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My Best Friend’s Story 流金岁月 Episode 24 Recap

Jiang Nansun was about to be fired from the company because he offended Da Luo. The brother told Jiang Nansun the matter. Everyone knew about Jiang Nansun’s ability to work, but considering that Ronaldo brought more benefits to the company than Jiang Nansun, he decided to expel Jiang Nansun. Jiang Nansun understood what he meant and wanted to make things clear, but the senior asked him to quickly persuade Li Yifan. The three-year project of their company was brought to the company, and Jiang Nansun left angrily after hearing it.

Fan Jingang contacted Zhu Suosuo in front of Ye Jinyan and asked Zhu Suosuo to return to work. Zhu Suosuo playfully accused Ye Jinyan of being a profitable person and he did not want to go back. Ye Jinyan laughed when he heard Zhu Suosuo’s accusation, and finally heard others say that he was not.

Zhu Suosuo reported to Yang Ke’s new company and saw that Yang Ke’s partner was actually the chief financial officer of Jingyan Group. Yang Ke bluntly said that Ye Jinyan distracted himself from the sales department, but his people were not only in the sales department.

Fan Jingang once again persuaded Zhu Suosuo to stay in Jingyan Group based on Zhu Suosuo’s current situation, because she had not learned the true skills. Zhu Suosuo understood that she was thinking about her own development, and almost told the financial director’s affairs. Fan Jingang continued to persuade her to return to Jingyan Group, saying that she could not be Ye Jinyan’s assistant, but from the grassroots. Zhu Suosuo heard him The admonition decided to think about it.

After a period of hard work, Jiang Nansun finally paid off a creditor’s money and took out a small book to let Zhu Suosuo help to cross out the creditor’s name. Zhu Suosuo suggested that the two should cross it out together at such a ritual moment. Jiang Nansun remembered that he cared about money so much, if Jiang’s father was alive, he would be angry. Zhu Suosuo chatting today saw the situation in Yang Ke’s company. He always thought that Ye Jinyan’s dispute with Yang Ke was Ye Jinyan’s bullying, but he didn’t expect that Yang Ke was secretive. Jiang Nansun believed that they were able to get to the top because they were able to overcome obstacles along the way, simply Zhu Suosuo.

Jiang Nansun met Wang Yongzheng at the airport. Wang Yongzheng was still cynical. Jiang Nansun took Wang Yongzheng to see Grandma Jiang. Grandma Jiang was very happy when she saw it. When Wang Yongzheng saw that Zhu Suosuo was also at home, he mistakenly thought that they had deliberately asked for leave to welcome him.

It happened that Xie Hongzu brought Xiaohe to the door and brought hot pot ingredients, and everyone decided to eat hot pot together. Grandma Jiang looked at Jiang Nansun and Zhu Suosuo’s boyfriend very happy. Xie Hongzu immediately stated that she was going to live in a rental house. Wang Yongzheng then said that she wanted to stay. Grandma Jiang decided to let them sleep on the sofa.

In the evening, Wang Yongzheng chatted with Jiang Nansun about work. Jiang Nansun wanted to find a job with a bonus, and then he was thinking about his dream. Zhu Suosuo and Xie Hongzu in the house heard the conversation between the two, and Xie Hongzu took the opportunity to confess to Zhu Suosuo that she supported her in fulfilling her dream.

Jiang Nansun packed up his things and left. Li Yifan was worried that she would not receive the project bonus after she left, thinking that this incident taught her a lesson. At this time, Wang Yongzheng came to pick up Jiang Nansun. Jiang Nansun thanked Li Yifan for taking care of him, but left the company without hesitation.

Ye Jinyan knew that the chief financial officer went to Yang Ke’s place and Ye Jinyan’s face turned pale. Fan Jingang mentioned this to Zhu Suosuo and asked Zhu Suosuo to help figure it out. Zhu Suosuo was very calm. Fan Jingang suspected that she had already known about this, and left disappointedly, leaving Zhu Suosuo in tears.

Zhu Suosuo visited Yang Ke with mooncakes, and Yang Ke understood that Zhu Suosuo thought he was too cruel against Ye Jinyan. Zhu Suosuo did not shy away from expressing his thoughts. Yang Ke said that he and the financial director Pan Yuanyuan were not only for revenge on Ye Jinyan, but more importantly because he only learned part of Ye Jinyan, and the other department Ye Jinyan. She has reservations, but Pan Yuanyuan has another part of her acupuncture points.

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