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The Message 风声 Episode 31 Recap

Wang Tianxiang dragged Li Ningyu to Wu Zhiguo and threatened her that if she didn’t confess, she would insult her in front of Wu Zhiguo. At this time, several masked men came in, claiming to be the underground party of the CCP, and they were rescued by the old gun. Li Ningyu hurriedly followed them. Li Ningyu looked at their clothes and said with a smile that the CCP underground party shoes were really good. Wang Tianxiang slapped the masked man in anger and slapped the masked man and walked away griefly.

Long Chuan accused Wang Tianxiang of interrogating Li Ningyu behind his back. He also came up with a stupid idea to fake the CCP rescue. He felt that Wang Tianxiang was investigating himself. Wang Tianxiang confessed and said that he had no foundation and would do his best to extract the old ghost. ,

Otherwise, no matter who can kill him. Long Chuan reminded Wang Tianxiang that his gun was closest to Wang Tianxiang’s head. Wang Tianxiang bluntly said that he and Longchuan can only be in the same boat and cannot help each other, but no matter how cheap his life is, he just wants to live, so he will never touch what he shouldn’t touch.

Wang Tianxiang walked out of the office and heard the sound of a glass falling from behind, and a Japanese soldier with a top-secret document entered the office. Longchuan saw that the contents of the document read: The Marquis of Tiefu Eagle Nest will arrive in Hangzhou three days later.

Longchuan arraigned Li Ningyu, falsely claiming that the person killed by the gunshot was Wang Tianxiang, and Li Ningyu claimed that Wang Tianxiang had found nothing in his interrogation. Long Chuan invited the person from Xiang Zhitoi in and told Li Ning Yu Xiangtoi that she was going to perform an operation on her forebrain white matter removal. She would be in a coma for a few days after the operation.

When she wakes up, she will forget the operation and her true identity and name. Katori persuaded Li Ningyu to cooperate with Longchuan not to let herself ruin her genius brain. Li Ningyu laughed and said that the operation would not be successful. They wanted to completely cut off their white matter without damaging other brain functions. They made an idiot who admitted that they were old ghosts in front of Commander Matsui. They must have her answer all questions.

She cooperated to confirm whether the white matter of the brain was completely cut off, and she would never cooperate. She would struggle and twist and die during the operation. In this way, Long Chuan could not find any real evidence that she was an old ghost. Li Ningyu’s smile angered Longchuan. He pinched Li Ningyu’s neck and swore: He must kill her, and ordered Li Ningyu to be detained in solitary confinement for 24 hours.

After Li Ningyu was imprisoned, Wang Tianxiang sent Gu Xiaomeng back to her room. Gu Xiaomeng still insisted that he was an old ghost. She was so scared that Wang Tianxiang hurriedly closed the door. He told Gu Xiaomeng that he had captured a female Communist Party and her two before. The children later buried them all alive. Now Longchuan is crazy.

He almost killed himself just now, but he knew that the person Longchuan wanted to kill was Li Ningyu. He asked Gu Xiaomeng to try Li Ningyu as a Communist. She can go out alive. When he left, he specially emphasized that the devil’s methods were more ruthless than his own traitor, and Gu Xiaomeng hid his face and wept bitterly.

She went downstairs to play the piano with a complicated mood, recalling the conversation with Li Ningyu: Li Ningyu knew that Gu Xiaomeng was a spy trained by Dai Li after she assassinated Morita. Her first task was to get rid of the traitor Jin Shenghuo, and Gu Xiaomeng entered The intelligence department approached itself several times to steal the second-generation Enigma machine, but he didn’t report Gu Xiaomeng because they had a common enemy.

Gu Xiaomeng laughed at the time and said that they belong to one country, and it depends on who shows the ghost first. And what Li Ningyu was thinking in the cell at the moment was: She always believed that she and Gu Xiaomeng would become comrades in arms rather than enemies. Li Ningyu quietly told Gu Xiaomeng that her second husband was her real lover and her party referrer. He did not die of illness, but was assassinated by secret agents. Their only daughter also left with him.

