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Monarch Industry 上阳赋 Episode 3 Recap

Zidan went to see her biological mother Xie Guifei in the palace. Guifei Xie had already determined that the queen had sent someone to assassinate Zidan. He even said that the queen had a vicious heart, and Zidan was a little puzzled. She asked Guifei Xie how to be sure that she was the queen’s hand. Xie Guifei said Only he and the Xie family could threaten the future power of the prince.

She felt that the affairs of Wang Yan and Zidan angered the queen and made the queen feel threatened. Zidan could only thank the concubine and said that he would be more careful in the future. . As she was talking, there was a rumor from the palace lady that Princess Jin Min entered the palace, and Zidan said goodbye to Concubine Xie.

Concubine Xie welcomed the eldest princess and told her about her worries, and then took out her ancestral jade bracelet and said that she would give it to Wang Yan to be the marriage of Zidan and Wang Yan. This time the eldest princess Entering the palace was just for the marriage of Wang Yan and Zidan. She planned to go to the emperor to give her a marriage. When Xie Guifei heard this, she said she would go too.

The emperor met the eldest princess and Concubine Xie, and agreed to the marriage of Wang Yan and Zidan, but let Concubine Xie go first, leaving the eldest princess to speak. It turns out that when the eldest princess married Wang Lin, she was forced by the queen mother. The emperor always felt that he owed the eldest princess. The eldest princess had been married to the Wang family for decades, but she still had the same bed with Wang Lin. He asked the eldest princess whether she was the emperor’s sister or the prime minister’s wife.

Xie Wanru and Wang Yan were chatting in the boudoir. Wang Yan was already looking forward to the day when he married Zidan. He also said that he would treat Xie Wanru as his maiden and want her to accompany her to marry. When talking about the topic of marriage, Xie Wanru thought of his father and When I said that I wanted to marry Xiao Qi, I felt a little frustrated. Wang Yan heard Xie Wanru say this, and quickly relieved her.

Although Xiao Qi was born in a poor family, he is also a hero of Dacheng. He is much better than the children of the noble family in Beijing, but Xie Wanru is still dissatisfied with this marriage. It was determined by the emperor, and she was unable to stop it. Xie Wanru was a little curious about what Xiao Qi looked like, so he wanted to wait for Xiao Qi to enter Beijing and secretly go to the gate of the city to observe the ceremony. Wang Yan heard that the three princes were also going back. He was also very active, but the gate ceremony was not what his daughter did. He turned his eyes and thought of a way.

Wang Su took Xie Wanru to find Wang Su, and wanted Wang Su to take the two of them. Wang Su realized that Wang Su actually wanted to see Zidan and was teasing her, but Wang Su refused to admit it. Wang Lin heard their conversation and walked in and asked her why she wanted to see Xiao Qi. Wang Yan said that she wanted to see how the battle-tested general was different from the general who had never been on the battlefield. She wanted to see What was Xiao Qi like?

Wang Lin was a little pleased after hearing what Wang Yan said. He felt that Wang Yan was very ambitious, so he agreed to let Wang Su take the two of them to the city gate to observe the ceremony. After complimenting Wang Yan, Wang Lin saw again Wang Su was a little bit dissatisfied while dancing, making a few derogatory words, and Wang Su turned around and left in anger.

The eldest princess gave the bracelet of Concubine Xie to Wang Yan after returning home. Wang Yan became more happy. The mother and daughter were talking. Wang Lin came in. Wang Yan didn’t want Wang Lin to know about it, so he asked his mother to keep it secret for him. The eldest princess persuaded Wang Lin, Wang Yan and Zidan to be happy, and the emperor also agreed to the marriage of the two, so that Wang Lin did not stop him. There was no emotion on Wang Lin’s face. He just said that since it was the emperor’s will, then It does not matter whether he agrees or not.

Wang Lin quickly learned about Gu Yongcha’s alien race, but he ran into the second prince in the brothel. At this time, the servant came to report that the prince and the second prince were here. Wang Lin went to the front hall to greet him, and called Wang Yan and Wang Silently come out. The prince specially gave Wang Yan a gift, but Wang Yan dismissed it, turned his head and left, which embarrassed the prince, but Wang Lin encouraged the prince to continue pursuing.

The next day was when Xiao Qi entered Beijing and was banned. On the eve before, Gu Yong, who opposed Xiao Qi’s entry into Beijing, was assassinated. The officials who knew nothing had prepared at the city gate early in the morning. Wang Yan also deliberately dressed up, put on the hairpin given by Zidan, and went to the tower to observe the ceremony. Before Xiao Qi came, Wang Yan stared intently. Looking at Zidan, he was also teased by Xie Wanru. Before long, Xiao Qi entered the city.

Everyone’s eyes were attracted by Xiao Qi. After Xiao Qi took off his helmet, Zi Dan recognized that the person he met on the day of the Lantern Festival was Xiao Qi, and Wang Yan Standing on the tower is not real.

Xiao Qi knelt in front of the emperor, and the emperor personally stepped forward to support Xiao Qi. When Xiao Qi and the emperor were about to walk into the city, Gu Yong’s body was thrown from the tower, and he also wrote the four characters “The son of the bastard hurts the country”, which is unknown. Everyone who knew the truth thought that Gu Yong really used deadly advice and opposed Xiao Qi’s title of king.

The emperor was furious. The prince was assassinated before, and the ministers dictated themselves. He asked Wang Lin and Xie Yuan to give him an explanation. Wang Lin told the emperor that he would thoroughly investigate the matter. The emperor asked if there was anyone in the Gu family, and Wang Lin replied. There were granddaughter Gu Caiwei and grandson Gu Minwen, and the emperor gave them a reward to show their compassion. Because of Gu Yong’s matter, Xiao Qi’s banquet for the king could only be postponed. Xiao Qi felt that something was wrong and asked his subordinates Hu Yao and Hu Guanglie to leave the city as soon as possible, so that the soldiers should not act rashly.

Wang Lin took Wang Xu to investigate the case of Gu Yong. After the post-mortem, it was found that Gu Yong died at the wrong time. Wang Lin knew that someone had killed Gu Yong first and then acted like a death remonstrance. Gu Yong has been investigating Zidan recently. In the case of the assassination, he was also the minister in charge of the Ministry of War.

Gu Yong died, and the matter of military power was about to produce variables. Wang Lin was worried that someone would take the opportunity to cause chaos, so Wang Xu made preparations early and told him not to tell the queen. In the evening, Wang Lin saw Wang Yan and Zidan meeting on the Western Wall, and the next day he ordered Wang An to chop down the tree on the Western Wall so that Wang Yan could no longer climb the tree on the wall.

Before Xiao Qi’s banquet began, Xie Wanru begged to his father in tears, saying that he did not want to marry Xiao Qi, but Xie Yuan refused to let go for the sake of military power, and insisted on Xie Wanru to marry Xiao Qi. Wang Cun was stopped by the queen’s handmaid on the way to the feast of the king, saying that the queen wanted to see Wang Cun, but he did not let Wang Cun take the maid there. Wang Cun did not suspect that he was there, so he followed the handmaid. It didn’t take long for the emperor to read the edict and officially named Xiao Qi the Yuzhang King.

(The plot is an original TV cat, please do not reprint without permission!)

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