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Minning Town (2021) 山海情

Minning Town (2021)
Other Title: 山海情, Shan Hai Qing, 闽宁镇, Min Ning Zhen

Genres: drama, Poverty Alleviation, Rural
Kong Sheng, Sun Molong
Wang Sanmao, Wei Xi, Xiao Jue, Lei Zi
 Zhejiang TV, Beijing TV, Dragon TV, Dongnan TV, Ningxia TV, Tencent, Youku, iQIYI
Release Date:
 January 12, 2021
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  • Huang Xuan as Ma Defu
  • Zhang Jiayi Zhang Jiayi as Ma Hanshui
  • Yan Ni Yan Ni as Yang Xianchang
  • Huang Jue Huang Jue as Ling Yinong
  • Yao Chen Yao Chen as Wu Yuejuan
  • Helen Tao Hong Helen Tao Hong as De Fuma
  • Wang Kai Wang Kai as Pan Shuji
  • Rayzha Alimjan Rayzha Alimjan as Li Shuihua
  • Huang Yao Huang Yao as Bai Maimiao
  • Bai Yufan Bai Yufan as Ma Debao

Since the 1990’s, the people of Xihaigu have undergone relocation and overcome various hardships. After trying different methods of poverty alleviation, the place that was once dry rock and sand has transformed into a golden beach.

The government has established Diaozhuang as a base and calls on the farmers in Xiji to relocate. However, conditions are less than ideal such that half of the villagers who relocated have left by the second day. Nonetheless, Ma Defu (Huang Xuan) tries every means to mobilize them to move and settle down in Diaozhuang.

In 1996, the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party has made a strategic plan to promote cooperation between regions and designates the province of Fujian to help with poverty alleviation work in Ningxia. Experts arrive to teach local villagers how to grow mushrooms. The export of Ningxia’s labor market is also actively encouraged with conditions made favorable for villagers to work in Fujian. As the poverty alleviation policies take effect, Minning Town begins to take shape, its old look soon replaced by a new one which results in more villagers signing up for relocation. Over the passage of time, Minning Town will become better and better.

The theme of “Mountain and Sea” is to show the “Minning Model” under the cooperation of East and West in poverty alleviation. The “Minning Model” is a microcosm of the Chinese miracle and a creative proposition with practical significance. The story of poverty alleviation shown in the play is not only expounding the material development and spiritual development of a region, but also focusing on magnifying the story of “people” in it. In the play, the major propositions are constructed by the stories of ordinary characters, and the great construction is closely related to personal destiny.

In the process of script creation, the play’s creative method of “going deep into life and being close to the people”, the actors’ life-like performances and highly completed performances, and the various efforts of the producer to restore the temperament of the era, all add real power to the play. , Will arouse the emotional resonance of the audience, so stay tuned.

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