From that day on, Li Ningyu could no longer fall in love with anyone. She thought that if her daughter could survive, she would end this dark age for her and take her into the golden age. She looks like a beautiful girl like Gu Xiaomeng, but she is waiting now. It’s too late, so we can only end this era early, so that all poor children can live well.

In the middle of the night, the guard reported urgently: Li Ningyu was dead. Longchuan rushed to the cell and after confirmation, arranged for Naoto Katori to check all the parts of the body that could hide information. After a while, Wang Tianxiang reported to Longchuan: The autopsy result was potassium cyanide poisoning, there was no entrainment in the body, and there were signs of childbirth in Li Ningyu’s womb. Longchuan claimed that although there was no entrainment in Li Ningyu’s body, she left three. It’s a pity that I couldn’t decipher the suicide note.

After Commander Zhang came to Qiuzhuang to inspect Li Ningyu’s body, he sighed and said that it was a pity that her genius went astray by the Communist Party. Long Chuan showed him the suicide note left by Li Ningyu to Commander Zhang. Zhang did not accept it. Long Chuan personally read to him: The injustice is not in vain, the hatred is to die… Commander Zhang was furious, and was angry that Li Ningyu was not an old ghost at all. If she were an old ghost, she would not even be afraid of death, and would still be afraid of confession?

Long Chuan claimed that Li Ningyu was purely personal. Commander Zhang asked Jin Shenghuo and Bai Xiaonian whether they were also personal acts. Three of the five people have died, and Wu Zhiguo has only half his life left. Gu Xiaomeng’s father has run all the relations between Jiming Temple and the military department, and it is best to release her as soon as possible. Longchuan asked if Gu Xiaomeng had any doubts about him and he should be released?

Commander Zhang told him that there was a rumor that Qiuzhuang’s ghost hunting was just a cover, and the real purpose was to dismantle Chairman Wang’s intelligence system. If Longchuan’s anger was missing Jin Shenghuo, Bai Xiaonian, and Li Ningyu For the three, the intelligence system of Jiming Temple collapsed, and Chairman Wang’s situation is not even half a point. Commander Zhang angrily said that Jin Shenghuo and Li Ningyu were dead without knowingly.

Which intelligence personnel would dare to eat Chairman Wang’s salary? Long Chuan replied that if one must distort personal behavior into organizational will, it is not three or two people, but hundreds of thousands of lives will be soaked in the blood pool. Commander Zhang said that the knife rests on her neck, and neither Chairman Wang nor Minister Zhou had to come to this muddy water. Since Li Ningyu is not an old ghost, her suicide note was taken away by herself.

After Commander Zhang left, Long Chuan asked Wang Tianxiang to find a handwriting expert. He needed a letter from Li Ningyu’s new suicide note. Wang Tianxiang then quietly came to Wu Zhiguo’s cell and told him of Li Ningyu’s death. Wu Zhiguo, like a furious lion, grabbed Wang Tianxiang’s collar angrily. Wang Tianxiang quickly said that three of the five were dead.

Even the Japanese did not believe in Longchuan. Yes, Longchuan came to Qiuzhuang for the treasure. As long as Wu Zhiguo tells himself Qiuzhuang’s secrets, he can use the distrust of Longchuan by the Japanese headquarters and the Ministry of Intelligence to kill him. Wang Tianxiang turned his back and gave Wu Zhiguo a pen. Wu Zhiguo knocked him out with a backhand and grabbed the gun. He was about to shoot.

The guards rushed in. Wu Zhiguo broke free from the chains and rushed out murderously. Long Chuan ordered Wu Zhiguo to be killed. He sat on the second floor and watched. Li Ningyu’s suicide note left for him stated: life is like a gambling game, life and death are uncertain, and the world is like a financial debt, which must be repaid sooner or later.

Wu Zhiguo rushed with several guards on the first floor covered in blood, and Li Ningyu’s face appeared in his mind.

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