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Meet by Window (2021) 我在窗口遇见他

Meet by Window (2021)
Other Title: 我在窗口遇见他, Met Him By The Window , Wo Zai Chuang Kou Yu Jian Ta , Ngo Joi Cheung Hau Yu Gin Ta , 我在窗口遇見他

Genres: Drama, Friendship, Romance, Youth, Fantasy
An Dong
Hu Jixi
Release Date: 
Jan 8, 2021 – Feb 13, 2021
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  • Guo Jia Nan as Zhang Yu Bo
  • Yang Shi Qian as Lin Yi Tong
  • Du Yu Ming as Su Guan Yi Ba

During a chance occurrence, Xiao Jiu discovers Zhang Bo Yu’s novel draft, and managed to enter a parallel world with super powers. With the help of am mysterious energy, Xiao Jiu and Lian Jie repeatedly experience time travel encounters, and befriended Lin Bo Yu and Lin Yi Tong in another parallel world. The youths gain friendship and love, and encounter various comedic and thrilling adventures.

A dreamland that often appears, a comic book manuscript with memories, a mysterious rescue plan. Due to a disappearance case twenty years ago, by chance, Xiao Jiu obtained the manuscript of Zhang Yubo’s novel and thus gained the ability to enter the parallel world. Under the guidance of a mysterious force, Xiao Jiu and Lian Jie went on “time and space travel” time and time again, and met Zhang Yubo and Lin Yitong in another world. Love, friendship, and deep classmate friendship, a series of ridiculous and thrilling stories are staged in this world one by one. As the secret of Zhang Yubo’s disappearance was revealed step by step, a mysterious incident in the library 20 years ago finally surfaced. Four people from different time and space have their own minds, opening a barrier that spans life and death…

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