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llustrated Book of Beauty in Martial Art 武林秘案之美人圖鑑 Episode 22 Recap

Ji Xuanyuan wondered how Mr. Gao came back from the dead. Chu Yunxiao is very knowledgeable. He once saw a martial arts called yoga in the Nanbi Guoshu. After practicing, people can stop eating or drinking for a long time, and even stop breathing and enter a state of suspended animation. Since this place was still the site of Qixia Villa, they were worried that Shangguan Rufeng would find him soon, and Qiao Rui knew there was a place to hide.

Shangguan Rufeng fed Leng Xingchen a medicine, and he muttered to himself. From now on, he was the only one in her eyes. They were overtaken by the people from Qixia Mountain Villa on the road. Chu Yunxiao stayed behind and followed them, planning to split his troops into two groups so as not to be caught up by the chasing soldiers.

Shangguan Rufeng kept telling people to keep an eye on the movements of Chu Yunxiao and these people, and when he learned that Chu Yunxiao had entered the town, he told his men to keep an eye on the beggars in the town, but Gao Shi’s affairs were kept secret for the time being. Brother Hong secretly came out of Qixia Mountain Villa and conveyed Shangguan Qianqian’s words.

She gave the address where Leng Xingchen was detained and hoped that Chu Yunxiao could help her release her father Shangguan Manor. Chu Yunxiao agreed. Ji Xuanyuan felt it was too dangerous to do so, and Chu Yunxiao believed that only the Shangguan Manor proved that Shangguan Rufeng was the ghost son, and everyone in the world would believe it. Chu Yunxiao wanted to use his own risk as bait, but Ji Xuanyuan agreed.

Since taking Shangguan Rufeng’s medicine, Leng Xingchen has regarded him as his husband. Shangguan Rufeng deceived himself and others, and he was very happy. Qiao Rui was very grateful to Gao Yue and the others for saving themselves when they were in distress. Gao Yue said that the top priority was to find Chu Yunxiao and the others. After all, they helped lead the chasers away before, but now it is still unknown whether it is safe. Chu Yunxiao went to Qixia Mountain Villa alone, but Hu Wanhua didn’t stop him. Ji Xuanyuan was very angry when he found out.

Chu Yunxiao met Shangguan Rufeng at Qixia Mountain Villa. The two sides fought. At the same time, Ji Xuanyuan and Hu Wanhua arrived at the back of Shangguan Rufeng’s study. They did not find the figure of Leng Xingchen. They guessed that Leng Xingchen might be trapped in it. The backyard was forbidden, so he went to the backyard.

The beggars took Gao Yue to Chu Yunxiao’s hiding place. She checked and found that Chu Yunxiao and the others had settled here, but they were not seen at this time. Shangguan Rufeng hated Chu Yunxiao deeply, and his tricks were fatal. Although his eyes were invisible, his hearing was different from ordinary people. The martial arts were not under Chu Yunxiao’s, so the two played hard to separate.

In the dungeon in the backyard, Hu Wanhua and Ji Xuanyuan also didn’t find Leng Xingchen’s figure, and they later realized that they were caught in the trap. When they ran out of the dungeon, they were already besieged by the people of Qixia Villa. Brother Hong called the young lady that something was wrong, causing these people to shake their minds, and Ji Xuanyuan and Hu Wanhua took advantage of the chaos to escape.

Later, Shangguan Rufeng stepped on the air and almost fell off the cliff, being held by Chu Yunxiao. But what he never expected was that Leng Xingchen appeared behind him and stabbed himself with a sword. In the end, Shangguan Rufeng flew up with a sinister face, and Chu Yunxiao fell off the cliff and his life was uncertain. Gao Yue learned from the population of Qixia Villa that Chu Yunxiao had fallen off the cliff. Ji Xuanyuan was angry and resentful, thinking that it was Hu Wanhua’s non-stop that caused Chu Yunxiao to be in danger.

Chu Yunxiao woke up in a catastrophe, and found that the person who had saved him was the senior from last time. He wanted to save Leng Xingchen, but his acupuncture points could not be moved by the senior. She told Chu Yunxiao that Leng Xingchen’s life is not in danger now, and the prerequisite for saving her is to take care of her injuries.

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