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My Best Friend’s Story 流金岁月 Episode 26 Recap

Seeing that Xie Hongzu insisted on marrying Zhu Suosuo, Xie Jiayin decided to sign an agreement with Zhu Suosuo. Zhu Suosuo didn’t like their rich people using money to solve problems. He bluntly said that Xie Hongzu was not the richest person in his pursuit. When he did, he would tell Xie Hongzu to refuse to cooperate with him, and then resolutely left.

Jiang Nansun was worried about Zhu Suosuo’s situation and sat on the stairs waiting for Zhu Suosuo. Zhu Suosuo talked about Xie Jiayin using money to buy himself, but he didn’t move. Thinking of the current situation, the two seemed to have exchanged. The former greedy self was unmoved by money, but Jiang Nansun always regarded money as dung but cared about money.

Jiang Nansun accompanied Yang Ke to explain the project and happened to be with Wang Yongzheng and others. Wang Yongzheng was very surprised to see Jiang Nansun in Yang Ke’s company. Yang Ke was curious that Ye Jinyan was the identity of Wang Yongzheng next to him, and Jiang Nansun immediately explained that Wang Yong was his boyfriend. Yang Ke knows that Ye Jinyan cares about this project, but he also thinks Jingyan Group is useless.

Jiang Nansun and Zhu Suosuo sat listlessly on the sofa waiting for news. Whether it was Jingyan Group or Yang Ke’s selection, they were in a dilemma. Zhu Suosuo didn’t know whether his choice was right or wrong. At this time, Yang Ke called and mentioned that the company won the bid, and decided to bring Zhu Suosuo and Jiang Nansun to celebrate. At the same time, Jiang Nansun received a call from Wang Yongzheng. Jiang Nansun went outside to meet him and apologized for standing on the opposite side of him. Wang Yongzheng hugged Jiang Nansun tightly in his heart.

Zhu Suosuo refused Yang Ke’s invitation and found Fan Jingang to drink. Fan Jingang was unhappy because of Pan Yuanyuan’s affairs. Zhu Suosuo mentioned about returning to Jingyan Group and hoped that Fan Jingang would help him. Fan Jingang thought that Zhu Suosuo was born in Fuzhong and didn’t know the good fortune. Ye Jinyan was too kind to him. Could it be that Ye Jinyan fell in love with her, and Fan Jingang thought it was impossible. The speaker was unintentional and the listener was intentional, but Zhu Suosuo remembered it in his heart.

In the middle of the night, Zhu Suosuo found Ye Jinyan and apologized for concealing Pan Yuanyuan’s situation. Ye Jinyan hoped that she would mature more in the future. Zhu Suosuo tried to test whether Ye Jinyan liked herself, and Ye Jinyan was immediately lost.

Yang Ke took Jiang Nansun and Zhu Suosuo to see the community library. Zhu Suosuo said that he would not return to Jingyan Group, nor would he return to work in his company. Yang Ke understood Zhu Suosuo’s ideas and no longer forced her.

Wang Yongzheng saw that the idea of ​​the library was rejected by the chief designer of Jingyan Group, Tang Xin, but he was always reluctant to give up the library project and even wanted to convince Tang Xin.

Wang Yongzheng took Jiang Nansun to meet with Li Ang, and painted the portraits of three people on the wine bottle. He was about to wait for Jiang Nansun to join the project team before opening. Jiang Nansun bluntly said that he joined Yangke Company for money. In the evening, Wang Yongzheng happened to meet Xie Hongzu when he sent Jiang Nansun back. The two had a drink and chat. Xie Hongzu did not understand why Wang Yongzheng had to pull Jiang Nansun to fulfill his library dream. Since he likes the other party, she should let her do what she likes.

Jiang Nansun received a call from Dai Yin, knew that she was about to marry someone else, and returned to visit her in China. Zhu Suosuo pacified Jiang Nansun after knowing this, and understood that although she supported Dai Yin in finding happiness, it happened too suddenly.

Li Yifan wanted to buy a house, so he approached Jiang Nansun for help, hoping that she would use her professional knowledge to help check it. Jiang Nansun saw that the sales lady seemed to be similar, and Selena was on her business card.

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