mingsong an experimental diary. Lu Mingsong was a little surprised. Gan Tianlei immediately contacted Sha Qing, and Ouyang Hui was there soon.

Che Lizi chose to open his identity and talk to Lu Mingsong. Lu Mingsong knew him, and there was an irreconcilable conflict between them. Che Lizi’s contribution to the destruction of the Tan family, but he knew that Lu Mingsong did not regard the Tan family in his eyes. Lu Mingsong said that even if he looked down on the Tan family, Cherries would not be qualified to label him. Ouyang Hui questioned the death of Dr. Gan Tian Lei Teng, and did not understand why he called Lu Mingsong.

Gan Tian Lei said that he thought the two of them could help them by cooperation. Che Lizi asked Lu Mingsonggan where Xiao Nuan was. He was worried because it was his child. Che Lizi said that he could help Lu Mingsong realize his dream. Although Langnev was behind him, he would cross the river and demolish the bridge. Lu Mingsong ignored his conditions.

Ouyang Hui asked Langnev to call Gan Tianlei, and Ouyang Hui explained that the actual control of CR Group was Langnev, and Lu Mingsong was not loyal to Langnev and had the plan he wanted. Langnev asked Gan Tianlei to kill Lu Mingsong after his experiment was successful, and he would take over from Ouyang Hui after the incident. Lu Mingsong thinks that Che Lizi and the Tan family are too tacky, and what he has to do is noble, but Caesar’s secret is Che Lizi’s only bargaining chip. He must meet Gan Xiao Nuan, because Gan Xiao Nuan is in him.

The heart is more important than the only bargaining chip. Langnev is the secretary general of the Fuchun Club, and he also valued Gan Tianlei, and Gan Tianlei agreed to him. Lu Mingsong said that he would not hurt Gan Xiaonuan, and Che Lizi’s affection for Gan Xiaonuan was worth his admiration, so he decided to consider it.

Gan Tianlei told Tai Yongfeng about the relationship between Ouyang Hui and Lu Mingsong, Langnev, and Fuchunhui. Langnev wanted to kill Lu Mingsong, and Tai Yongfeng asked him to be careful. Chen Xiaofeng told Xiong Guoliang, Ma Lie and others that Gan Xiaonuan had disappeared. She had disappeared in the company. Yang Xiaolei asked for a thorough investigation of CR immediately.

Xiong Guoliang first went to Tai Yongfeng to report the matter, and Tai Yongfeng asked the horse team to assist in the investigation. Knowing that Gan Xiao Nuan had lost Gan Tianlei, he was very anxious, but was unable to dispatch due to his mission. Xiong Guoliang and Yang Xiaolei came to CR Group to find someone. Lu Mingsong and Linda were not there, so they invited Sha Qing to meet.

Tan Xiaosi and Gan Xiao Nuan are locked together. Xiong Guoliang and Yang Xiaolei inquired about Sha Qing and asked to view the surveillance video. Mr. Wu and Lu Mingsong met and persuaded him to save Tan Xiaosi. After all, he was also his younger brother.

Yang Xiaolei believes that Sha Qing and Sister Wang’s affairs are inseparable, and Xiong Guoliang makes people keep an eye on Sha Qing. Mr. Wu and Lu Mingsong went to see Tan Xiaosi. Tan Xiaosi was tied up and cursed at Lu Mingsong. Mr. Wu slapped him angrily and asked him to apologize to Lu Mingsong. Tan Xiaosi yelled that he had a brother, and Lu Mingsong shot and killed Tan Xiaosi in public.

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