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My Best Friend’s Story 流金岁月 Episode 25 Recap

Yang Ke introduced to Zhu Suosuo that Pan Yuanyuan was his girlfriend, and the two had been together for three years. Maybe Ye Jinyan is still trying to keep Pan Yuanyuan, hoping that Zhu Suosuo would disclose this to Ye Jinyan. Zhu Suosuo bluntly said that he would know him again, and then called to tell Fan Jingang about it.

Jiang Nansun and Zhu Suosuo hid in the kitchen to eat instant noodles. Jiang Nansun mentioned to Zhu Suosuo that Wang Yongzheng invited himself to Jingyan Group to do a community library project, but he really wanted to make money. Zhu Suosuo mentioned the lack of people in Yang Ke’s company. Jiang Nansun asked Zhu Suosuo to take him to Yang Ke’s company. Zhu Suosuo called Yang Ke in advance. Who knew that Yang Ke was unwilling to look for her because Jiang Nansun grew up with a honeypot.

After Jiang Nansun learned about the situation, he decided to meet Yang Ke. Zhu Suosuo met with Yang Ke. Yang Ke gave her the project information and took her to handle the 81st lot of Dadi Hengxin Company in Qingpu. At the same time, Ye Jinyan was also prepared to let Fan Jingang take Li Ang to negotiate. Fan Jingang believed that Li Ang could not do Yang Ke and worried that the community library project would fail. Ye Jinyan decided to take Li Ang and Wang Yongzheng to the library together.

Yang Ke took Zhu Suosuo to see Qingpu Lot 81 and knew that Ye Jinyan was about to compete with Dadi Hengxin. Dadi Hengxin knew that Yang Ke was familiar with Jingyan Group’s routines and asked Yang Ke to help grab the project. Zhu Suosuo saw that there was a library in the community. Yang Ke knew that Ye Jinyan, who was good at play, would rebuild the library, but his new plan for Dadi Heng was practical. Zhu Suosuo once again recommended Jiang Nansun to Yang Ke, but Yang Ke asked Zhu Suosuo to bring Jiang Nansun with him, provided that Zhu Suosuo went through the entry formalities.

Ye Jinyan took Li Ang, Wang Yongzheng and others to see the library, reminding Wang Yongzheng Community Library that even if the project is not profitable, he does not want to lose money, not only for feelings, but also for efficiency.

Jiang Nansun told Grandma Jiang that she was going out at night, and Xiaohe happened to come to the door. Jiang Nansun was worried that he would mention the truth about being alone with Wang Yongzheng, and let Xiaohe help him. In the evening, Jiang Nansun went out to dine with Wang Yongzheng in advance. Zhu Suosuo and others brought champagne to congratulate Wang Yongzheng on the move.

Zhu Suosuo was chatting with the drunk Jiang Nansun. Jiang Nansun wept and said that people like him are not qualified to talk about dreams and love. Zhu Suosuo accompanies her to tears and promises to stay with her.

Zhu Suosuo took Jiang Nansun to see Yang Ke, and Yang Ke handed the contract to Zhu Suosuo and sent the two to the meeting room. Jiang Nansun heard that Yang Ke told his employees not to mention their dreams and make money to fill their stomachs. Yang Ke bluntly said that he left her because of Zhu Suosuo, but the aura of the two is totally unmatched. If one day Jiang Nansun can’t go on, he must bring it forward. Jiang Nansun mentioned his previous work and thought that Yang Ke would not regret it when he tried himself.

Fan Jingang thought that Wang Yongzheng strongly recommended Jiang Nansun to join the project and called Jiang Nansun to invite Jiang Nansun, but Jiang Nansun refused.

After Yang Ke interviewed Jiang Nan and his grandson, he looked for Zhu Suosuo, but he saw Zhu Suosuo leave without saying goodbye. Although Yang Ke was angry, he understood Zhu Suosuo’s decision and walked outside to breathe. He was surprised to hear Jiang Nansun’s rejection of Jingyan Group.

Zhu Suosuo recalled the fight between Ye Jinyan and Yang Ke, and felt very conflicted. At this time, Xie Hongzu came over and asked him to get in the car. Zhu Suosuo saw Xie Jiayin sitting in the car. Xie Hongzu mentioned that he intends to add artificial intelligence to the use of home appliances, let Zhu Suosuo start a business with him, and promised his company shares. Zhu Suosuo was shocked by the sudden behavior of the two mothers and sons, and rejected Xie Hongzu’s proposal.

In the evening, Zhu Suosuo was called out to talk by Xie Jiayin alone. Xie Jiayin asked her to help transform Xie Hongzu, but he was unwilling to give shares. At this time, Xie Hongzu called to persuade Zhu Suosuo to be psychologically prepared. Xie Jiayin would come to the door and was unwilling to give them shares. These words happened to be heard by Xie Jiayin. The two mothers and sons had a direct conversation. Xie Hongzu believed that the person he was waiting for was Zhu Suosuo, and he was unwilling to marry Zhao Malin. Zhu Suosuo was caught in the middle of the mother and son and felt angry, let alone what to do.

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