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Monarch Industry 上阳赋 Episode 2 Recap

Wang Yan was banned for a hundred days and was very boring. While playing with the maids in the garden of the mansion, Xie Yuan’s daughter Xie Wanru came to visit Wang Yan with a snack. Xie Wanru is Zidan’s cousin and has a good relationship with Wang Yan. Wang Yan complained that Zidan didn’t come to see him.

Xie Wanru spoke for his younger brother, saying that Zidan’s biggest wish was to marry Wang Yan, but there were so many people in the capital that he would definitely cause trouble when he came over. Wang Yan was a little disappointed. In order to make Wang Yan happy, Xie Wan asked her to use the kite bird the day after tomorrow to sneak over the wall to play in the Lantern Festival, Wang Yan agreed.

On the other side, Wang Lin sent someone to pass a letter to Xiao Qi, hoping to spend a while with him on the Lantern Festival in the Yuan Dynasty. Wang Xu and Gu Yong were very dissatisfied with Xiao Qi’s appointment of the king, and they found Wang Lin to complain. Wang Lin asked Wang Su what he thought of the Xie family’s words to help Xiao Qi seal the king. Wang Yu replied that the Xie family might be for Xiao. Qi’s military power.

On the Lantern Festival in the Yuan Dynasty, Wang Zhang saw the kite bird Xie Wanru had put, and he sneaked over the wall. Unexpectedly, his feet were unstable and fell off the wall. Fortunately, someone caught Wang Zhang, and Wang Zhang calmly took a look. It turned out to be Zidan, and Wang Yan was surprised and happy, and excitedly took Zidan to the street to play. In order not to be found out, the two also bought two masks to wear.

Wang Lin went to the tavern to meet with Xiao Qi secretly, indicating that the emperor’s summoning this time was named as the king, which was actually a cut of power. Xiao Qi has been in the limelight in recent years, and his military power has also made the emperor sleepless. Wang Lin hopes to form an alliance with Xiao Qi. Xiao Qi did not answer positively.

After talking with Wang Lin, he wanted to visit the capital with Song Huai’en. He did not expect to meet Wang Yan and Zidan. The two were on the street watching the puppet show where Xiao Qi killed King Hulan. When the people on the side said that only Princess Shangyang could be worthy of Xiao Qi, Wang Yan was a little dissatisfied and complained a few words.

Xiao Qi and Song Huai’en passing by heard these words, Song Huaien retorted, Wang Yan took off the mask, she didn’t know the identity of Xiao Qi and Song Huaien, so she said that even if Xiao Qi was here, she would say the same, and even Shangyang County The lord is overwhelming and the status is noble, how is Xiao Qi worthy of ordinary people like Xiao Qi, Zidan on the side grabbed Wang Yan, and apologized to Song Huaian and Xiao Qi, Xiao Qi did not care.

Several people didn’t take this episode to heart. Zidan took Wang Yan to set the lantern by the river. When the two had fun, the queen suddenly came to the palace. At this time, a few people in black jumped out of the river where the lanterns were set to kill Xiang Zidan. Zidan was no more than a few people and was knocked to the ground. Xiao Qi heard the movement and quickly stepped forward to rescue the two. Xiao Qi left. ,

Wang Yan hid in Zidan’s arms in fear, Zidan felt a little distressed that Wang Yan was involved in this storm. Zidan sent Wang Yan back to the house, and also gave Wang Yan the hairpin polished by himself. As soon as Wang Yan entered the room, he saw the queen waiting in his room for a long time. The queen came this time to persuade Wang Yan to marry To the prince, Wang Yan was very stubborn. He only wanted to marry Zidan.

When the queen persuaded him, she even wanted to beat Wang Yan. Fortunately, the eldest princess arrived in time and blocked the queen. Seeing that the trip was fruitless, the queen had to leave, just to meet Wang Lin and return to the house. Wang Lin felt that the queen was too impatient, and the Wang family’s power was overwhelming. If Wang Yan really married the prince, the emperor would definitely not sleep well. Knowing that the emperor wanted to check and balance the king’s family, Wang Lin told the queen to follow his own arrangements.

The assassination of the three prince Zidan spread quickly. The emperor and the eldest princess felt that the queen wanted to attack Zidan. The emperor punished Wang Xu and ordered Gu Yong to investigate the assassination of Zidan thoroughly. After the next dynasty, the emperor met the empress and wanted to test it. The empress also heard the emperor’s suspicion, and acted as innocent. It also caused trouble. She felt that Xie Yuan was playing a bitter trick.

The emperor was also a little uncertain. During the post-mortem examination, it was found that the assassin looked like a foreigner, and Gu Yong ordered his subordinates to conduct a thorough investigation of the foreigner in the city, but he did not expect that the second prince Zilu was in the brothel who was a prostitute.

The emperor intended Xie Yuan’s daughter Xie Wanru to marry Xiao Qi. Xie Wanru fell apart when he heard the incident. He felt that Xiao Qi came from a humble family and was a murderous man, and he disagreed with this marriage.

(The plot is an original TV cat, please do not reprint without permission!)

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