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The Message 风声 Episode 33 Recap

Gu Xiaomeng gave Li Ningyu’s second-generation Enigma machine structural drawing sewed in her uniform to her father. She told her father: Li Ningyu had been drawing sketches on the second day after entering Qiuzhuang, and she was ready to sacrifice. She exchanged uniforms with herself in order to pass on this blueprint.

Li Ningyu confessed that as long as this blueprint is used for the resistance against Japan, it will be the same whether it is for the Kuomintang or the Communist Party. From the moment she stepped into the code ship, Seeing through Gu Xiaomeng’s identity and protecting her secretly, but she was wise to approach Li Ningyu delusional to steal information.

Gu Xiaomeng hated Li Ningyu for letting herself understand that she would never be an excellent spy like Li Ningyu. Li Ningyu made himself understand: The espionage work is not death, but the sacrifice of comrades in arms, leaving one person to continue fighting.

Gu Xiaomeng knows that her mission is to eradicate the traitors who cast out to Japan and resolutely oppose the communists, but her life was sacrificed by the Communist Party. Gu Minzhang thought of what Li Ningyu once said to himself: He has only one daughter, and he must love her as life. Gu Minzhang asked his daughter to burn or hide the drawing so that the second person would never see it. Gu Xiaomeng complained that his father was too cold, even if Li Ningyu was an old ghost of the Communist Party, she also saved his daughter.

Gu Minzhang told her daughter: The difference between her and Li Ningyu is that Li Ningyu will never put emotions before rational thinking. She saved Gu Xiaomeng, not from personal feelings but from asking for her. Gu Xiaomeng took out Li Ningyu’s Return the wallet to his father, telling Li Ningyu: If she knew it, she had exchanged the banknotes for gold.

Long Chuan personally delivered Li Ningyu’s ashes and medal to Pan Hanqing’s home. Pan Hanqing was angry that Long Chuan said that the lie of his sister’s death in the service could not be concealed. He furiously grabbed Longchuan’s gun against his forehead, and then Gu Xiaomeng came, and she Tell Pan Hanqing that Li Ningyu was killed by Wu Zhiguo.

Qiuzhuang’s secret mission was not to investigate the murder of Qian Huyi at all, but to find out the old ghost of the CCP spy from the five of them. Wu Zhiguo was the old ghost, so he was in command. The ministry approached Li Ningyu to protect her, all for the purpose of stealing secrets.

After entering Qiuzhuang, as the investigation deepened, Li Ningyu suspected that he had reached Wu Zhiguo and wanted to report him to Longchuan, so Wu Zhiguo first tried to force Ningyu and Li to poison him. . Long Chuan went on to say: On the afternoon of the accident, when Li Ningyu and Wu Zhiguo were talking together, Li Ningyu accidentally scratched her hand while cutting the paintbrush. Wu Zhiguo helped her bandage her with a handkerchief. The interlayer of the handkerchief was coated with potassium cyanide. Li Ningyu was poisoned and killed by oozing from the handkerchief and pouring potassium cyanide into the blood.

Gu Xiaomeng testified that when Li Ningyu was poisoned, she was next to her. The military doctor dissected the corpse and found the truth. She saw that the handkerchief belonged to Wu Zhiguo, but Wu Zhiguo had to cut herself. Long Chuan explained that Li Ningyu’s body was not kept, and he was cremated after the autopsy was completed and the cause of death was determined.

Pan Hanqing was not notified because he was on the run and returned today. Pan Hanqing accused Longchuan of lying. Longchuan had no friends from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at all. The job he introduced to himself was just a bait he released. If he was found out by the spy of the Central Committee after he went to Shanghai, then he and his sister would Can’t live anymore. He came back to wait for his sister to return home.

Pan Hanqing held Li Ningyu’s ashes and wept bitterly, saying that her sister refused to listen to her own words. Like her parents, they were killed by the Communist Party. He asked about Wu Zhiguo’s whereabouts. Long Chuan said that his identity had been exposed with conclusive evidence, and Pan Hanqing said that the Communist Party would not commit suicide because of his identity.

Long Chuan took out the letter from Li Ningyu to Pan Hanqing and handed it to him, saying that Li Ningyu had long foreseen that Wu Zhiguo would be killed by Wu Zhiguo. He left such a letter so that Pan Hanqing would not seek revenge from Wu Zhiguo for her death. I have a deep love for Li Ningyu, and from the current death, Li Ningyu is the one who accidentally broke into love.

Pan Hanqing cried and said that her sister deserved to die. She tore the letter to pieces and drove Longchuan away. Gu Xiaomeng returned the photo of Li Ningyu when she got off the code ship. Long Chuan left wittily. Gu Xiaomeng told Pan Hanqing: Li Ningyu borrowed his money, and she came to collect debts. Li Ningyu once confessed to Gu Xiaomeng that she had difficulty finding her brother, so he said this.

Longchuan came to Pan Hanqing’s house to monitor, only to hear Gu Xiaomeng persuading Pan Hanqing not to provoke Longchuan, he should seek revenge from the boss of the Communist Party, Old Gun, and then there was a loud sound of smashing things. There was no sound in the monitor. Longchuan was going to answer the call from the Marquis. , Arranged for Wang Tianxiang to continue monitoring. Wang Tianxiang couldn’t hear the sound, so he let his subordinates go down and stare at Pan Hanqing.

In fact, the conversation between Pan Hanqing and Gu Xiaomeng was for Longchuan to listen to. Pan Hanqing found a note in the ashes. Gu Xiaomeng deciphered it and told Pan Hanqing that the information was false. Li Ningyu never left such information.

In fact, Pan Hanqing didn’t believe Longchuan’s nonsense just now. He said that it is impossible for people with potassium cyanide poisoning to be cremated normally. From the burned pelvis, he distinguished that the ashes were of a man. Gu Xiaomeng told him that it might be Jinshenghuo. Bai Xiaonian or Wu Zhiguo’s, only she survived among the five, and it was Sister Yu who bought it with her own life.

Pan Hanqing guessed that Gu Xiaomeng belonged to the military commander, because Li Ningyu would not save a real traitor. If Gu Xiaomeng was a member of the Chinese military commander, Li Ningyu would not let her see herself, so Gu Xiaomeng could only be a military commander. This is also Li Ning. Yu sacrificed herself to save her reason.

Wang Nanxiang believed that Pan Hanqing might be an old gun, and suggested that Longchuan should arrest him. Longchuan did not think so. He felt that the Communists should first avoid all conflicts under today’s circumstances and use all opportunities to check the relics left by their comrades. What information was hidden in the middle, and Pan Hanqing first angered herself, grabbed her gun and rushed to death, and tore up Li Ningyu’s suicide note to his face. Therefore, Long Chuan believed that Li Ningyu’s suicide note should not be left to Pan Hanqing but instead.

To other important accomplices, so now we have to keep Pan Hanqing to lead his accomplices to the bait. Long Chuan felt that Gu Xiaomeng’s appearance today was very strange. She sent Pan Hanqing a photo and repeatedly persuaded him to investigate Lao Qiang. This reminded Long Chuan that the manuscripts that Li Ningyu had been painting since entering Qiuzhuang disappeared.

Old ghost She would never do anything meaningless, so she must have hidden information in her suicide note to Pan Hanqing, and her drawings must have been taken away from Qiuzhuang by Gu Xiaomeng. It’s just that Long Chuan wondered why Wang Tianxiang was seconded from the headquarters to catch ghosts. Now that the mission is over, why does Wang Tianxiang still not leave Qiuzhuang?

Pan Shaoqing asked Gu Xiaomeng for the contact information of the old gun, but Gu Xiaomeng didn’t know. Li Ningyu only told her in Qiuzhuang that there was a rape in the organization. She and the old man had been out of sight of the organization.

According to emergency procedures, they would soon send new comrades to connect with the organization. If the person who replaced them was the rape, the old gun. Will face the danger of exposure, Li Ningyu asked Gu Xiaomeng to help him pass the information. Pan Hanqing knew that the underground party of the Chinese Communist Party had one-way contacts.

He tried to contact their organization, but he waited for a traitor who took refuge in Longchuan. Gu Xiaomeng told Pan Hanqing that Li Ningyu only asked her to pay his father the money. At this moment, Gu Minzhang was using a magnifying glass at home to carefully examine every detail of the money Li Ningyu had paid for himself.

Longchuan ordered that all personnel should evacuate and block Qiuzhuang before seven o’clock tomorrow morning. Wang Tianxiang hurried to the cell where Wu Zhiguo was detained and erased the words engraved on the wall. Long Chuan followed quickly. Wang Tianxiang lied that he had lost the gem ring. Long Chuan just saw the scratch on the wall, Wang Tianxiang He quickly threw the ring underground and said that he found it, and Longchuan had to leave. This night, Pan Hanqing cried bitterly while holding the photo of her sister.

The next day, Longchuan went to the headquarters to report to Matsui. Before he left, he ordered: to block Qiuzhuang, no one can enter without his own order, and burn the body. Long Chuan told Wang Tianxiang that the old ghost had not been caught, and that the city was the old ghost.

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